It’s great to see this community of people helping each other. Yes, there are several VA facilities in the island. A reader discuses the cons of moving to Costa Rica, including entering the country, the price of land and the real estate industry. Good luck to you! There are many gas stations and the cost is just slightly higher than the US. The crime rates are very high. I just wait and if it takes too long I find another way to go.

I could retire there, but I am a bit worried about terrorism there. It is true…you can vote by absentee ballot IF you don’t become an official PR resident and reside in the U.S. much of the time. Spanish is the primary language in both types of schools, but English is also taught in both. It is confusing, anything about this would be helpful. Hello All, I’m no where near retiring as I am 33 years old but I too like so many others would love to move to Puerto Rico. Best beaches For fresh produce your best choice is to stop at one of the many roadside stands where you can get fresh pineapple, papaya, coconut, mango, lettuce, many root vegetables and so much more. There is a convention-like center and nice hotels. However, it cost more to live in San Juan (Condado area, Old San Juan, and Isla Verde). We have found it to be extremely expensive to live here, other than the availability of cheap clothing. I write full time. @Jojo Hato Rey is part of San Juan. And sometimes the electricity does go out but is not all the time it is normally if a hurricane or a tropical depression is hitting the island. I’ve been there a few times and it seems like a great place to live. Social security and va benefits . Are excellent salesman compensated well in PR? If you are set on moving back here, why don’t you make an arrangement to meet with a real estate agent and look around? The west cost is perhaps the safest as it is farther from San Juan than other areas. We have already booked all our trips for the rest of the 2016; we refuse to spend another snowy and cold holiday season in NYC. If you’ve lived there, you know what I mean by that. My advise, you may want to do a little more research about PR before you move there. It’s actually very easy to get by without knowing Spanish well. college and private school IS REALLY cheap. Northeast: A short drive from San Juan, this area is densely populated, but low-key and home to beautiful rainforests and secluded beaches, Northwest: World-class surfing, natural wonders and some of the best beaches in the island; Aguadilla, Rio Camuy Cave Park and Rincon are main draws, but also Dorado, with its golf courses and casinos. Cynthia, I just loved your post.. Living there would be a great chance to explore and grab those opportunities. Do they think we’re immune to life? I am sick of winters and in Hawaii the rents are $2,000 and $3,000 a month and more for places that aren’t even decent. I Am Thinking About Going Back To My Homeland I am thinking of retiring to the west side of the island. We also have many of famous artists (singers, actors/actress, musical compositors/compositions), baseball & basketball players, boxing champions and astronaut. But remember, there is a great airport in Aguadilla serving the west coast and towns like Rincon, Aguadilla, and Isabela are within a 20 minutes drive from the airport. Being fully bilingual in both SPANISH and English is a requirement at any employer. If this is where I’m going to live – and die – I want to investigate this before any decisions. INHERITANCE LAWS! The weather is a definite asset for those who start living in Santa Fe. My wife and I recently visited the West side of the island…Mayaguez, Aguadilla, Rincon…We have an 7 and 8 year old. Excellent additions! Like here they are very helpful. I am surprised as I know for a fact there’s plenty of inventory. There would be no need for changes if you already have Medicare, and would like to continue using its benefits at Puerto Rico. Many of the “cons” in this article are cons at home, except voting and (maybe) language — I’m still trying to understand Tennessee accenst. They are always friendly and kind to everyone. They used to call the island as the land of the lords. I think it would work great in PR if people get serious about our street dog/cat overpopulation. and if there is any tax involved? Hello all, I am looking at moving down to Puerto RIco by next summer (2016). So they might be some concussion. Did we emphasized on the awful traffic and awful public transportation system. Am in search of someone to to assist with my last year’s in this beautiful setting! I am looking at buying home in the mountains of Puerto Rico as the homes appear to be less expensive and have land. Sadly, there is no such thing as a PR citizen…yet! However, you will be able to have the same facilities at a lower cost. In eastern Puerto Rico, you’ll find big resorts, nature reserves, miles of beautiful beaches and luxury living. why dont folks spay and neuter their pets? Keep in mind that services like transportation, health supportive services, etc. @Ed, If you don’t find your favorite vegetables in your local market, or “plaza del mercado”, go to Walmart. We have a Fine Arts performance theater for concerts and dance, a PR symphony orchestra, lots of museums in Old San Juan and a beautiful one in Ponce.