Unidentified Victim. On 17 November 2006, the German police arrested him in Wesseling, near Cologne. Robert killed Rickey immediately and kept Regina the same as the previous murders. Volker started murdering when he was 15. He is an American Serial killer who is suspected of torturing, raping and killing more than 50 women. Pentland threatened to call the cops, so Jespersen strangled her. Laverne Pavlinac saw an opportunity to end her abusive relationship with her live-in boyfriend John Sosnovske after seeing the news reports of Julie Ann’s murder. In 2005 Robert was extradited to Utah to be tried for the killings of Candace Walsh and Douglas Zyskowski. How much do you know about him? Raised by his mother, but his father did return when he was still in school. He turned himself in hoping that it would result in leniency towards his sentencing. Daun refused, and Keith battered and choked her for hours, she somehow convinced him to let her go, she believed that her baby’s cries helped saved her life. He was waiting for nightfall to dispose of the body. Keith continued to send letters to the media with smiley faces until a journalist Phil Stanford dubbed him the “The Happy Face Killer.”. Find-A-Grave: Laurie Ann Pentland Find-A-Grave: Tina Denise Stensaa He was unskilled and worked as a painter, cleaner, and long distance lorry driver. It does give them the advantage for killing being able to kill and move along at an astounding pace. }, Truckers that turned out to be Serial Killers, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/jun/07/crime, http://murderpedia.org/male.E/e/eckert-volker.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volker_Eckert, http://www.lifedeathprizes.com/real-life-crime/robert-ben-rhoades-the-killer-who-tortured-women-in-his-van-22493, https://healthpsychologyconsultancy.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/making-of-a-monster-robert-ben-rhoades/, http://fleetowner.com/driver-management-resource-center/truckers-make-ideal-serial-killers-fbi, http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/survivor-escaped-happy-face-killer-sues-lifetime-depicting-prostitute-article-1.1959479, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Hunter_Jesperson, Adam Walsh, the missing child case that changed America. Jespersen is more notorious as the Happy Face Killer. 20 Year old Bulgarian Prostitute in Catalonia, Spain – 2nd November 2006. Jespersen agreed to give a lift to Angela Subrize. Here we will have a look at two caught Serial killer truckers: Robert was also known as The Truck Stop Killer and rapist. But the clock was ticking. Robert was young when he was introduced to violence; he saw his father as a role model and looked up to him for life lessons. Daun is a nurse, mother, and grandmother and they could destroy her career. I have to wonder where she fits in to my ancestry. Pentland threatened to call the cops, so Jespersen strangled her. Angela’s body was found month’s after and only because he gave police details. He chose his victims carefully, most of the women were vagrants, and when their bodies turned up, nobody came to claim them. The death looked like a suicide, and he got away with it. She had been strangled to death. The Quote Quiz. Maybe they would have never taken a life. He claimed that she was a prostitute who entered his truck while he slept. Regina was 14 years old and she and her boyfriend run away from Houston, Pasadena Texas. In June 1993, he struck again in Santa Nella, California, murdering a homeless woman named “Carla” or “Cindy.” On 27th November 1995, four years after their conviction the lawyers of Keith gave sufficient evidence that Keith killed Julie Ann, Keith led police to the purse of Julie Ann. Angela was murdered in January of 1995. Two months after murdering Angela, Keith decided that his girlfriend was after his money. Laverne went to the police and gave a false confession, of how John forced her to help rape, kill and to dispose of Julie Ann’s body. While in custody he started to talk about the murders and about many others that he later recanted. The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations saw a pattern of bodies being dumped along the I-40 in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. The investigation was thwarted by the bogus story created by Laverne Pavlinac, who called cops every time she fought with her boyfriend John Sosnovske. This was not the end of the terror, and a month after Candace and Douglas, he kidnapped Regina Kay Walters and her boyfriend Ricky Lee Jones. I’d love to speak with you. An unidentified female victim was murdered in July of 1993 in Santa Nella, California. Taunja’s body was found a few days later with no leads and no suspects. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/survivor-escaped-happy-face-killer-sues-lifetime-depicting-prostitute-article-1.1959479 Melissa Moore, his daughter, was featured on Dr. Phil in November 2008 to talk about her father, she was also on The Oprah Winfrey Show, 17 September 2009, and on a 20/20 special in August 2010. Sadists like Robert lack emotion and the ability to feel guilt for their actions. I knew her brothers though, as they were raised by my mothers brother. I read I, The making of a serial killer, and discovered it was Keith Hunter Jesperson who murdered her. We currently have information on all of his known and suspected victims. At least he will die in jail. One day she saw how her dad hung kittens on the clothing line and then he laughed and killed them. There, he beat and strangled her to death. For Robert, the killings were more about the torture and sex as it turns him on to reflect pain. Jespersen began talking to detectives detailing his cross-country killing spree. Laurie Ann was murdered in the first week of November, 1992 in Salem, Oregon. For Jesperson, the end came on March 16, 1995 in Washougal, Washington. There he did his best to force her to perform oral sex on him. He claims her name was Susanne. Jesperson was found guilty of her murder. Maybe she did all this so that people would not look at her differently when she walked in the street, now the people can sympathize with her and offer her help. I guess I haven’t learned anything.”. Ricky’s body was found on March the 3rd 1991 and only identified in July 2008. The only reason Volker got away with so many murders is that he killed in different countries and the police did not consult each other. my sister disappeared feb,1990 from Astoria,OR..Keith Jesperson,who was a truck driver,his parents lived Warrenton which is right by Astoria…id like to ask him about hrr…creep. There is no fame and fortune for her in this only jail time that neither John nor she deserved. Melissa wrote an article for the BBC in November 2014. Many people have different coping mechanisms for instance: I had a teacher, every time something bad happened she would literally fold in a ball and sit in the corner of the classroom for a few minutes. Daun was at the supermarket with one of her youngest children on an evening in April 1990. Copyright © 2010-2012 BrianCombs.net. Robert kept Candace for a week, during that time he raped and tortured her, when he had enough of her he dumped her body in Millard County, Utah. Then he was back on the road and Bennett’s body wasn’t found until he was long gone. Can you figure out what Aileen Wournos said? Keith is born on April 6th, 1955 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Unknown No grave photo. Robert’s signature was to shave the pubic hair of his victims and cutting their hair short on their heads. The FBI took over the cases, and the HSK initiative was established, the FBI only made the program public in 2009. [contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"], Nobody’s Women The Crimes and Victims of Anthony Sowell, the Cleveland Serial Killer by Steve Miller, Book Review “How a Colonel Became a Killer” by Cal Millar and Ian Robertson, Nassau County Remains may be Linked to Gilgo Beach, Derek Percy Could be Forced to Give Testimony, Ted Bundy may be Implicated in Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders. He eventually signed on with a trucking company out of Cheney, Wash. And then he hit the road. In the 450 suspects, many of them were truck drivers. Laurie Ann was murdered in the first week of November, 1992 in Salem, Oregon. https://healthpsychologyconsultancy.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/making-of-a-monster-robert-ben-rhoades/ Robert was born on November 22nd, 1945.