Their HP and shield stats help them soak most of the enemy damage – giving the shield to allies who fight or support in the backline. But at the start of the game, when the player is just starting to master the Chaos Chronicles, and he will get it from the heads of the Company, then it is worth taking it with you to the battle. Gifts of the elements improve 3 main characteristics: To increase the level of gifts, sparks of power of the titans are used. Game Genre: Role Playing. Drops out of the Company. A huge number of heroes’ skills fall on the back line, which mercilessly burn 1 turn. Martha (Hero Wars) is worth downloading , although she is a new character in the game, she has already received the attention of experienced players. There are still heroes who show good results at the start, and later other heroes outshine them. The stages that you have already completed can be played again for more rewards and gears. In line with the first tip, we also suggest taking part in as many Arena battles as you could — by default, you have five per day, though you could use Emeralds to purchase another set of five battles, and keep on doing so multiple times in a day depending on your VIP level. To defeat powerful enemies in campaign mode or players in the Arena, you need to make the heroes in the team more stronger: –. You can get one chest for 200 Emeralds, but the best (my suggestion) is to save 1500 Emeralds and open 10. This is a very important resource for increasing the Elemental Gift, as everyone uses it. The titans will become available, improving which the player will receive another resource for pumping heroes - sparks of power of the titans. This does not mean that all resources must be invested in these heroes, and leave nothing to others. I strongly suggest going for even the more difficult ones, even if they are a little bit more time-consuming. If you took part in those events, you may likely have a three- or four-star Keira or Helios in your list of Heroes. Their skills are quite interesting. The heroes that qualify for being in the Rarity Fair should have high enough level so all of their items can be equipped. But, if a player passes the Dungeon in the company of Astaroth, and the titanium falls, then only this hero can pick it up during the battle. They can be obtained for tasks passing the Company. Lastly, some players have enjoyed success using both Thea and Celeste as double healers on the same party, but we tend to prefer the latter, as she can be of great help in Light Form (by healing allies) and Dark Form (by cursing enemies) alike. Each hero has a series of basic characteristics that affect his behavior in the game: Other aspects will to one degree or another increase the main characteristics of the hero. Works well in conjunction with Ismail and Galahad, who also have a critical hit. The team benefits - with its 1 artifact it increases the chance of critical damage to the entire unit, has vampirism, is practically invulnerable, because it has a high attack and attack speed, due to which the healing percentage is increased. Hero Wars Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Fights, MU Origin Gets a Massive Force War Event and More in 5.0 Update, Old School RPG QuestLord 2 Delayed Due To Critical Bug, Hero Wars: How to Unlock Cleaver | Tips and Cheats, Hero Wars Best Characters (Tier List 2020), Angry Birds Tennis Has Been Officially Canceled. If the team could not win, then you can try to defeat the next squad. The outfits are all useful, but the basic one is a priority. But not here - it was! By opening the spheres, you can get parts of titan artifacts, parts of elemental spirits and totems themselves. There, even at high levels, there is completely no armor for the opponents. Orion and Lars break through twice the defense. You can win 15 Skulls if none of your Heroes are killed, 10 if one dies, and 5 if two or more lose their lives in the battle. You can even say so: Kai acts as a 100% support, which does not cause any damage with its ultimate skill, but creates all the conditions for causing damage to Q’Arch. Mages are now addicted to half of the players.