While most are benign, certain subgroups threaten the subtle peace between youkai and humanity. the MC died and reincarnated from another world. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 BakaBuzz All rights ReservedAbout UsContact UsPrivacy, 20 Best Movies of Clint Eastwood of All Time, Top 10 Epic Anime Punches Scenes that Give Chills. The pleasant surprise was short-lived, when his opponent suddenly appeared in front of him during the match and tried to chase him with a knife. In addition, proxy services are also forbidden. Continue Reading By Clicking The Next Button, Your email address will not be published. He has an arsenal of magic, weapons, and strategies up his sleeves and is capable of beating anyone without trying hard. After awaking to a "stone world" as he likes to call it, Senkuu begins to restore civilization and make his own. I have read many isekai manga, so i made a list of the most unique of them all. overall all of these themes are well mixed with an overpowered anime main character who spice things up and plays the role of making these given anime tv shows more interesting to watch. Now, as a high-leveled adventurer armed with a plethora of skills and no way to return to reality. the MC died and reincarnated from another world. This is the case with former detective Akihito Narihisago, known as “Sakaido” at the ID wells. However, a tragedy strikes when an experiment went wrong, turning Azalea’s appearance into the form of a dragon. This Shield is an irregularity which catches the attention of a foreign student named Julie Sigtuna. Here is a new Japanese adult animated tv series based on the manga series Mushikago no Cagaster by Kachō Hashimoto. be it  isekai, romance, or action. Soon after he is transported there, he quickly realizes he has gained very little magic power, and is soon after betrayed and left for dead. Seiya Ryuguin is one of the newer insanely powerful in the mainstream of isekai anime. The anime follows Satoru Mikami who while leading a rather monotomous life- style in Tokyo, Japan is stabbed.

While he lost almost all of his powers on Earth, he had extraordinary powers ranging from mind control, teleportation, regeneration, and even the ability to harm others by staring at you. That is, until he decides to shut down the servers for the game. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Next up at number 6 there is Re:Creators. Krylancelo broke down in anger, accepted the goes by a new name (Orphen) and promise to bring Azalea back to normal. Imagine you are playing an online game, and you’re pretty good. He realizes that his overbearing mother is so much better than him in the game than he is. Worn out, he eventually has a chance to catch up on sleep, only to wake up and discover himself in a fantasy RPG world. Here are The 22 Best Ecchi Anime Series of All Time.
Sora and Shiro are both incredibly smart and known as "Blank," an undefeated group.

(Funny af also good story with OP MALE MC), {No Game No Life} (Male MC is OP, transported to a fantasy world and most people underestimates him). The anime follows teenager Hajime Nagumo, as he finds himself in a fantasy world in need of saving.