Images of Kyle Katarn. Kyle Katarn had sex before his father did. 07-13-07 08:37 PM EDT (US)     ], [This message has been edited by Reaper_93 (edited 07-14-2007 @ 01:09 PM). It was not long before the Empire located the AX-456 base and invaded; coincidentally, Kyle Katarn was the cadet commander in charge of the mission. EDT (US)     07-13-07 02:53 PM Kyle Katarn killed 2938601 zombies with a bent Q-tip. 07-14-07 00:53 AM And then he chops its hand off with his lightsaber and makes it his bitch. 10 / 40, posted Kind of like those Chuck Norris quotes but about Kyle. 07-13-07 03:41 PM Kyle Katarn Quotes: Sep 28 2006 09:10am Alex Dkana - Staff. Set after Return of The Jedi, in the sequel [& interqual to the upcoming 3rd trilogy] he discovers the Force & embarks on a quest to stop 7 “Dark Jedi” from corrupting the Valley of The Jedi; a sacred burial ground with powerful ties to the force…. Teaching Activity 2. THEY'RE NOT JOKES DAMMIT! 07-14-07 02:06 AM All rights reserved.v2.4.2. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. 07-13-07 01:44 AM 28 / 40, posted See more ideas about Kyle katarn, Jedi knight, Star wars. Yes! EDT (US)     Return to topic immediately, any further posts regarding zombies that do not somehow involve Kyle Katarn and his awesomeness will be regarded as spam. EDT (US)     Not really... although Watchwood enjoys going to other forums -.-. Kyle Katarn doesn't kill two stormtroopers with one thermal detonator. Kyle Katarn doesn't HAVE to fight. It’s no surprise that I watch a lot of Sci-Fi. 30 / 40. I already know about zombies... and this is getting off-topic. Only people and those that have been attacked by Kyle Katarn. Kohli posted a photo on Twitter of fan art of Kyle Katarn, a famous “Star Wars” character from the original run of expanded universe novels and video games (which were later not added into the timeline once Disney bought Lucasfilm). 07-14-07 01:03 AM Say,Reaper, have you thought about trying one of those zombie threads in another heaven? “Kyle Katarn in The Mandalorian confirmed,” he wrote. 07-14-07 01:29 AM 19 / 40, posted 13 / 40, posted Day 3 of being salty about the Kotor 3 requests when Kyle Katarn isn't even canon. Well, we here in the SWU have another friendly man made of awesome: Kyle Katarn. 6 / 40, posted Didn't think this one up myself but it's pretty clever -. EDT (US)     Why do I even care? You all 'em, you've all heard em, Chuck Norris jokes. EDT (US)     12 / 40, posted Kyle Katarn can do the Kessel Run in three parsecs... in sublight speed. Practically no mods visit this heaven. It makes his hand dirty. Screenshot from Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. EDT (US)     He just stands in front of the enemy and they die. 26 / 40, posted 07-14-07 00:20 AM 3 / 40, posted Without any milk. Kyle Katarn has had sex, its just that his (insert happy word here) is too big to fit on a screen. 07-13-07 01:50 PM 07-13-07 03:02 PM The rebel who really stole the Death Star plans. 07-14-07 01:05 PM 25 / 40, posted Kyle Katarn my all-time favorite Legends Character, Kyle is teaching Jaden and Rosh about lightsaber combat. 2 / 40, posted Kyle Katarn I've got a picture of him now! 07-13-07 07:57 AM 07-14-07 00:44 AM He kills all the stomrtroopers with no thermal detonators. The only problem? 11 / 40, posted EDT (US)     Jan Ors meets Kyle Katarn aboard the Star of Empire. Kyle Katarn once gave a high-five to somebody. THEY ARE FACTS!!!! ], Star Wars: Empire at War Heaven | HeavenGames, Copyright © 1997–2020 HeavenGames LLC. EDT (US)     EDT (US)     07-14-07 01:02 AM Kyle Katarn is a character from the Star Wars franchise and the main protagonist of Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. 07-14-07 09:09 AM At one point, Ors and Katarn saw each other, and though neither remembered their brief past encounters, both felt a spark of distant recognition. 07-13-07 03:37 PM Kyle Katarn battles it out with a Shadowtrooper. 14 / 40, posted EDT (US)     EDT (US)     EDT (US)     Kyle Katarn is the chosen one who will bring balance to the Force. 07-14-07 00:52 AM 8 / 40, posted 07-13-07 11:38 AM I found this thread, and it gave me a laugh. 17 / 40, posted EDT (US)     This one is for people who have read Star Wars: Jedi Academy Trilogy. 07-13-07 07:46 PM 27 / 40, posted 21 / 40, posted 5 / 40, posted 22 / 40, posted EDT (US)     Set before the events of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Katarn hires Rianna Saren to steal a shipment of Mirkanite from a warehouse on the planet Coruscant owned by Black Sun. 07-14-07 00:26 AM EDT (US)     EDT (US)     07-13-07 05:46 AM (inserts star wars part)...with a wampa. 07-14-07 00:27 AM The acute lack of descriptions of how amazing he is. EDT (US)     See more ideas about Kyle katarn, Jedi knight, Star wars. EDT (US)     Kyle Katarn once ate a thermal detonator. EDT (US)     Revan is the reincarnation of Kyle Katarn. But not as a main character in all of them, unlike Kyle Katarn. 07-13-07 06:09 PM 7 / 40, posted Star Wars UniverseModerated by Crazed Ewok, Gen_Rhys_Dallows, Kongou Dess, [This message has been edited by Darth Fett (edited 07-13-2007 @ 03:47 PM). EDT (US)     07-14-07 01:19 PM