As Megatron prepared to execute Starscream, he ran for the bay doors only for the full force of Megatron's fusion cannon to strike him in the back, seemingly deactivating him. Crimes Starscream would later come into contact with the Quintessons, who had the mission of judging a universe to deem wether or not it was worthy of existing. Considering Megatron deceased, Starscream declared himself the new Decepticon leader only for his confidence to flounder when the Autobots neared the control room. Thanks! Seeker This page was last modified on 23 October 2020, at 15:57. TreacheryMass murdersTortureWar crimesCheatingPsychological abuseAttempted genocideMass destructionBetrayal TerrorismAttempted cataclysmUsurpation Before he could make good on this, Windblade awoke the War Titan Iaconus. Those sequences ate up an enormous amount of the budget, which is why Predaking couldn't transform for several episode, there was no money left at that point to pay for it until they could eat up more budget later for it. The End Of The Universe I, To fuel Starscream's metamorphosis, the Quintessons began draining the energon of both the Cybertronian race and the AllSpark once they conquered the metallic planet. His armor now destroyed, Starscream swore vengeance before making a hasty retreat with the AllSpark in tow. I'm not saying there won't be more cartoons or media– I mean, we've got a movie coming out in roughly two years. One person found this helpful. [18] In turn, this also derailed plans for a massive Avengers-style crossover project for Hasbro properties, launching off the end of Prime called Unit:E, which began as a one-off comic in 2011, and had seeds planted in various episodes (implying Agent Fowler worked for Unit:E itself, plus mentioning Skystrikers and M.A.S.K.). View attachment 28699440 View attachment 28699441 View attachment 28699442 View attachment 28699443, isn't that the website that people been saying sketchy and kinda scams people, yes and no. After Croaton left the battlefield, his mind freed by Windblade, Judge Starscream attempted to attack Astrotrain personally before both Prime and Megatron, having stolen one from another universe, unleashed the power of two Matrices of Leadership on the rogue Seeker, overwhelming him and bringing his reign of terror to an end. These toys were revealed while back in February together with other characters from the Cyberverse cartoon. Optimus and Windblade eventually found Starscream waiting for them on the bridge, where he ordered his Scraplets to attack and drained their energon, preparing to take the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus. I really hope we can get more toys after the series ends. Second-in-command of the Decepticons (formerly)Leader of the SeekersJudge of the Quintessons Powers/Skills Versions of Starscream have appeared in other continuity families, including: I want to tell you about the Transformers! The current Judge decided to take the egotistical Seeker and transform him, alongside two others heads, into the judge of his own universe. Bad Moon Rising, Despite Megatron's assault, Starscream barely clung to life. Considering they are kids centric, Battle Call Optimus Prime looks AWESOME! Sketchy definitely (as he puts stuff up for preorder well before it's actually revealed by hasbro and even bought up his local walgreens stock of ratchets to resell at a markup) and definitely over charges, but anything I've ever ordered from him has arrived without issue, Found a better pic of the toy boxed, also this place has him on preorder for 39$.Transformers Cyberverse Adventures Iaconus – Ultimate. Power Hungry Traitor, Leader of the SeekersJudge of the Quintessons, Plotting against MegatronKilling Autobots. Awaken Sleeping Giants After the Ark crew had been awoken, Starscream's fleet arrived to back up the Decepticons and invade the planet. Megatron | Starscream | Lugnut | Blitzwing | Blackarachnia | Shockwave | Soundwave | Laserbeak | Ratbat | Starscream Clones (Slipstream) | Lockdown | Swindle | Waspinator | Team Chaar Judge In anger, Starscream attacked and seemingly slew an injured Megatron, declaring himself leader of the Decepticons. Party Down, Managing to dupe Teletraan-X into giving him enough space to escape, Starscream made it out of the Ark but soon became a tag-along to the Titan Croaton, screaming as he left for parts unknown. His Energon Armor also would not deploy correctly. Constructicons Predacons After the battle, Starscream was taken into custody by the Autobots and placed in a cell aboard the Ark. Mass murdersTortureWar crimesCheatingPsychological abuseAttempted genocideMass destructionBetrayal TerrorismAttempted cataclysmUsurpation. Escape From Earth Later, he attempted to have the Autobots destroy each other by sabotaging one of the Wheeljack's new AllSpark emitters. After Shockwave had primed the control room to self-destruct, Starscream ordered his troops back to the Nemesis with Megatron left behind. Starscream | Overlord | Megatronus Prime | Rodimus Cron | Unicron, Cyberverse Or if that was another money pit for them. Decepticons It also does look like some of the other Ultimate figures did suffer so that Iaconus could get a greater part of the budget and be a better figure. However, his plot to wipe out his own universe was foiled, and despite his powers as a Judge, Starscream was finally destroyed once and for all by his old arch foes, Optimus Prime and Megatron. As a propaganda move, Megatron made a video directed at the people