Panini as well as Patanjali additionally mention lingam with the contextual meaning of the "gender". The nucleus of the atom contains neutrons and protons. Shiv Lingas is a symbol of Hindu faith, know the structure of Shiva linga, history behind Shiv Linga and more details. listen i kno u r not a hindu par mai tere religion k baare mei kuch nahi bolungi coz d very same god cam in my drms last nite n said BETA PAAPIYON KO MAAF karna hamara dharam h so do hell wid u i forgive u but ask ur god whether he ll forgive u or not”…. In temples, Vishnu is visualised as a king. Various Shaiva texts, such as the Skanda Purana in section 1.8 states that all creatures have the signs of Shiva or Shakti through their lingam (male sexual organ) or pindi (female sexual organ). At that moment, he swore never to invite Shiva to any yagna. हो गयी भगवानो कि दिनचर्या भी खत्म.. बालिका वधू स्टार ,और कई दक्षिण के अभिनेताओं ने इस्लाम कुबूल किया … ? 10 Places That You Must Travel Before You Die !!! This is the symbol of creation/karma/time. )Bharat ke devi devtao ki puja Bharat se hui hai aur kahaniya aur bharat ke veda bhartiya sanaskriti se judi hui hai jese ki jesus ki jerusalem se isliye saari sawariya Bharatiya janwaro se hain. He deemed Shiva, the outsider, unfit for prayer, praise or sacrifice.”. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. He appeared before them in the form of enlightened pillar-shaped figure (a flaming Linga) and asked them to find the two ends of the column of the pillar. Even the sixteenth-century classic, Tulsi Ramayana, makes an overt attempt to show that Shiva and Vishnu are one and the same Godhead that cares for humanity. He swept a glance around the assembly, accepting the salutations of the gods. लेकीन अब एसा क्या हुआ जो देवी देवताओ ने पृथ्वी पर आना बंद Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance. shivling yoni. 5:- ग्रंथो के अनुसार पुराने समय मे सभी देवी देवताओ का पृथ्वी पर आना-जाना लगा रहता था। Science is a continuous effort to discover and increase human knowledge of the physical or material world through experiments and observations… But Hinduism has the strength to provide answers to certain problems that even science has not been able to solve !!! Dear Readers, Their primary religious activity involved invoking a primal abstract force known as Brahman through a ritual known as yagna to satisfy various material aspirations. [1] Priests chant hymns, while the devotees go the sanctum for a darshana followed by a clockwise circumambulation of the sanctum. 3. Shiva, on the other hand, is enshrined in open temples. क्यु… यूसुफ योहाना व अफ्रीकन क्रिकेटर और वेस्टइंडीज के ब्रायन लारा मुस्लिम बन गऐ …? They say, the lingam contains the soul-seed within which lies the essence of the entire cosmos. ? Akayam, means ‘bodiless,’ i.e., having no linga sarira or subtle body. “Daksha, the patriarch of Vedic culture, commanded the respect of all. is shivling a male organ in hindi. shiva lingam is male organ. By the word suddha, pure or free from the taint of ignorance, it is shown that it has no karana sarira or causal body. a subtle body).”. )RAM bhagwan ek aam insaan ke rup me janam liye the. He is Lińgin since he commands the Lińga. only ma for human beings is mother nature earth. [15], According to Nagendra Singh, some believe linga-worship was a feature of indigenous Indian religion. bhaii/bahan jisne v ye post kiya hai phle apne doubt clear kr aaooo…..n jankari ke liye bata de ki Hindu dharm aira gaira dharm nai haiii….is dharm me Jo v hai sb scientifically proved hai…n Jo v dusre dharm hai na like muslim-christan ye sb Hindu dharm se hi aaye hai…n agar Hindu ladies itni bhukhi hoti sekh wgrh ke liye to aaj (maaf krna bt kya kare btana jaruri hai)bachche paida krne me sbse aage Muslim hai….n parvati ji was not hvng sex with elephant man….she hv best husband for that then y will she hv sex with elephant…mtlb kuchh v boldo….agr itni jankari hai to thodi or rakhna tha ki that Hindu mytho hvng power of mazing dead ppl alive….n that vidya is known as one of part of sanjeevni vidya….n they can’t replace human head that’s y lord ganesha got new head of elephant…n bcz of that elephants come under very respectful animals n ppl use to worship them bcz of their sacrifice nature…..Bhai ya bahan Jo v Muslim ho n koi or rlgn ke…. its not good to.defame others religion……be a good human no matter what religion u follow or practice because a good human is like everyone even by Allah and all religions Allah….. Koi batayga makka huj jaha muslim bhai jate hai jo chadar chadhai jati hai uske niche kya hai? According to Linga Purana, it represents the infinite nature of