If you liked what you read and saw, please take a second to rate this Instructable.Happy New Years everyone!Malcolm Gill click the "Click to see more" to check out the rest. How cool is that? We used some plywood, but you can use anything you want. See more ideas about Barrel sink, Whiskey barrel, Whiskey barrel sink. Market for rent kentucky barrels from an outdoor sink hammered copper products from an outlet and co. Before starting anything, I searched on the internet to see if I could find a basic guide to give us a few tips on how we should go about doing this. This isn't absolutely necessary but it made it easier to get the shelf the right shape and size.Plywood Then tie a rope around the barrel to hold the doors in place while the glue dries. Use your hammer and the scrap piece of wood to tap the hoop down as far as it will go. The carrera marble sink is beautiful, and I love the barrel and the fact that they included a door for storage. Use whatever you like to attach the cabinet door. Here I will list all of the things we used to make our barrel, and I will give a brief outline of what some of them are used for.Hand-held sanders If you had the financial means you could get one of each — one for a powder room, one for a bar room in the basement.

Liquor licence number: 75635. A lot of times, you’ll have to pay more. The barrels are made of oak so they are made to be wet. Participated in the Holiday Gifts Contest. Measure the diameter of the barrel at this point, and use it to draw and cut out a piece of cardboard to use as a template. Gently slide the hoop onto the barrel again. We recommend them for your home bar and/or guest bathroom. The Ryder Cup is this week at Whistling Straights, Happy birthday to the United States Air Force! We also drilled holes in the shelf to screw it onto the supports to make it as secure as possible. Instead of wood I think I'd go with some ornate rod iron legs for example. From there we used the jigsaw to cut the rest of the doors. Before you miter and jigsaw the door out completely, use your masking or painters tape to label the staves 1, 2, 3, and so on. Spirit level For a while we had considered drilling a small hole at one corner, and starting from there. And did I say how much I love faucets that look like Water pumps? To make a template for the shelf. If it does— it looks to be hammered copper with a water pump looking faucet- bonus! Here’s something to do. Take the hoop off gently, trying not to damage the cellotape and gladwrap. I LOVE this sink! And he did once tell me I don’t have a lot of clothes for a girl so he can’t be too upset. You’re mostly paying for the barrel I think?

So you would have to message the seller to confirm this came with the vanity top and faucet since it isn’t specific in the listing. (You can see the light-colored wood on top of the cabinet door below. Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Choose your sink and faucet. Happy holidays everyone! This happened to us, and I think it was because the inside of the barrel is stained with the red wine that was aged inside it. To make supports to rest the shelf on.Danish Oil Take the shelf out (but not the supports) to make the next step easier. You’ll need to allow for that. This one still has the amazing distressed copper sink — this time it is inset into the barrel. Barrels make great rustic sink vanities. For the rest of you guys, hire a professional. They aren’t plentiful, unfortunately, and you’ll be lucky to get your hands on one for less than $150. This is the bathroom from a luxury ranch in Austin Texas: "Hammered copper sink in a reconditioned whiskey barrel with oil rubbed bronze fixtures", They even added some wine labels on the bathroom wall.