The inability to use it in the air is a bad thing (imagine this move and Broom Cancelling together), but overall, it's a solid move that should be used wisely. The player can alter how long Kamek is gone for by holding the button. His summon abilities rival those of Fawful's. Kamek’s glasses slip slightly off his face showing his closed eyes. " Kamek has also been shown to be snarky, patronizing and condescending at various times, and is clearly taken aback whenever things go awry, the most infamous example being when the player manages to defeat the boss Naval Piranha before the fight even begins, causing Kamek to appear, exclaim "OH MY!"

They deal 16%. Bowser's evil henchmen who's success rate is probably higher than Bowser's. Pummel: Kamek whacks the opponent with his staff. All right throw.

To keep it simple, however, Broom Cancelling is when you use your Up Special and very quickly cancel it with an aerial move or another Special.

Kamek jumps into the air.

1)Bowser:Kamek raised Bowser and is probably thinks of Bowser as a son(Or vice-versa).

Kamek will dash forward and get on his broom, passing through enemies similar to Fox Illusion. Without wasting any more time, he immediately scurried over and snatched up the last jug. It can actually cause a. Dair: Kamek lifts up his staff and whacks downward with it. Deals 2%.

Kamek is a major character in the Yoshi series but he’s also a minor character in the Mario series, seeing more focus in the RPG and spin off games.

Ltaunt: Kamek spins in circles, giggling while doing so.

Kamek swipes his wand in a large arc similar to Zelda’s Up Tilt.

Mar 13, 2014 - Explore urwrstnitemare's board "Kamek/magikoopa" on Pinterest. Kamek takes out his broom and strikes either side of him.

As far as warping attacks go, the hitbox is quite big but deals very low set knockback on both hits. Check out how this page has evolved in the past. You can control Baby Bowser! The bats and Shy Guys do nothing and simply run away after they're unleashed, but you can use whatever item falls out. Dizzy: Kamek strikes the same pose as when he’s hit by his own fire in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. It travels fast and more direct than Magic Blast but will not home in on the enemy after being launched. Kamek is a powerful Magikoopa character from the Super Mario series. In the air, he moves much faster and has several useful attacks. It's not spammable, but if used right, your opponent can't do anything for 3 seconds. He has a passion for obscure gaming so any article you see on uncommon titles like Nazo no Murusame Jo, Yuyuki and Marvelous, to name a few, are most likely from him.

He is a young, homosexual, nerdy Magikoopa who is best friends with Bowser Junior and Joseph, despite often being made fun of by them. Does not deal much damage but will linger on the stage for a long time.

It's Kamek's worst aerial move, but even then, it's... mediocre. You can essentially play whatever style you want for 10 seconds, and your minions will support you for the entire thing.

Priority could use some minor work, but otherwise an amazing move. Event Match 2: Mario Super Heroes vs. Capcom, Pivot grab has about half the recovery. It will not actively pursue enemies. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). His knees do not visible bend much similar to Peach.

Kamek can only summon one Toadie at a time. Family. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Utaunt: Kamek waves his wand around in circles, laughing.

This acts as a projectile Anti-Air, and it can be aimed left and right.

VERY fast with decent range, but poor damage.

Kamek strikes the same pose as when he’s hit by his own fire in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. Kamek walks slowly towards his opponent, his shows mostly covered by his robes. This effect will last longer if the enemy is at higher damage.

With Broom Cancelling, this move greatly extends Kamek's gameplay.

Kamek shoots a ball of magic that is weak but travels a great distance upwards. This move, Fsmash: Kamek holds his staff in back of him.

Once he's about halfway to the screen, Final Smashes/Battle Attacks/Ultimate Smashes will hurt him. The second time Kamek uses this special, he will quickly warp to the first location regardless as to how distant it might be. He then throws the staff at the opponent (it locks on), and it returns to him, in a boomerang-esque fashion. Kamek bends down with one hand touching the ground and the other holding his wand.

He also suffers from the same problem that all summoners have: He can't get out once someone gets in. Something does not work as expected?

Kamek flies on to the stage and dismounts from his broom. Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale Characters, More Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale Wiki.

Overall he has some powerful moves in his arsenal but overall he’s not too offensively orientated a character making his key focus on dodging and countering enemy attacks. He can glide, but that won't help him in the long run (it does aid his crazy good recovery, though).