Lord Shiva. ऐसा क्यों? Lord  Shiva keeps curve because Shakti takes the form of Renuka. It is a smooth cylindrical mass representing Lord Shiva and rests in a disc-shaped base (yoni) which symbolizes Goddess Shakti. जो उस कटी गर्दन को उसी जगह पर क्यों नहीं जोड़ सका?? Neither gives much thought to the pleasurable and procreative aspects of sex. This shift is ascribed to the mingling of the Aryans, over 4,000 years ago, with agriculturists, city dwellers and forest tribes, a process which continued over a thousand years. [15][72][73] To the Hindus, particularly the Shaivites, these icons and ideas were the abstract, a symbol of the entirety of creation and spirituality. This tension between the pursuit of spirituality through householder lifestyle and the pursuit of renunciate sannyasi lifestyle is historic, reflects the different interpretations of the lingam and what lingam worship means to its devotees. [40], The Mathura archaeological site has revealed similar lingams with a standing Shiva in front (2nd century CE) and with one or four faces around the pillar (1st to 3rd century CE). [58][59] In the Samkhya sutras, and in Gaudapada's commentary on Samkhyakarika, the term linga has many contextual meanings such as in verses 1.124.136, 3.9.16 and 5.21.61, as it develops its theory of the nature of atman (soul) and sarira (body, prakriti) and its proposed mechanism of rebirth. [57] Like the Upanishads, where linga means "mark, sign, characteristic", the texts of the Nyaya school of Hindu philosophy use linga in the same sense. )HINDU Religion ke hisab se abhi KALYUG hai. 13.) Kuch garib aur low caste me bhi janam liye hain agar aapne vishu ke sabhi awataro ke baare me padha hoga toh. These are called chala-lingams. 11. Correspondence of Linga and Yoni in a Shiva Linga is therefore interpreted as the representation of the process of copulation. Lingam has diverse meanings. Interpretation in Puranas The upper portion which carries the Linga is called the Pooja bhagam and represents Shiva. Ha ha ha. I agree with you mansi. Lord Vishnu means proton with a positive electric charge… Lord Shiva means Neutron without any electric charge… Lord Bramha means electron with a negative electric charge and Shakti is represented by an oval-shaped disk with 3 ridged cast on its periphery… She is energy and plays a vital role in the universe !!! Shiva Lingas are usually made of stone that may either be carved or naturally existing – svayambhu, such as shaped by a swift-flowing river. [26] Scholars such as Arthur Llewellyn Basham dispute whether such artifacts discovered at the archaeological sites of Indus Valley sites are yoni. The geometrical shape of Shiva Linga also plays an important part in its creation. This symbol we call Shivalinga has a scientific explanation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hamne apana ved hi nahi pada , toh fhir hum kaise comment kar sakte hai shiva ke bare mein Some scholars say that transitory Shiva Linga may be made of 12 different materials such as sand, rice, cooked food, river clay, cow dung, butter, rudraksha seeds, ashes, sandalwood, darbha grass, a flower garland or molasses, but due sexual desires of hindu ladies the demand is only stone and steel. h\Hame hak nahi hai ki ham kisi ka dharm chhine ya badnaam kare. And yet, Shiva is represented by a very sexual symbol: the male reproductive organ placed within the female reproductive organ. He was simply indifferent, untouched by it all. Sounds odd isn’t it. Viewed this way, Shivling is regarded as the male genital while Shakti is sometimes represented as the yoni (womb or vagina). This disdain manifests in two ways: asceticism and alchemy. HA HA HA …. Note: Here Shiva Linga is the “unmanifest Shiva”. Excerpted with permission from Shiva to Shankara: Giving Form to the Formless, Devdutt Pattanaik, Harper Element and Indus Source Books. when it has not means, because you are a person who got blind on rainy season, so you feel every thing is green only……….. You just share your mail, I am here for healthy discussion also…… wanted to know how much you know about others…………. [43][44], Numerous stone and cave temples from the mid to late 1st-millennium feature lingams. 12. [67][note 4], After the 11th-century invasion of the subcontinent by Islamic armies, the iconoclast Muslims considered the lingam to be idolatrous representations of the male sexual organ. [35][37] He stands on top of a rakshasha (demon) dwarf. ( Log Out /  History is not only Mecca, Madina, Saudi arab……….. earth is very big. ? Mai yahi kahunga ki koi bhi mat Laro, jo in chizo par vishwaas karta hai kare jo nhi karta mat kre,