It’ll send you off to a nice, strong start. Each hero will have its own type of role: Tank – These tanks have high HP and Armor which are great for protecting your heroes from enemy attacks. Hero Wars Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. armor but she gains dodge for her and the team and has a stun. Besides that, Jhu has great attack stats, but like many attacker heroes, he lacks a bit on the defense side. Throughout his life, he has achieved impressive results in many of these games, reaching high-diamond at his peak in LoL, attaining more than 1000 solo wins in Fortnite, and collected multiple Cutting Edge achievements in WoW. Orion for magic penetration and attacks the back row which is also the primary target for Helios. Krista. Hero Wars Guide . Should be easy smooth sailing until purples in which case stopping at the end of chapter 8 for ages is fine. I get confused as in the introduction Aurora is described as “crappy”, but in “Best Teams” she is mentioned as part of best magical team???? I made a mini guide that might be helpful for new players. For those who attack in manual mode, however, Angus can be replaced with Sigurd. They are all magic attack based. These heroes lack synergy. Why?The difficulty of the tower is largely based on your team level, not the level of your heroes. It’s time to really consider ditching Arachnae. Jorgen or Nebula). They come as team wide healer and or single target healer. After that you can get free energy from daily quests by logging in at certain times or by completing certain other tasks. The most cost-effective way to do it is to wait for one of the events where you get 4x the normal number of gems and 55% off the price of titan spheres. Defining a META for Hero Wars is rather difficult due to the wide range/variety of heroes. Still, waiting for a discount event is the best way to go. While maximum equipment for heroes is not strictly required for PvE, it does offer benefits to players willing to invest. 3-4 DPS The team is either focused on Magic Damage or Physical Damage –. Third, DON'T INVEST INTO EACH HERO YOU HAVE!!! You can play for a timeout which is a draw, which is a victory for you when defending. Building a Strong Hero Lineup. Heroes can be equipped with weapons just like a player to benefit from weapon modifiers and better base statistics. Events . This Guide to Heroes assumes the reader has access to the Nightfall campaign. Target a foe and then click on the crosshair in the left bottom of the Hero Control panel to lock your hero unto it until the target gets killed. His ability to resurrect a teammate will give you a big advantage when climbing… Read more », Hi This is a big decision that will have a resounding impact on your mid and late game, since titan levels become increasingly harder to acquire. Krista is a powerful mage with lots of spells that deal significant damage. This Hero Wars tier list showcases the best heroes and the worst heroes. I like spinning the wheel, getting extra campaign items and leveling up my titans. Important to know: 3000 Armor (magic or physical) reduces the respective damage by 50% / 9000 armor by 75% ALSO if armor penetration is above or equal to armor it will ignore armor. The one trick pony will be K’arkh so we use Kai to trigger his skills. New Articles . Later, as a more experienced player, you can find good reason for overlap (e.g. While additional heroes can be obtain through completion of the Eye of the North and Beyond expansion content, players may find their heroes' overall effectiveness and end-game viability severely limited without having access to the Nightfall campaign. The other 10% of your resources go to your B-Team. Many tank heroes have crowd control or support skills, as well. Event: Titan Artifact Event (Intertwined Elements) Satori. Lastly, micro management of single skills or flagging heroes individually is extremely helpful in certain situations, especially boss fights, but only possible with heroes, not henchmen. While a mage she reduces enemy teams healing and turns that into magic damage. Avg. F-tier heroes are not even worth bringing on your team for a while and, more importantly, not worth spending resources on either. That energy you won’t have to upgrade items as you spend it farming shards. I use Astaroth , Galahad, Jorgen, Celeste, Martha. Moloch and Sigurd are definitely better than Mara and Ava, but using 3 tanks is an overkill and will cost you valuable DPS. They will attack (in priority order) called targets, selected targets within, They prefer attacking foes with the lowest. High armor, excellent damage skills and vampirism but no self heals besides that and no stun etc.. What makes him a great tank is he deals a lot of damage while healing from it and thus belongs in a physical damage party. When choosing which heroes to bring onto your team, you should also keep other factors in mind than just a hero’s tier – learn more about this in our team building guide. Great for Guild Wars and Arena, the added hatred of your foe will run down your throat like honey. Arachne isn’t worth your resources, and most of your beginning heroes aren’t (exceptions: Astaroth, Galahad, Kiera). Astaroth, Jorgen, Orion, Dorian, Helios, But I was also thinking about using: Always buy the XP potions available in the Town Shop. She has 2 avg. Hopefully you’re looking at the hero tier list and comparing heroes you have to their approximate ranking. Yes, it is worth the $1.29 to get VIP 1 just so you can hit “Raid” on missions you’ve already 3-star beaten. Trying to do that was the biggest mistake that I made starting out and I regret it often. Open the control options (standard hotkey: F11) and select Action: Command Hero 4/5/6/7. Having been a gamer his entire life, Jack is interested in multiple genres of both desktop and mobile games. Due to the fact that PvP is fought on auto, Sigurd’s shield is barely triggered. You are screwed if you are in an inactive guild, other wise it takes month to forever based on: Do you win a war? Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Total Critical hit chance has to be above the hero’s main attribute (Strength or Intelligence or Agility) to work so the wiki stats. Do not double-stack tanks, do not have more than 2 healers. Relationship between Attack, Defense, and PEN and the amount of damage (damage calculation formula) Hero Wars - Building a Team Guide. His other skills revolve around the same playstyle, as he has a skill that makes him deal true damage, one that increases his attack power and makes him focus ranged enemies, and lastly, a skill that heals him. Her artifact adds magic attack and she can block debuffs. Who is a monster when given a ton of resources? Is regarded as one of the best healers, but she is a chest hero so expensive to get and level up. There is some variation in terms of level and individual titan, but the rule of thumb is still the same. You might agree or disagree with me about each of these.