What make Kamek different from Fawful is that he actually has a pretty easy time KOing his opponents.

If it hits then shapes will float around the enemy’s head. Slow on recovery, but good range. Nice range, although it's lacking in priority. Fair: Kamek whacks the opponent forward with his staff. The Koopa Troopa will wander around the stage dealing damage to any enemy it happens to come into contact with.

Utilt: Kamek fires a fireball upward. ), nevertheless he has a clearly defined character and very important role in the lore. Kamek will fly past the camera, come to a rest and laugh. The attack deals 9%. Kamek takes out his broom and sweeps either side of him, using it to get back to his feet. He wants you all to know that Yoshi is objectively the best Nintendo character. It will also reflect projectiles. Yoshi has been in Smash Bros. since the very beginning as the sole representative of his franchise.

Seventh is a black outfit to contrast with the white one and finally, we have an outfit based on Kamella from Super Mario Galaxy.

A magic force lifts the foe higher into the air.

Sure, it can be helpful, but most of the time you won't want Kamek to be hurt by his own Final Smash.

It's worth the 3 meters and more; it's not the best Battle Attack (blame Master, if you will) but it's up there as one of the best. Dtaunt: Kamek holds his staff like a cane, glaring at the opponent. However, he's SLOW. That use of the move is the better one, as it makes Kamek even more annoying. Dsmash: Kamek lifts up his staff and crouches down. If an opponent gets in on Kamek, the Koopaling slides at the opponent, allowing Kamek to get out.

Great knockback but low damage.

Being hit by one ends this Ultimate Smash. 1 Background. In Battle Royale, he is a summon character, like Fawful. These don't break the ground like in Yoshi's Island. Kamek jumps up and summons an icicle from beneath his enemy. He's not powerful like Bowser and Ganondorf are, but he's actually in the top half of the cast for how easily he can KO opponents. Koopa Troopa's and Paratroopa's, however, are much more useful. Kamek will cast several spells and summon several toadies. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Very good for 3/4 player matches. The basic strategy with Kamek is to run away, annoy with your summons, and get in for a KO; rinse and repeat after that.

Despite that, Kamek should see some pretty good use: He's a great character, regardless of the fact that Fawful is better. However without the required set up it becomes useless and since other players can also see the location of the attack, it is somewhat predictable. The best thing you can do is land some attacks or summon some minions and pray your opponent doesn't punish you.

SLOW. Unfortunately for Kamek, he has some awful mobility. Your gauges can be used for a superior Battle Attack and Ultimate Smash. who is most well-known for having taken care of Bowser during his childhood. The dodge comes out fast making giving no indication which direction he will appear from, although repeating the same tricks over will soon make his pattern predictable for human players. REALLY. Deals 9%. Goombas can be defeated if they sustain enough damage. Kamek will fly back and forth along the top of the stage casting covering the area in rainbow coloured dust. Kamek throws his enemy upwards and then shoots a series of magic spells at them, similar to Mewtwo’s forward throw. The range isn't great (.

The attack deals 8%. He can be the tritagonist of most Bowser Junior videos (depending on the video) and a supporting protagonist of other videos, most notably certain Jeffy videos. Kamek will look cross and readjust his glasses instead of clapping.

Unlike in Yoshi's Island, these will actually hurt the opponents.

This makes Kamek a dangerous character.

When you do, wait for the Goomba to attack, then simply rinse and repeat. Kamek moves his wand like he’s scolding someone. Mario (English: / ˈ m ɑːr i oʊ, ˈ m æ r-/, Italian: ; voiced by Charles Martinet) is an Italian-American plumber and the lead character of the series who was introduced in 1981.Seen as the hero of the franchise, Mario remains playable in most of the games and also appears in every Mario spin-off game including sports and kart racing.. Luigi Induces a helpless state. He wears boots, has a broom to ride on and a magic staff.

Baby Bowser deals 120%. You can't use this move again for another second, but until that point, Kamek cannot attack. Grab: Kamek uses a magical force with his staff to grab the opponent. If you're playing on a larger stage, however, this Final Smash can be relatively useful.

Deals 6%.

Uair: Kamek holds his staff upwards. The Toadie will fly around the stage, pursuing enemies, dealing damage to enemies it comes into contact with. Down Special: Baby Bowser will charge at the screen.