The Stanley Cup-winner with Washington comes in with a two-year deal that can help Thatcher Demko - and perhaps Seattle, as well. He's a Western Canadian boy and even though he's not from that far West, Vancouver still gets him a lot closer to his roots, for what it's worth. Most likely the former will occur rather than the latter. In 1952, Bunning married Mary Catherine Theis. Borowiecki, who once stopped a car robbery in progress, said a former AHL roommate tagged him with the name because of his toughness and willingness to protect teammates on the ice while "trying to make a name for himself -- fighting a lot, hitting a lot, all that kind of sometimes frowned-up but fun stuff.". Elaine and I offer our sincere condolences to Mary and the entire Bunning family.”. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images), When Jim traded in his spikes for the law, Mary was there once again to provide her support. (A week later, the guys played the same man’s funeral. Though I’m a gringo who grew up on ‘80s rock and new wave, at some point in my 20s, I fell hard for mariachi and those gut-wrenching songs about heartbreak, love, and longing that seemed to speak directly to my budding writer’s soul. While in the Class B Three-I League in 1952, the prospect went a disappointing 8-10 in his second season, while walking more hitters than he struck out. Baseball player and former Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning has died. When they neared Highland Park, the silver medallions on their suits caught the sunlight, and other drivers looked over and smiled. By comparison, all other Republican senators facing competitive 2010 races had at least $850,000 at that point. [19] His mark was later surpassed by other pitchers, and he is currently 19th all-time. One of Bunning's sons, David Bunning, is a federal judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, who presided over the Kim Davis case, Miller v. Davis. In 1986, Jim was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District, and served the house until 1999. [23] Following a streak of nine consecutive games scratched from the Canucks' lineup, the team requested that Benning be demoted to their International Hockey League affiliate Milwaukee Admirals, although he declined. But the mariachis didn’t let the discomfort show and played with as much heart as they'd done all day. Senator. [12] Bunning posted the first regular-season perfect game since Charlie Robertson in 1922 (Don Larsen's perfect game was in the 1956 World Series). Borowiecki said he and his wife Tara are "pumped" about coming to Nashville. However, due to a number of controversial incidents involving Bunning, the Democrats began increasing financial support to Mongiardo. He serves as the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League (NHL). I soon spotted the group’s 25-year-old leader, Erwin Vasquez, near the bandstand.