What's interesting is that I think Kahlen has a very young looking face while Carmen's was quite a bit older looking. But at the same time, Naima was very driven and passionate and she wouldn't have wanted it to go to anyone else. Her closeup is literally a… NTM Stuff I cover lots of cycles. Which is everything I don’t want in a Wonder Bra ad! Recently rewatched cycle 4, and I forgot how confusing the call out orders where for me! Tyra compared Kahlen to a girl who "did good all semester and kinda failed her final exams", and Naima to a girl who "did fair during the whole semester and 'killed' the final exams." Wasn't that the rumor as to why she struggled so much post-show? But I don’t get the right vibe. Naima had every other one. Plus she’s selling the product really well. It’s not stellar but I don’t have many criticisms. She cut it to a bob right after the show. The body is actually fine here. She’s hidden half her face in darkness. Her non-ANTM related work includes a spread in Vice magazine. During an interview on the Tyra Banks show, she revealed that her friends sexually assaulted her when she was intoxicated at a party. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Brittany SUPERSTAR! Naima was called first with that shit picture because she did well at the judging test (criticising everyone else's picture), then she got b2'd the following week with by far the best picture in the bunch because she blew the judging test (dancing). After ANTM, Kahlen has had a brief career. Tiffany looks like she’s in the moment to me and she’s engaging well with the male model. Her favorites were the first shoot which was the Alien shoot, the Zodiac shoot and the African animal shoot. Also I tried to type Naima and it autocorrected to anime and I had a good chuckle. Mr. Jay also mentioned that during casting after Kahlen walked for them. log in sign up. Her ANTM-related work includes US Weekly's Summer Hottest Trends with Naima Mora and Keenyah Hills, ElleGirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America's Next Top Models 2005 and its second installment where she walked for Alice and Olivia's Fall 2006 to raise funds against breast cancer, spreads in Elle Girl for Ford Fusion and Samsung, Jay Manuel's Manual Override Cosmetic line, Radar magazine's America's Ex Top Models and a campaign for Tulipa Collection by Vanessa Barantes with fellow alum Rebecca Epley. This was by far her worst picture of the competition. All the judges, however, voted her in first (the week where. She looks tough and sexy and in total control of the situation. And her face is just flawless. Keenyah is in control in a way that makes her look like a cheap dominatrix. Kahlen has had a number tattoos after the 2000s. Also Rebecca—she was doing really well, got FCO the week before, and all of a sudden she’s in the bottom 2 (for a good photo) for only “hitting it once”? Cycle 4 is such a sad cycle I feel like. At the beginning of the competition Kahlen's lack of confidence sometimes got the best of her; however, she consistently produced excellent photographs; at the final judging panel the judges noted that Kahlen had provided one of the best portfolios in all the previous cycles. I think that was a factor. Kahlen was a shy girl among the 14 contestants, admitting that she never considered herself beautiful, implying that she might not make it till the end. She was fre… Country Wasn't that the rumor as to why she struggled so much post-show? Because of this, she gave up modelling. After it was announced that Naima won the competition, Kahlen admitted that it was quite a surprise because she felt that she was very strong with her photography and she was solid on the runway. In 2005, the Oklahoma State Senate honored her with a resolution "congratulating Kahlen Rondot for representing Oklahoma on a national television program (and) commending her for her outstanding showing on America’s Next Top Model.". Cycle 4 rewatch Recently rewatched cycle 4, and I forgot how confusing the call out orders where for me! She tried other hairstyles and still couldn’t break through. You have the ability to turn into anything and everything. Her body looks flawless. While seeking modeling work she was employed as a bartender in New York City. She also was featured in a commercial for FORD Fusion, recorded during her participation in Top Model. This is such a cute picture of Kahlen. Personal Info Michelle is in control in a way that looks sexy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. But overall, she proved to be a rather strong contender during the show. This photo got some serious hate at panel. Ahhh right that makes a lot more sense then! This week the girls had a sexy pillow fighting photo shoot for Wonder Bra. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So frustrating watching it. It's not sexy, but it's very cool. Am I missing something here? Hometown It's great that she poured her heart and soul into that picture, but from a modeling standpoint it's not that good. Loved her personality; it was a genuine awkwardness that was quirky, sarcastic and self-deprecating yet clever and funny. She was frequently compared to supermodel Carmen Kass. Name Kahlen's is just a display of anger in her face (not modelesque imo), which anybody can do. She looks beautiful. 8 comments. You can tell. My criticism of Christina is the same every single week. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) But she is creating a story. She currently works as a bartender in New York City and plans to someday open her own bar. Kahlen Rondot has done some ANTM-related promotional work. Michelle being eliminated for her zebra photo, the call out order for the nature shoot, and the dance shoot which should’ve been called backwards lol. America But in person, I agree she wasn't all that modelesque. 2nd/14th Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Place Kahlen's favorite book is "An Unquiet Mind" by Kay Redfield Jamison. When she made the "final six", Nigel Barker praised Rondot by stating, "You are a chameleon. Rondot honed her runway walk by watching videotapes of Victoria's Secret fashion shows. This week the girls had a sexy pillow fighting photo shoot for Wonder Bra. Her body is super awkward. I agree wholeheartedly. I'll give you that Kahlen's kloofing one is stronger than Naima's, but neither one of them were that good... Kahlen also looks really uncomfortable in that shot. But during Kahlen's first photoshoot, she immediately impressed the judges with her high-fashion look. But during Kahlen's first photoshoot, she immediately impressed the judges with her high-fashion look. On an episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Kahlen revealed that she was raped by her friends when she got drunk at a party, and the act was recorded by the perpetrators on their mobile phones. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  "I think the reason Mr. Jay dressed up was to show us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still be beautiful. Yes. Kahlen Rondot was born on December 19, 1983, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and is a former model who is best known as the runner-up on Cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model. Kahlen (cycle 4) Close. She offers almost no variability, her pictures were never that stunning to me, and Naima is far better in almost every category. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Thank you, Yes the call out order was wack overseas.