It's probably just psychosomatic, especially if you miss him a lot. It's fetish called eproctophilia. He eats a delicious burrito and you get a little something in the end. I have noticed that he does not use a washcloth when he showers. XD There are plenty of homos here. To my surprise, i liked the smell... quite a bit. And it's still highly alluring. It could have been that a scent simply relaxed them or made them think of their mom. Weekly coronavirus deaths in England and Wales rocket 45% in highest rise since June, Data released by the Office for National Statistics reveals a huge rise in the weekly Covid-19 death toll in England and Wales, with fatalities rising for the seventh week in a row, Dozens evacuated as multi-million pound house collapses on exclusive London street, Late on Monday night two terraced houses which were being converted into one on Durham Place, Chelsea fell down, prompting a widespread evacuation from nearby buildings, Michael Gove forced to apologise after getting his own lockdown rules wrong, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick also fouled up explaining the rules -  suggesting that an entire household could meet up with a friend, before then contradicting himself, Kate Garraway opens up on 'financial mess' she faces as Derek remains in hospital, Kate Garraway has spoken about the problems she is having with finances as her husband Derek Draper continues to the battle the effects of Covid-19, Friends star Courteney Cox completely unrecognisable after dramatic hair transformation, Friends star Courtney Cox has given fans a look at her new hairstyle on Instagram as she posed with Scream villain Ghostface as they prepared to shoot the fifth film in the sequel, I'm A Celebrity uniforms undergo makeover to deal with plunging Welsh temperatures, It is claimed Vernon Kay, 46, Olympian Sir Mo Farah, 37, and former EastEnder Shane Richie, 56, have already been measured up for the new gear with single-figure temperatures highly likely, Sean Connery's last photo shows James Bond icon smiling as he cuddles son Jason, The James Bond star's heartbroken son Jason Connery posed alongside his legendary dad in the last poignant photograph of the actor, Melania Trump's hair stylist explains what she's really like with Donald behind the scenes, Celebrity hairstylist Lino Carbosiero appeared on Lorraine and described Melania as being 'so nice' behind closed doors, WhatsApp trick makes it much easier to free up storage space on your phone, WhatsApp has redesigned its storage management tool to make it easier for you to identify, review and bulk delete content that may be filling up your phone, Kelly Holmes falls ill with coronavirus days after returning from Cyprus, Kelly Holmes has confirmed she tested positive for Covid-19 and has been struggling at home. Slightly. Also, some people quite like smelling their own body odor.

I love everything about it. Find your group chat here >>. Won't go back in. It was kinda strange at first because before i had even said anything to him about not minding him doing it, after we would have sex, he would just rip these HUGE farts in bed and giggle about it as would I. I don't see that happening haha. but all the sudden it will just like go into my nose hahahh.

I can always smell an ex's perfume. It is often something they grew up with and they assume everybody else does it — or should do it — the same way. My English teacher is worried I'm going to become a … ok, like I said I realized my boyfriend seems to bury his face into my neck and armpits near my breast lol every chance he gets he just lays there and smells me..he seems to enjoy it..he almost gets an intoxicated look on his face, I don't mind because I know I don't smell bad obviously, but I was just wondering if any one could shed light on why he feels the need to do this?

i didn’t know it was a fetish though. That's because he's hiding in your mum's cupboard hun. Your boyfriend could start using a washcloth and it might not change a thing. He's also good at it. my boyfriend dies the same thing. It may be that your boyfriend is truly unaware of his bad hygiene habits. What do you like the most about it? he's never been to my house, no guys in my house wear colone, and im wearing my pj' its not the same clothes that i had with him. When we'll know who has won. Maybe I smell that? But to tell you the truth I think I shouldn't inform her about this fetish. Or, does he wear a common cologne? Here goes. I used to smell my grandmother after she passed.

Wash him everywhere and say that he smells so good because you soap up those smelly parts. I ve noticed I started smelling like my boyfriend, my hair, skin, etc., but you said you smell your boyfriend. When he stays the night and …

I also sleep with his pillow when he is out of town. Answer Save. other people's farts gross me out but his farts are kind of a turn on. 9 Answers.

yes. Well guess what I think it’s sexy how my bf farts and all that I actually have not heard him fart bc he always silent but he heard mine of course they were very loud but he does burp around me. His curiosity arose in an attempt to prove or disprove the old adage that you can literally "smell" compatibility. Also known as olfactory hallucinations, there's no saying definitively what a person with phantosmia may smell. Dr. Gail’s Bottom Line: An indelicate hygiene problem with one’s partner will cause a breakup if it is left unaddressed. When he sits on the couch an odor is left behind, and as he stands I catch a strong whiff. The smell of her worn socks or pantyhose turns me on, too. I think you need to tell him he has a strong body smell, especially when it comes to his backside.

