If there is neither a beep nor a light, the GPS device is turned off. It is not advisable for a number of reasons; the primary one being it is extremely unlikely that it will work. Where did my car go when it got towed in Phoenix, AZ? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. GPS mapping may not be detailed in all areas or reflect current road regulations. Let me give you an example; have you got lost recently or had to re-route you journey due to an out of date GPS route recently? Now that GPS is enabled, you'll be able to do things like get directions, find a location or business you're looking for, and tag your location on social media apps. Please enable cookies and reload this page. Check out our blog for some neat tips and tricks on how to do some basic maintenance on your vehicle. *, Starting at $37,850 Shop select Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and build your deal online in a few easy steps. *, Starting at $76,000 To turn on the infotainment system, press the power button, which is also the volume control knob. The Mercedes-Benz Navigation Store is your online source for Mercedes-Benz navigation system map updates. If you update your GPS maps annually then this should never be an issue or problem for you. New service discs can be purchased relatively cheap from an official dealer, with prices typically around the $25 mark – although many customers have told us that their dealer was kind enough to do the service disc update for free so it’s worth asking them first before you get your wallet out. It sounds more like you have a problem that others have also encountered and should try restarting your watch instead. There’s a setting for turning GPS on or off (or using GPS + GLONASS) in each individual activity’s settings. Please see the HERE Privacy Policy above to better understand how HERE uses your personal information. Several technical and how-to topics are covered here. Learn more about what’s in your map update and how you can benefit in all types of driving conditions. You will hear two short ascending beeps and the LED will light up green for one second. There are two different scenarios of why this can happen, so please read on how you might be able to resolve any problems. systems and keep playing music. Your IP: They will be able to update your navigation system with the Mercedes service disc. Never program while driving. Earlier in this guide I explained how research shows you can save up to $500 dollars in fuel every year, just by virtue of having the latest directions and routes in your GPS. If you want to update the maps, routes, and directions on your Mercedes navigation system, then this is the only way you can do it. If you need to […], Copyright Jerry Adkins & GPS Bites (2012 to 2020), Get new map updates now at the lowest possible price, Click here to see the lowest possible online prices for a new DVD, Click here for the best deal on a new navigation upgrade, link to Honda Navigation Update 2020 - Cheap Best Price DVD GPS Updates Available, link to Honda Civic Navigation DVD 2020 & Navigation Update, Click here to see the lowest prices for new updates. Visit the Help Center for More Information, Learn more about the latest Mercedes-Benz update, Find answers to your navigation questions. These up-to-date points of interest are important to your everyday driving needs. If you don’t turn off the system, it will automatically power down 10 minutes after the vehicle has been turned off. That's what I did. Below is my easy to understand guide on how to update maps on a Mercedes navigation system. This means that the tracker is transmitting data through the cellular network before it turns off completely. To turn GPS on or off for individual apps, tap on the name of the app in the apps list in the Location Services page. Next-Generation Engine 6 Custom Dealer Website powered by DealerFire. Mercedes-Benz Partners with Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, Free Shipping for Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicles to New York City, Free shipping of used & CPO luxury cars to Chicago, IL, Pre-owned luxury models under 10k miles in Scottsdale, AZ, Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale D.R.I.V.E. When the driver’s door is opened, the driver’s seat will move to a position that makes it easier for you to get in or out of your vehicle. To turn the GPS device off, press the power button for 3 seconds again and you will hear two short descending beeps followed by a red light. You may get different mileage depending on how fast you drive, weather conditions and trip length. It could have led to missed business meeting, delayed vacations, or just sheer frustration. Products sold on the Mercedes-Benz Navigation Store are manufacturer tested and approved. Your actual highway mileage will probably be less than the highway estimate. Not only could you invalidate your Mercedes warranty, but you could also wreck your computer. Press the power button of the device for 3 seconds. Whilst the navigation updates are installing do not turn off the in-dash navigation system because this can lead to a corrupted installation and you might need to seek assistance from your official car