Please bear in mind that each of us has a personal responsibility to incorporate, and to encourage our colleagues to incorporate, these principles into our work. When in doubt, imagine that your conduct or the words you are using will be fully disclosed in the media with all details, including your name and picture. To read more about the company’s rapid growth, we highly recommend Tony Hsieh’s best-selling book ‘Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose’ (available on Amazon). Please refer to the applicable sections of the Employee Handbook for further guidance. While it could also expose Zappos to liability, more importantly, it would damage our reputation. Employees performing services in the United States or other countries governed by at will employment rules should be aware that this Code of Conduct does not alter an employee’s at-will relationship with Zappos. If you prefer, you can shop Zappos products directly on Amazon. The most popular brands at 6pm include The North Face, Puma, Calvin Klein, Nike and many others. Shoes Accessories, © Copyright Your Next Shoes 2010 - 2020 |, Jessica Simpson’s Pink/Olive Green/Black Camouflage Print Maicie Sandals, Sparkling Amora Vinyl Pumps With Mermaid Glitter & Pink Patent Heart Toe Cap, Alessandra Ambrosio Flaunts Toned Body in Splendid Sports Bra and Under Armour Threadborne Fortis 3 Shoes, Kendall Rocks Nike’s Free Metcon 3 and Hailey Wears Adidas Lxcon Dart Frog, Hilary Duff Announces Baby Number Three, Returns to Younger Set, Is AliExpress Legit? While all customers get fast and free shipping (4-5 business days), you can easily qualify for free expedited shipping by signing up for Zappos Rewards.

Backcountry is another popular online retailer and a good alternative to Zappos to buy athletic shoes and sports clothing etc. You may also raise your concern through one of the options set out in the Zappos Whistleblower Policy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In one way or another, the concepts of integrity, honesty and commitment contained in this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code of Conduct”) are already touched on in our Core Values and currently exist in our company culture.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea that your conduct or words will be available for all to see, you should think again about your course of action or words. The use of illegal drugs in the work place will not be tolerated. Headquartered in Park City, Utah, Backcountry was founded in the year 1996 by Jim Holland. Examples of such behavior include derogatory comments based on racial or ethnic characteristics and unwelcome sexual advances. All inquires or calls from the press and financial analysts should be referred to Benefits include reward points and early access to sales. You can visit the Zappos headquarter by booking a 90-minute guided tour for $10. We are a special company, and pride ourselves in doing the right thing. Please do the right thing by not violating the trust your prior employer placed in you. Accordingly, all political contributions with Zappos funds are coordinated and approved by the Zappos Finance and Legal Departments. Win free shoes, organize your shoe closet, see the latest styles + more, About•

Attending such events with your vendors to enhance your relationships is permitted. Accordingly, you may not take for yourself opportunities in Zappos’ area of business that you discover through the use of Zappos’ property, information or position. Since Zappos is a wholly-owned subsidiary, it is not publicly traded. We have designated our CEO, COO, and CFO as our official spokespeople for all matters. However, if the vendor tells you to have a night out without the vendor present and submit your receipt for payment, you should decline as that arrangement is akin to a cash gift. Bluefly was launched in the year 1998. If you make an anonymous report, please provide as much detail as possible, including copies of documents you believe relevant to the matter.

More information is available in the Zappos Whistleblower Policy. You must maintain the confidentiality of information Zappos, Amazon, and our business partners (e.g., vendors, customers, service providers) entrust to you, except where disclosure is clearly authorized or legally mandated.

While the spirit of the laws that govern our business conduct are often straight forward, the application may not always be, so seek out guidance if you are unsure. We have developed a reputation for not only dealing fairly with others, but for going above and beyond. The company offers an impressive collection of clothing for men and women that include formal shirts, casual shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweaters, office pants, jeans, blouses, skirts, suiting and a lot more.

Actions that may lead to you unfairly taking advantage of someone may include manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practice. Zappos also respects the intellectual property of third parties. Honest and accurate recording and reporting of information is critical to making responsible business decisions. If you have additional questions, please let us know by leaving a comment below. It is your responsibility to protect as best you can Zappos’ assets and ensure their efficient use. By retail sales, Kohl’s is the second largest chain of department stores and a publically traded company in United States. After an extensive $48 million effort to renovate and make major improvements to the former Las Vegas City Hall building in downtown Las Vegas, Zappos moved its headquarters from Henderson, Nevada, on September 9, 2013.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target is a publically traded business that was founded in the year 1902. Similar to Nordstrom Awards, Zappos Rewards is a free program that rewards customers for shopping and for writing product reviews. Originally founded by Nick Swinmurn in 1999, it rose to prominence when Tony Hsieh and Alfred Lin decided to invest $2 million to grow the company. Any suspected fraud or theft should be immediately reported to your supervisor, or the director or Vice President of your department or business division. Reviewers are encouraged to be honest, but we suspect some reviewers are motivated solely by reward points. You must not provide any false or incomplete information to the accounting department. Amazon has adopted guidelines designed to implement this policy. Target (or Target Corporation) is the second largest American chain of retail stores.