You must feel so lucky if you told your partner what you like and he's cool with it :) Let me tell you, that guys are usually very open about any stuff like that if they know it turns their partner on ;)Maybe one day I'll find a girl who'll accept it. And while it's probably not the only way we choose our soulmate, it's one of those factors most people might not even consider. As the NHS advise, it is likely the condition will go with time, but be vigilant and keep tabs on it. Maybe its because we're so close now. i'm not with anyone at the mo but i did with my last bf, i just love guys who smell good though... if i stand behind a great smelling guy i secretly keep breathing in.... in a totally non creepy way of course! In college, I had a huge crush on a guy who I thought smelled incredible. at random times ill smell my boyfriend, even if i dont see him the whole day. No joke. It makes me laugh, so I guess I kind of like it. Otherwise, you will become increasingly repelled, he will feel increasingly rejected and that will be the end of that. Hair suddenly incredibly knotted when wet - falls out when brushing! But the hot smell worries me. The Olympic medallist's post came less than two weeks after she returned from a lavish holiday to Cyprus, BREAKING: Dozens evacuated after multi-million pound house collapses in middle of exclusive London street, Donald Trump arrives back at White House ahead of 'party' for 200 guests - with no masks, The US President's last rally was held at Grand Rapids, Michigan, Coronavirus tests will be offered to every resident in Liverpool in pilot mass testing, Boris Johnson has described the pilot scheme as having the potential to be a "powerful new weapon" in England's fight against the pandemic with hundreds of thousands of rapid turnaround tests to be available in Liverpool from Friday, Anger as 50 ravers pack into 'drug-fuelled' Halloween party - organised by health worker, Police in Dublin are investigating after Saturday night's event, which was allegedly organised by a healthcare worker and saw revellers pack into a small room to party, Kim Jong-un leaves North Korean Covid victims to ‘starve to death in secret camps', Dictator Kim Jong-un has consistently insisted not a single North Korean has been infected by coronavirus but there are now reports the despot has gone to extreme measures to keep the pandemic hidden, Girl, 11, dies after giving birth to baby of alleged rapist as he 'goes on run', Luana Costa, 11, was allegedly groomed into thinking she was in a relationship with Francinildo Moraes, who began his alleged crimes with the youngster when she was just aged nine, her family claim, Boy, 15, left in an induced coma after brutal attack outside pub that lasted 15 minutes, The unnamed teen allegedly withstood a vicious 15-minute attack by multiple males outside a pub in Australia before stumbling home with serious head injuries and couldn't remember his own name.

Smelling girlfriend's ass ??

Sometimes the result of a head injury or symptomatic inflames sinuses, although most phantom smells go away in time, if it persists then it's advisable to consult your doctor. Is it sad to be a 26 yrs old woman and still single with no kids? You can't stop thinking about him at random times and that is when you smell him the most. I read somewhere that over a certain period of time your scents just start rubbing off on each other, which causes you two to smell like one another. O_O Umm that's weird. why do my boyfriend sister keeps asking this? Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist with New York Presbyterian Hospital and a regular contributor to TODAY. But when she is in love, her ability to identify her male friends' unique smells decreases.Â. I like the fact that it's un-ladylike. But in this moment I don't thing about nothing beside giving her a nice hug and saying "Babe, that's ok!". I'm glad you found the one who not only gives you something you like. it’s like weird? I thought that was her way of saying hello. Reply. Often it's unpleasant. I absolutely love it when my boyfriend farts, and he's a guy who loves to fart. It is rather strange, the only thing he leaves here is his pyjamas which have basically lost all smell of him now. Sweaty balls.

why hasn't he text me after having sex? Two years ago, Tim Dowling of The Guardian documented his experience in a genetics lab during which he tested his and his wife's DNA to see if they were compatible. So how do you tackle this delicate subject? It turns out that Dowling and his wife were indeed compatible: Their MHC compositions were vastly different. why is that? I think that s cute though :). I was only brave enough to confess here and there online. People have great differences in the sensitivity of their noses. Tell us a little about yourself to get started. Actually we agree on a lot except its the opposite (me being the girl and all) So you're not a weirdo lol. Favourite answer . Postgraduate Master's Loan with CPR - will my online account update?