of Earth that claimed that Starscream tragically lost his life at the hands of the Autobots. Megatron | Sky-Btye | Slapper | Gas Skunk | Dark Scream Can see that whole situation making Hasbro get very cautious about how it handled animated series going forward. TBH and on another note, I genuinely wonder how well the original RID App game did, especially with their target audience. As soon as the broadcast was over, however, he immediately warned the other Decepticons to take Starscream's fate as a reminder of the price of failure. Just about the only things he has going for him are his skills as a flier, and the leadership of the Seekers. While it seemed as though Cheetor and Bumblebee escaped through the Groundbridge Nexus, they were unexpectedly attacked and paralyzed by Acid Storm, who took them back to Starscream’s new lair. He didn't like this one bit. Type of Villain After ignoring Megatron's order to provide air support, Starscream was finally demoted by Megatron from leader of the Seekers. Decepticons Megatron managed to send out an SOS, prompting Optimus and a team of Autobots to investigate. When Megatron opted to simply destroy the Earth, he had Shockwave construct a Planet Smasher on the moon, its complex coming under attack from the Autobots. When he returned to the GroundBridge Nexus, he found all the Autobots and Decepticons already there and, after some verbal jousting with Megatron, prepared to extract their sparks only for Optimus to channel the power of the Matrix, its energy blasting the AllSpark out of Starscream and knocking him into stasis. I really wanted to like him, but in the end, it wasn't worth $30. The Judge Using his newfound powers on his foes, Judge Starscream prolonged the Transformers' trial, wanting both Optimus Prime and Megatron present so they could stand trial for all their wrongdoings towards him. I really love that show, and I'd be interested to read more about the history of it. Alternate universe Its an edit by this person Login • Instagram they edited from the original leak. Dark Birth Reaching out to his Seekers, Starscream rallied them to him and had them procure Vector Sigma. These toys were revealed while back in February together with other characters from the Cyberverse cartoon. Love the helmet and the animated style. or "Was Prime that Bad?" Transformers G1 Villains | Good theory. Synopsis. Firstly, he has a unique head sculpt that is very different from the other default "male" and "female" heads the rest of the Seekers use. Strangely enough, despite Starscream's own lack of loyalty, he somehow has the complete loyalty of his Seekers. Throughout the resulting war, Megatron would mock Starscream for his many failures, leading to Starscream growing increasingly resentful. While Optimus Prime and Megatron were dueling over the AllSpark, Starscream was able to sneak in and claim the relic for himself before exiting through a ground bridge. Commander Starscream In Awaken Sleeping Giants, Starscream's fleet entered the solar system, and he contacted Slipstream again, only to find that Shockwave had already arrived, to his fustration. Sea of Tranquility, As Starscream seethed over this, the Autobots destroyed the Planet Smasher, prompting the Decepticons to retreat underground and enact their backup plan of using planetary engines to smash the moon into the Earth. Remember Purple Scribble Guy? 21: 3 "The Visitor " Jean Texier: Zac Atkinson: September 21, 2019 () 203: 0.23: As one of Wheeljack’s inventions wreaks havoc on The Ark, Bee tries to figure out what he saw on the Moon. I had picked up a Cyberverse Iaconus from In short, the episodes were supposed to max out at 750K and most came in at 1.6 with some costing almost 2 million in later seasons because Hasbro didn't put their foot down; to make up for the extreme overspending UNIT:E got shut down as did a few other ideas in the works. In season 2, after being demoted, Starscream would attempt to depose Megatron as the leader, and after being beaten by Megatron to an inch of his life, would try to use the AllSpark to destroy both sides, … Siloed, With his fleet, Starscream entered the Sol system only to find Shockwave had beaten him there. He was originally second-in-command to Megatron and the Decepticon Air Commander. As the Seekers fled to the safety of the Planet Smasher, Megatron radioed Starscream for air support, an order that the Seeker chose to ignore and instead ordered the force field raised, intending to leave Megatron at the mercy of the Autobots. Witnessing the bestial Cybertronian run through a GroundBridge, Starscream followed, the portal's AllSpark energies healing his wounds. Do you by any chance have a link for a story about this budget for a Transformers Prime? There was an article about the animation studio from around between season 1 and 2, about what they were doing, and one of the points they were really proud of was that every Transformer cast member had multiple transformation sequences; so that they could use one depending on the camera angle, how fast the transformation needs to be, and the characters mood. However, using the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus Prime was able to resist Starscream's overwhelming power and drive the AllSpark out of himself, causing him to collapse and fall down. Lack of loyalty isn't his only flaw: Starscream himself has earned Megatron's scorn for his cowardice and incompetence over the eons, and neither Shockwave nor Soundwave have much respect for him.