dealer. Also have a look in the owners manual as you'll find out how to access all of that. Find your Update Enter your model and year in the menu above to quickly find your map update, See What’s New Product page offers details on new road data, product features, and more, Proceed to Checkout Complete your map update order using our secure payment process*. I’ve already spoken in depth about the pitfalls and risks you will encounter if you do decide to try and download a free copy of the disc. To find your map update, enter the model and year of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle into the menu at the top of the page. On average, the latest map update for North America features 64,238 miles of new roads. It's great to see you around, @Joanne1973. That’s it! I can tell you some fuses to pull but that will cause other issues with the car. Remember, your Mercedes-Benz navigation system is designed for driving. Buy a map upgrade now. See if it goes to "Off". I am committed to helping people get the best deals on GPS products including map updates and devices. Remember, your Mercedes-Benz navigation system is designed for driving. In worst cases, it could even be dangerous. Once you have received the latest disc, the install and update process is actually relatively straight forward. If you try and download a hacked version via torrent or pirate websites then there are a number of issues that you might face. While the Mercedes-Benz navigation system can be a great asset during your drive, not many people like the volume to be cranked up, and it doesn’t do much good if you can’t hear anything at all. Simply turn the volume up or down using the volume controls on your steering wheel while the navigation system is voicing the instructions. I appreciate you taking the time to ask a question about your car. *, Starting at $138,600 The VIN is often found on the driver’s side dashboard just beneath the windshield. ... Whilst the navigation updates are installing do not turn off the in-dash navigation system because this can lead to a corrupted installation and you might need to seek assistance from your official car dealer. The new 2020 DVD comes with any chances that have happened over the last 12 months including roads, sub-divisions, highways, or business addresses. Even if you don’t own a Mercedes-Benz, you can register for an account to save builds, track inventory, set alerts and more. GPS shouldn’t be on unless you’re using one of those activities (e.g. Find interesting articles about dogs, cats and other pets. If you are a visual learner, click on the video below for an explanation. That’s a no-brainer. Unlike portable devices with small screens and even smaller buttons, your in-vehicle navigation system can help you remain focused on the road ahead. Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Program, Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale Model Research, 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Scottsdale, AZ, Pre-Order the 2021 Mercedes-AMG® GLE Coupe in Scottsdale, AZ, Reserve the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB in Scottsdale, AZ, Certified Pre-Owned Cars for sale under 5K miles in Scottsdale, AZ, AMG® Driving Academy & Purchase Reward Program. Next-Generation Engine 6 Custom Dealer Website powered by. You will need to enter your unique customer identification number off the packaging. *, Starting at $51,650 Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. By downloading hacked Mercedes map updates and installing them from CD you are breaking the law. However, when you buy online, you will get sent an email with your unique code in so keep that somewhere safe. Troubleshooting: The owner’s manual for most vehicles will clearly list the model year. Prior to this I was the marketing manager for a global GPS device company. *, Starting at $76,500 Quickly access installation instructions, ordering information, FAQ, and much more. If you buy a new Mercedes Benz navigation DVD and get the error “Disc Not Recognized” or “DVD Not Recognized” appearing on the display console when you try to install, then you will need to install a service disc into the system first. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. By buying and installing a Mercedes navigation update, you get a new disc for 2020 which has all the latest map updates. Each map update keeps your system operating at peak performance with essential data including new and modified roads, addresses, signage, points of interest, and much more. To avoid any problems, make sure you keep your system as up to date as possible with the latest discs when they come out. We have a knowledgeable team full of intelligent individuals who are all capable of fixing your vehicle, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. You could corrupt your in-dashboard navigation system and need to pay for a repair job. 676,483 new street and road names added or updated. See dealer for details. Starting at $36,230 Please enter both an email address and password. *, Starting at $130,900 You can keep track of your car via GPS, even while it is on the move. Mercedes me is the ultimate resource, putting control of your vehicle in the palm of your hand.