Jim was wonderful man and a great friend to our family. Yeah, I somehow remember it that way. It’s been over a year since I first saw Yes, God, Yes at SXSW, and it remained one of my favorite films of 2019. I’m learning that the most important is you’re proud of what you made and what people think of it doesn’t really matter and you have to just go on and focus on your next project and enjoy the process of filmmaking and not worry so much about what people are saying about it. It was like very perfunctory, like this is what happens, like a 3-second conversation. Yes, I did. You’ll get over this! Published in Kennebec Journal on Feb. 2, 2013. Karen Dowling: My God-given mission is to help others (and myself) build relationships, engage with and respect cultures. I should’ve taught you how to use a condom!”, Karen Maine: I think just generally… hopefully, things are getting better but I think, especially if they’re religious and sexually repressed yourself, you’re not gonna sit down and have these conversations with your children because it’s “awkward” and it’s “taboo.”. My deepest sympathies.

I know it’s not healthy, but I definitely do it sometimes! So, you’ve made it clear and very comfortably open in your production notes that this film is based on your own personal experience, growing up in a Catholic school environment. I’ve realized that grace plays such a huge role in family life. Somehow we’ve been able to be in sync together. I was wondering what was it like when you premiered Yes, God, Yes at SXSW, and did that anxiety stay with you when you were helping the film find distribution?

I don’t always feel like I’m doing it well, but I try. I’m not alone.” I had like a real shift when I was 17 and 18 – my last year of high school – where I like rebelled, started smoking pot before school and there was like, “Abortion is cool!”. Learning each other’s stories and building relationships is important. My whole life, I would say I grew up agnostic. 0% of these people are married, and 100% are single. The following is the interview I had with Maine, where we talked about sexual education, her personal experiences in Catholic school, how that guided her direction in the film, and how the film resonates even with non-religious people. Use an advanced search Advanced Search, Please wait, report contains A LOT of information. Obviously, he loved to work with his hands and especially in woodworking. Send your deepest condolences with fresh flowers. I’m curious to know just how much of the film is completely accurate and how much of it was more exaggerated, whether it was for style or entertainment purposes. Karen Maine: …and told us that condoms aren’t worth it because they don’t protect from everything or something. Karen Maine: And I went on a retreat much like the one Alice goes on in the film called, which was a very prevalent retreat. KD: When all the ongoing racial tension increased, I knew I had to learn more. Community See All. With racial tensions and living out a mission of being set apart and living for Christ, it’s important to think about these things. He will be missed. We also had to watch a partial-birth abortion video, so that was another thing in the film that’s true, and that was so graphic that we had to get permission slips from our parents to watch it.

I love having the chance to introduce you to real moms who are following their God-given passions, making a difference in the world and being real about their journeys. I work with faculty, students, staff and our curriculum to make sure that it’s inclusive. Karen Maine: But yeah, like early Karen, I definitely like… the thing is you have one inner secret life and you live an outward life, and that really sums up Catholicism.
Sign up to get our cinematic goodness delivered to your inbox every weekend. He also leaves his sister, Elizabeth Dowling Westgate, and her husband, Bob, from Newington, Conn., who have been always frequent with their trips to Maine to visit with Jim and Gerine. You’d feel really alone, and especially with Alice having these thoughts and feelings about these new desires she’s discovering about herself. We make some decisions together as a unified effort. Karen Dowling. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. But I do still feel like, like sometimes I’ll go to Rosh Hashanah with him, and it’s still hard to get used to the organized religion aspect of it, because I was forced to do so much for so long. Dear Dowling Family, our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. 54% of these people are married, and 46% are single. Karen Maine: We’d get in trouble if our shirts weren’t tucked in. Like when Alice is told she doesn’t need her watch because she’s on Jesus’ time.

Thank you, Karen! Along with that, I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 1999. I may be totally remembering this wrong, but I could’ve sworn that some of the music choices in the film were different. My prayers are with you. I’m still learning how to turn some of that stuff off, but often times I go on Letterboxd and read every review and only look at the terrible ones that stick with me. Join me on the journey to create a home filled with grace, love and faith as we build our Families with Grace! Page Transparency See More. He taught what intercourse and masturbation was. He was also a Eucharistic minister and served communion to the home bound on a regular basis. Moms on a Mission: Crystal (aka InnieMom), Moms on a Mission: Pastor Stefanie Hendrickson, Pingback: Moms on a Mission: Erin Mayes - Families With Grace, Pingback: Moms on a Mission: Mari Hernandez-Tuten - Families With Grace, Pingback: Moms on a Mission: Kathleen Brooker - Families With Grace, Pingback: Moms on a Mission: Sarah R. Moore - Families With Grace, Pingback: Moms on a Mission: Stacey Pardoe - Families With Grace, Pingback: Moms on a Mission: Kristin Billerbeck - Families With Grace, Pingback: Moms on a Mission: Crystal, a.k.a.