Doing that increases the color banding... gamma and digital vibrance must be set to the default values for the lowest banding possible. Sounds like a problem with TV. Colour banding happens when you apply new colour to previously coloured hair, which has partly grown out. This feature is usually provided for avoidance of image retention. The cause of OLED banding does not arise from backlight issues, as each pixel generates its own light. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A chart showing its capibilties is on the ks refund thread. If you have just bought a new TV and are looking to check for vertical banding immediately after it is out of the box, I would suggest you to refrain from doing so. LED TVs function by passing light, from an array of LEDs placed behind the screen, through the LCD display. There seems to be general feeling that the LG B7 is the one to go for as it has dropped in price. There is no sure way to fix vertical banding. Even the most faint vertical bands stand out when the camera pans out against the dark night sky in this scene. gutted to hear that you you had issues to mate. i got a few UHD DVDS that looks good but nothing looks as good as the store demo mode on the TV. Try a few different colors. However, it has been observed by multiple users that vertical bands in new TVs tend to reduce after some usage. They have used the " In Spec" with me but as you can see from the photos, this just isnt in banding, theres a big chunk on there! Im based in the UK too, down in sunny old Berkshire. I have the UE55mu8000 tv along with a Samsung K8500 uhd player . Although for newer TVs, it has been observed that vertical bands subside after about 100 hours of viewing. I'm using another monitor as a comparison. The forum agreed how bad it look but samsung said it ws within spec. It’s odd as I’ve not really read any bad reviews of the set, and feedback on sites that sell it always seem good. Did try to turn off Gsync among others things but no change. I am often joked about by my family and friends as a “pretentious know-it-all”. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I had a AOC panel 6 bits with close to no banding. Hoping for another change as I am only 7 months in my warranty and for a better result. Another method can be tried in TVs which provide for a pixel refresher in the settings menu. At times, the service technician may not agree that the banding is significant. in edge-lit TVs where LEDs are placed only along the edges). When you apply the new all-over colour it’s absorption is affected by the existing colour, and the result is hair which may appear to have two different tones, or with a visible band around the regrowth line. I would 100% go with going through SAMSUNG and the shop and just keep going until you get a resolution. The issue is with the panel itself. For my sins, im a Harry Potter fan, so i have the UHD collection, i tried it last night and it looked OK but the dark scenes again, the banding was noticable. And use the same content to present banding when claiming service under warranty. my issues seems to be more about vertical banding and dirty image over anything else. After further angry emails Samsung CEO agreed to give me a full refund. Vertical banding may be noticed while viewing content on the TV as well as by running some test videos on Youtube. ive tried all the settings under the sun to be honest, so I’m wondering if it’s a screen fault on my TV? I am glad they ended up replacing yoru unit but disapointed you had bad issues with the apparently more powerful TV.