Chiliad Airport 5.0 civilian/military. It has vending machines and benches where sometimes pedestrians can be found sitting. There are two access roads looping through all of the main terminals, arrivals at the bottom and departures on top, an arrangement common in most real-life international airports. Building; Interior; Road; Airport; Menyoo; 4.83 3,426 73 North Island [Menyoo] By Exoskeleton. The airport terminal, as seen from the north. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Los Santos International Airport (3D Universe), Franklin's hangar is also featured in the multiplayer mission A Titan of a Job as the location where Merryweather is keeping a Titan and Michael's hangar is featured in The Los Santos Connection, where a crew is storing cocaine and vehicles. Trespassing on the runways will result in a three-star wanted level unless the player purchases a hangar as either Franklin and/or Michael, which allows the player who owns a hangar to roam around the entire airport safely; Trevor cannot access the airport at any time without a wanted level. Behind terminal 4, close to some helipads, a staircase can be climbed, which leads to a long corridor that goes directly to the terminal's roof. Older texture files from the LSIA terminal signs reveal some of the original airlines that were in development; including Liberty Airways, FMA (a parody of TWA), a parody of SouthWest Airlines, along with other placeholder airlines. The airport consists of four main terminals, two in the south and two in the west, and three runways. There is also the Terminal 4 Station located nearby for people trying to enter or exit the terminal grounds. However, the player cannot store any helicopters and will despawn regularly after landing. The aircraft seen in the airport belong to multiple distinct airlines, unlike all other airports in the series, which only featured aircraft belonging to one specific airline (for example: Plummet Airlines in Escobar International or FlyUS in Francis International). It also connects the Port of LS through a side road at the northeast. There are 16 female quotes and 21 male quotes.[1]. Type Directly east of the southern row of hangars, in the southeast corner of the airport, is a concrete pad that appears to be the planned location for another hangar. As well as the previously listed vehicles, random vehicles can be found parked around the airport. 3

There are three runways in the airport, Runway 3 in the northwest, facing the north and two larger, parallel ones, Runways 12-L in the north and 12-R in the far south, both facing west. The entrance and approach road to the passenger terminal is patrolled by police officers, usually armed with Carbine Rifles. They appear to be only 1 to 1.5 km. The hangar might also be used by FlyUS as the company's logo can be found on the back of it. On the interior of the small south area terminal, Other Sprunk and E-Cola vending machines can be found in.

By PostaL. The Opium Nights and Von Crastenburg hotels can be found north of the terminal roads. It includes multiple unit loading devices stacked up together and a small inaccessible storage building. Runway 3 is for small, private jets using the main terminals' tarmac, 12-L for large, commercial planes in the main terminals and 12-R for private hangars at the southern tarmac. Los Santos, San Andreas Los Santos International Airport It is particularly useful in GTA Online to jump through the fences and access the runway. Appearance(s) The vehicles can't taxi through some parts of the tarmac due to lack of space in the airport itself. There are three entrance gates for the airport tarmac located near the roads, two in the main access roads and one at the back behind the LSIA branch of the Los Santos Customs, which automatically open in Story Mode when approached but are closed in Online (unless the player has a Pegasus Lifestyle Management vehicle waiting for them inside or has purchased a Hangar), meaning the player will have to jump across or drive through the weak fences surrounding it. The tarmac is also too small to fit the Jet, having its tail end usually sticking out. Police Scanner. It also connects the Port of LS through a side road at t… Two 10-car garages can be purchased around the vicinity of the airport in, As mentioned before, there are two hangars south of the runways that can each be purchased by either Michael or Franklin. This is due to re-used voice files from the. There are also multiple helipads, three at the north beside the airport, one near the very end of Runway 12-R, and two beside Franklin's hangar. Main area (Left) and platforms level (Right). Similar to the latter, it contains a few benches where two pedestrians can be found sitting, vending machines and a ladder that grants access to a hatch to the roof of the structure. The control tower is located Between both garages. None of the main terminals have interiors and, independently from the assigned airliners, the Jets that spawn on the tarmac facet of the terminals are random. Around the airport exterior, an announcement system can be heard, often announcing delayed flights with unusual excuses. NOOSE has a branch based at LSIA. Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) is an international airport located in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas, located to the west of the port and to the south of La Puerta in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Another problem is that when a large aircraft lands in Runway 12-R, it parks on the tarmac in a way that blocks players in Story Mode from entering the end of the runway from their hangar and taking off.

There are usually two LSPD officers with carbine rifles and body armor guarding the airport. The two U-shaped roads, one overlapping the other in an upper floor, come from Interstate 5 and circle all the 4 main airport terminals and two large accessible parking garages. AIRPORT A scrapped, heavily burnt front section of a Jet can be found in the area, being a training prop for firefighters as commonly found in airports, west of the fire station. Exterior of the secondary terminal, with the staircase leading up to it's small interior.
In the enhanced version, the airport fences securing the perimeter have been made completely indestructible. There is a total of six hangars, most of them lined up together in the southern area of the airport, three of which can be entered by the player. Airport texture files with development placeholder airline names. Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto Online North-western side runway, near the main terminal. The other two interactable hangars, in the southern area, can be purchased by Michael and Franklin for aircraft to be stored and, when purchased through the in-game internet, spawned there. LSIA is connected to Interstate 5, albeit indirectly through an exit at La Puerta and South Los Santos. Players can access the shore area to the west, south, and east of the runways without triggering the wanted level, so long as they do not pass the perimeter fence. They can be used to store aircraft or vehicles bought from. Another unique stunt jump can be found in a dumpster-shaped ramp near one of the gates. Location(s) There is a LSIA Parking Station provided for travellers to park their vehicles while entering or leaving the airport. The cargo bay of the airport is located in the northwest area, left of Runway 3. The LSIA does not have its own police department like its real-life counterpart, LAX, which is covered by the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department (LAWAPD for short), but instead are covered by the LSPD. Multiple aircraft spawn in both areas, such as the Jets, Shamals, a Velum and a Mammatus. Construction-related vehicles will often spawn on the pad. The airport as seen from the runways intersection. As well as the above, the following only appear in GTA Online; some specifically for missions or others in free roam: The LSIA is well served by the Los Santos Transit due to how active it is. Also centered near the parking garages and the aforementioned buildings is an exterior parking lot with two AT-400-like airliners reproduced in a giant sculpture. In Story Mode, small jets, either a Shamal or Luxor land in Runway 3, parking in front of Terminal 2 and large commercial planes similar to a real-life Boeing 747 land and take off in 12-R. There is high security at the entrances to the airport with CCTV and at least one armed guard at all the vehicle entrances. This terminal also features a small interior: By walking up on stairs behind it, a short L-shaped hallway can be accessed.