I don’t have time to write this fic, but take a moment to imagine; shifting pov with Lan Wangji’s perspective is his usual fanciful with thoughts, and typical eloquence and then there’s just Wei Wuxian…. okay I put this fic series on the list because IT’S CUTE AS ALL FUCK but also like, partly because I really wanted the chance to draw my favourite boys as aliens??? Birth Name !”, had a lot of Thoughts about how Huaisang got his revenge for JGY killing his brother by convincing JGY’s brother to kill himself… karma’s a bitch, JGY, AU where instead of getting stabbed, JGY survives the temple and Huaisang gets an opportunity to villain monologue a bit. Personal Information [2], Nie Mingjue was infuriated by the gossip, and harshly criticized his subordinates for Meng Yao's sake. Jin Guangshan (Father, deceased)Meng Shi (Mother, deceased)Qin Su (Wife, deceased)Jin Rusong (Son, deceased)Jin Zixuan (Half-brother, deceased)Mo Xuanyu (Half-brother, deceased)Jin Zixun (Cousin, deceased)Jin Ling (Nephew) Jin Guangyao thus relied on his words, using his knowledge of Jiang Cheng's Golden Core transfer to upset his opponent into making a mistake. Absolutely NOT. [5], Although Qin Cangye was hesitant because of Jin Guangyao's origins, eventually, both Qin Cangye and Jin Guangshan approved the match. When Meng Yao replied that he did, Nie Mingjue interrupted to announce that he would write him a recommendation letter immediately the next morning, to Meng Yao's astonishment and gratitude. He is referred to in the Chinese fandom by the cutesy name "Yao Mei-Mei," which translates to "Little Sister Yao" (瑶妹). mo dao zu shi drama mo dao zu shi jin guangyao jin zixuan mo dao zu shi live action the untamed cao yucheng. plus several random hangers on to serve as a peanut gallery, did your wife just stab herself with an Evil Knife because of incest? [30], Su She arrived with Nie Huaisang as another valuable hostage, but he was quickly followed by Jiang Cheng. LXC showed him respect when no one in the world (except for his mother) did. Now, I don't want to be the one claiming shit like "JGY DID NOTHING WRONG" but honestly sometimes the fandom just needs to stop and think a little bit more about him, his past, and how his experiences and traumas actually shaped (the worst way possible, even) his mind. A black felt hat distinguished his position as the leader of the Lanling Jin Sect. Why keep him alive for so long, if he didn't care? [29], After realizing that Lan Wangji was not with Wei Wuxian, Jin Guangyao remarked how tragic Lan Wangji's unrequited feelings were. He managed to recover partial portions of Wei Wuxian's manuscripts, and brought Xue Yang people to turn into Fierce Corpses. Although he was horrified to discover his true relationship with Qin Su, he proceeded to marry her and father Jin Rusong after learning this fact. Meanwhile, Su She accompanied the cultivators to the siege and led his sect in a song that sealed everyone's spiritual powers. [33], Many terrible rumors spread about Jin Guangyao after his death, in a manner similar to the rumors once spread about Wei Wuxian. h�bbd```b``Z"'��� ��X|��&��$;�� &���`�����$�Z\@l�#@��z&�]wA"@y����}0 �!8 let’s count how many relatives are there: 5 additional uncles (one as a ghost), a cousin, your cousin’s dad who is common-law married to one of your uncles, and an old family friend (possessed by aforementioned uncle-ghost). Quote. [6], However, Nie Mingjue and several subordinates were captured during a surprise attack at Yanqquan. [11], The one perpetual exception to his ruthlessness was his sworn brother Lan Xichen. [3], Jin Guangyao was an excellent actor, easily switching from cold to panicked, shedding tears on will. [14], Jin Guangyao was tasked with watching over Xue Yang and, after the downfall of Wei Wuxian, with assisting his efforts to reconstruct the Yin Tiger Tally. During the Sacrificial Ritual, Mo Xuanyu placed a fifth cut on his arm, indicating that he wanted Wei Wuxian to kill Jin Guangyao along with the Mo family for revenge. [5], Unbeknownst to the two, Wei Wuxian had entered their room as a paperman, where he found the head of Nie Mingjue and the land deed for the Guanyin Temple. I believe he would make the most fantastic ruler/emperor in a different historical context. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Animation He already had a peculiar view on morality YES and Nie Mingjue saw him do some twisted things to accomplish their victory BUT I can't totally blame him. More Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki. Er liebt Tiere und ist stolzer Besitzer zweier Kurzkopfgleitbeutler Namens "Eomukie" und "Odengie".