Zappos equipment should not be used for non-company business, though incidental personal use may be permitted on a case-by-case basis in accordance with our other policies and procedures. “When we hire people we do two sets of interviews. Also, make sure you check out our other shoe shopping guides. You bear some of the burden of helping to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all by following safety and health rules, and by reporting accidents, injuries and unsafe equipment, practices or conditions. While all customers get fast and free shipping (4-5 business days), you can easily qualify for free expedited shipping by signing up for Zappos Rewards. Remember that you are a trusted member of the Zappos family – please do not violate that trust. Other fashion websites owned by Amazon include 6pm and Shopbop. Other fashion websites owned by Amazon include 6pm and Shopbop. It is never appropriate to receive or give cash. Banana Republic also offers a good collection of footwear and jewelry. The giving of gifts to government employees, even gifts of low value, is highly regulated and in many cases prohibited. This Code of Conduct applies to all employees and consultants of, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Zappos”), and to all officers and directors of Zappos who are also Zappos employees. Accordingly, our financial books, records and accounts must reflect transactions and events appropriately and conform to applicable legal requirements and to Zappos’ system of internal controls. As alluded to at the beginning of this Code of Conduct, ask yourself if you would be embarrassed or uncomfortable if your supervisor found out about the gift in question. A conflict of interest exists when your private interests interferes in any way or competes with Zappos’ interests. Paradoxically, privately held firms may have greater latitude to speak freely about their operations, given the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s disclosure rules for publicly traded firms. The company sells a vast range of products that includes (but not limited to), Furniture, Decorative Accessories, Clothing & Footwear for men & women, Wrist Watches, Jewelry, Health & Beauty Products, Consumer Electronics and a lot more.
In any case where you are unsure about the propriety of an event or action, please seek out your supervisor, the director or Vice President of your department or business division, or the Zappos Legal Department for further guidance. A conflict of interest will exist if your decision may personally benefit you, a relative, or a significant other. It is our policy to disclose information concerning Zappos to the public only through specific limited channels to avoid inappropriate publicity and to ensure that all those with an interest in Zappos will have equal access to information. If the violation or suspected violation involves any of those parties, or concerns accounting, internal controls or auditing matters you should make your report directly to the Zappos Legal Department or the Zappos’ Ethics Hotline at 800-348-1496 (Español: 800-216-1288). Backcountry showcases products from more than 1000 top American brands including Levi’s, Columbia, Patagonia, Nike, and many others. You can return unused items for a full refund within 365 days of purchase. In addition to a 50% Discount, Get a Domain of Your Choice for FREE. Pros and Cons of Buying From China, How To Go Braless in Light Blue Sweater With Tulle Midi Skirt Like Olivia Palermo, Supination (Underpronation) and Plantar Fasciitis, High Arches With Extra Support and Cushioning. Confidential information includes all non-public information about Zappos, our operations, and that of our parent,, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Amazon”) that, if disclosed, might be of use to competitors or harmful to us. Zappos really cares that you’re happy, and it’s baked into their beliefs, their customer interaction, and even the way they hire. A bribe is defined as giving anything of value, directly or indirectly, to influence an act or someone’s decision, or inducing such person to use his or her influence.

That Confidentiality Agreement remains in effect for as long as you are employed by Zappos and after you leave. Focusing exclusively on shoes and accessories, the half-hearted effort did not pay dividends. 3. Payless ShoeSource, as the name suggests, it is discount retailer of footwear. If you prefer, you can shop Zappos products directly on Amazon. You are also prohibited from using Zappos’ property, information or position for personal gain, or competing with Zappos or Amazon. Bluefly is a major and one of the most popular online fashion retailers.
The Zappos Legal Department is responsible for the interpretation and application of this Code of Conduct to particular situations and will recommend an appropriate resolution of the conflict. “Gifts” include not just material objects, but also favors that go beyond common courtesies usually associated with accepted business practices and that potentially place the recipient under some obligation to any person soliciting or doing business with Zappos. Waivers of this Code of Conduct may be made only in a manner permitted by law. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about Zappos Rewards, discount coupons, shipping policies, and product reviews. If you find or suspect an error in any financial records you come across, you should notify your supervisor or director or Vice President of your department or business division or the Zappos Legal Department. BlueHost