Honda changed the style by removing the front rack, integrating the rear lights into the scooters’ body and by making the styling more ‘flowy’. Credit only applies to shipping. 2005 Honda Shadow AERO, For Sale: Mint Condition Honda Shadow VT750. Automatic Clutch There's no clutch lever for new riders to master, and that means no stalling. There's a problem loading this menu right now. If you want to tag it, you have to fill out 2 forms @ the Cleveland county court house and pay $120, For sale is a Honda Aero 50. The carb needs to be cleaned and adjusted. $750 EACHQuick and fun to ride, easy to start and ride!!! 2020 Shadow Aero OVERVIEW - Honda Some classics never go out of style. 10235 miles $4,400.00 5438202796. The controls and speedometer are in perfect condition, no fading etc. $3,999.00 3608083996. The Aero 50 has a fairly small gas tank though (0.8 gal or 1.0 gal for later models) so range is limited. It s simple for you to adjust too. Engine still in frame. Other parts removed and ready to go.Email me with what you need. A throttle cable of length 55" to 74" is also used on the Honda Aero 50. And for adults, the CRF50F makes sense too: an adjustable throttle limiter lets you tailor the power to the appropriate skill level, and the proven reliability means more time riding and less time taken up by maintenance and repairs. Honda sold a decent assortment of accessories for the Aero 50 including a windscreen, a ‘Music Pak’ (fanny pack), a rear ‘tote box’, a rubber floor mat, wire and mesh front baskets, a front ‘box’, a rear wire basket, a seat cover, body cover, decal and stripe kits and a front rack for the ’85-’87 models that didn’t with one. Very good running condition. Wide, bar-type handlebars emphasize the tough, off-road styling and also make it possible to use accessory bars for a custom look. If you’re looking for an affordable, peppy and reliable 2-stroke scoot, the Aero 50 is a great choice. Stay in control. - Neat stuff from the creative minds at Honda in the 80’s. Firefly Valve Stem Light for Bikes & Scooters, Honda Aero 50 Series YTX4LB Replacement AGM Scooter Battery, 12 Volt YT4L-BS Replacement Dry Charged AGM Scooter, ATV, and Dirt Bike Battery, 12 Volt 7 Ah YTX4L-BS/YTX5L-BS Replacement Lithium-Iron (LiFePO4) Battery, 2.50/2.75-10 Scooter Inner Tube with Straight Valve Stem (Premium), 2.75-10 Scooter Inner Tube with Angled Valve Stem (Premium), L7T Torch Spark Plug for 2-Stroke 33cc, 49cc, & 52cc Engines, Ignition Module (Key Switch) with Keys - 4 Wire, Ignition Coil for 50cc-150cc GY6 Scooter, ATV, & Dirt Bike Engines. - $1000 (Binghamton, NY), 1985 HONDA AERO 50 Scooter with title Price Reduced!!!! I have a pair of 1984 Honda Aero 50 for-sale, they were owned by a elderly couple who purchased them new. - An online scooter shop with many Aero parts, * Engine: Forced-air-cooled 49cc two-stroke with automatic oil injection, * Engine: Forced-air-cooled 49.3cc two-stroke with automatic oil injection, 1983 - Monza Red (R110), Percian Blue (B104). Have clear clean Ohio title. Runs great, not tagged, comes with bill of sale. . Durable, Low-Maintenance Engine If there s one thing you can count on with a Honda®, it s the engine. And it’s easy to understand why. – $3000 (Charlevoix). The early style (’83 - ’84) is shown in the first two photos on this page, while the updated style is shown above left. 1987 HONDA AERO 50 Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles Likes: Reliable Dislikes: Only 1 up riding Review: “ This scooter had been in storage up until the week before last for 19 years. They seem to be pretty rare also as I haven't seen an Aero 50 … Only 4 left in stock - order soon. This has got to be one of the lowest mile Aero 50s out there. Bet you remember your first motorcycle ride like it was yesterday. Talk about timeless—for thousands of riders, the Aero just looks the way a motorcycle should. It needs work. Sure, part of that is due to the chrome highlights, the V-twin engine and the swept-back twin exhaust. It is a 2005 with perfect paint and chrome. Honda’s introduced a brand new generation of NB50 for 1985. They are like new. Recent Posts. - $3000 (Charlevoix), Restoration Wednesday, Mirror Mirror on the Stalk, Barn Redemption, I Already Knew Where to Find It, Restoration Wednesday, The Key to Any Restoration, Restoration Wednesday, Basket Case 1984 Honda Elite 125, Not For Sale - 2001 Audi S8 Properly Sorted, High Miles, All Restoration Wednesdays, Latest Ones First, 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 Ravenna Green – Sold, 1970 Fiat 124 Familiare (Family Wagon) – Runs Great! If there s ever a bike that needs a durable, reliable, low-maintenance engine, it s a bike like this. It's all original and has the OEM spark plug tool as well. I recently learned Honda produced a scooter called the "Aero 50". Sure, part of that is due to the chrome highlights, the V-twin engine and the swept-back twin exhaust. HelloI have owned these two 1988 Honda Aero 50's for over 20 years!! Loads easily in a pickups bed. That’s not really long distance touring material, but you could use the rear rack to carry a jerry can. Will need restoration. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing whenever you ride. You can upgrade an ’85 with a big bore kit, but the different intake manifold pattern means that you are pretty much stuck with the stock carb, reeds and intake unless you get into custom work.