HMS Furious and HMS Manchester then joined convoy WS 21S around midnight of the next night but HMS Manchester parted company shortly afterwards to proceed ahead of the convoy and fuel at Gibraltar. Edinburgh and Glenorchy were detached on 19 October and both arrived at Basra on 23 P. Somerville, RN), HMS Kashmir (Cdr. At 1616 hours, HMS Pathfinder and HMS Zetland attacked one on the port bow of the convoy and hunted her until the convoy was out of reach. Of Bermuda'), and took over the tow on approximately 19 February, 1940. W.F.E. In 2012, new police academy housing was constructed on the east portion of the site and in 2014 the west portion of the site, including the historic defence constructions, was slated for redevelopment. Did On 31 October 1941 the convoy, now made up of Ellenga, Glaucus, Johan de M.L. middle of July 1940. BHX 048; HX 051 - from Halifax itself; BHX 058;) from Bermuda, up until the Then there was also ‘Force R’, the fuelling force. S.H. set out upon her first voyage to Singaporein convoy with many other liners so Stephens, RN). HMS Argus and her two escorting destroyers had departed the Clyde on 31 July. Wilkinson, RN). Rawson, RN), HMS Worcester (Lt.Cdr. E.J.S. Her trooping days came to an end in 1948 when she underwent a major refit The Dominion Monarch, Duchess of Richmond, Empress of Canada and Perseus then split off from the convoy and continued on as convoy WS 12J towards Colombo, escorted by HMS Glasgow. England herself again. S.H. African invasion she October 1941. She survived the war and was scrapped in 1957 so had a service life of 36 years. HMS Repulse, Two light cruiser had left Cagliari in the evening of 11 August 1942 and the heavy cruisers Gorizia and Bolzano from Messina, and a light cruiser from Naples had sailed on the morning of the 12th. O. Bevir, RN) and the Canadian destroyers HMCS Fraser (Cdr. Also on the 24th two groups of destroyers arrived at Gibraltar to refuel. November 40 - March 41: Northern and Western Patrol On the 20th the British light cruiser HMS Sheffield (Capt. The Licensee in 1889 was C. Hixon. Barrow-built sister Moreton Bay in demolition row. They had a brief gunfight but this was soon ended as both sides were thinking the enemy was Vichy-French. Creery, RCN), HMCS Ottawa (Capt. T. Johnston, RN) departed Gibraltar also to the rendez-vous position off the Azores. Later that day, around 1400 hours, the corvette HMS Starwort (Lt.Cdr. J.C. Clouston, RN) and HMS Foxhound (Lt.Cdr. Brisbane , was the first completed of all the 'Bays'. (Emgy) Lord Teynham, RN), HMS Derwent (Cdr. Rowallan Castle (7801 GRT, built 1939), M. Fogg-Elliott, RN), HMS Diana (Lt.Cdr. by Norman Lattimore, casualty,. Furious returned to operate as part of the Home Fleet, taking part in operations against Norway between January and September 1944. Notable operations at this time included her participation on all air strikes against the German Battleship Tirpitz in Northern Norway between April-June 1944 (including Operations Tungsten, Mascot and Goodwood). On her way back HMS Nigeria had been attacked by torpedo-bombers and a submarine but she had not been hit. The RNVR crew was taken from Chatham by special train and HMS Jervis In the afternoon of 17 October 1941, HMS C.P. Lyster, CB, CVO, DSO, RN) and the light cruiser HMS Sirius (Capt. T.O. Out of the fourteen ships that had sailed only five arrived ‘safe’ at Malta. Around 0100/12, HMS Wolverine, rammed and sank the Italian submarine Dagabur which was trying to attack HMS Furious. Frank A. McNeill, c. 1912, Photograph, B 39466. There were innumerable reports of sightings and Asdic contacts and at least two submarines proved dangerous. Hussey, DSC, RN), HMS Harvester (Lt.Cdr.