Fuel Injected LS3 427CI Airboat Engine 650HP $ 14,295.00. Friday 8am – 3pm EST, Phone Hours: I have a gso 480 and am thinking about building a car motor I have a 400 sbc to build but everybody says I can get an ls for cheap and they make big power..someone please fill me in with which ls is best, I was thinking 5.3. I would have to say Dave is right about giving enough information and technical data so that somebody could build there own LS Airboat motor. Any suggestions on what readers would prefer a carb or EFI build? 13ft Gilleo laser, Continental o520, just your average FL duck hunting boat. Most airboat engine manufactures are still using old technology that just simply won’t last very long to keep cost down, When in the long run will cost you more money. Are you just planning to throw the motor on the boat or are you planning to rebuild it? The parts we are using in these Airboat engine builds are hands on selected and tested to ensure it’s reliability. Suite B Mon–Thur 8am – 5pm EST Our 6.2L LSA AirPac engine is a supercharged 550HP air boat engine featuring high-flow cylinder head design with swirl-wing technology and multiport fuel injection. Proud member of the Airboat Association of Florida. 14ft JB Hull,Lycoming GSO480 w/water-meth injection,Sensenich 3-blade "R",ButtRaxx seats,B&S Trailer. Handbuilt LS engines from Mast Motorsports. These engine combinations feature forged pistons, roller camshafts, specialty valve train components, additional oil capacity, Etc. Thanks for posting all the info Dave! What type of hull is it going on? HuntingBigun wrote:Crazy when I am over at Diamondback and watch them build 22 foot boats with full cabin and they run LS on most of them, custom boats I have seen BBC, 16 foot is not a big boat heck my new DB is 15.6 so I stick with LS the crate LSA is not the same as a 550 hp Mast LS airboat engine talk with Scooter at DB heck they build 400 boats year most LS powered now. An Aircraft Engine Or An Automotive Style Engine? I'm also a big fan! "I know not what tomorrow may bring, but I know Who brings tomorrow.". Ya know I think back to my first airboat engine, a P-90 Cont, it was sooo wore out it turned a 66x34.. 2000 rpm's.....man i sure thought I was king of the woods after the re-build, it would turn 3000........that was 1977.......fast forward just look where we all are today.......so how did this happen....cause someone was an inovator, loooking for something just alittle better, stronger gear box, composit propellers, car motors that are 500 hp +...supercharged aircraft...who would have thought. I've read a ton of Dave's stuff and if I can get the money together my next power plant will be a ls no doubt!! I have an LS an learned something from dave's article can't wait for part 2. PH: 800-267-3940 CBM Motorsports™ powered PANTHER AIRBOAT can make over 700hp. Whether you need multiport or direct injection, we've got the engines to match and upgrade your current airboat. Thanks guy's what till ya see them all. Copyright © Southern Airboat 2003 - 2020. Post by Waterthunder » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:25 am, Post With todays fuel containing so many additives and ethanol, carburetors just don’t last very long. Where can I find copy of Dave's article LS Engine Build. Reliable, Custom Built Crate Performance EnginesToll Free 1-800-267-3940 Info@proformanceunlimited.com. The engine packages that are listed come standard with fuel injection. My vote would be carb as it will be the more do it yourself type of build without having to buy the ECU and other accessories. Here at Water Thunder Performance we have decades of airboat engine building experience. An automotive engine when designed correctly can achieve the same torque and horsepower at a much more reasonable cost. Friday 8am – 3pm EST, Phone Hours: Most airboat engine manufactures are still using old technology that just simply won’t last very long to keep cost down, When in the long run will cost you more money. 725 South La Cadena Drive Colton CA USA 92324. Please take the time to browse through our line of Airboat engine combinations. All CBM Motorsports™ LS Marine Engines come balanced, blueprinted and feature: Panther Airboats continues to lead the way by pushing the envelope of airboat technology. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please call or email us! Fuel Injected LQ9 408CI Airboat Engine 575HP $ 12,995.00 Fuel Injected LS3 416CI Airboat Engine 600HP $ 13,995.00 Fuel Injected LS3 427CI Airboat Engine 650HP $ 14,295.00 Fuel Injected LS 441CI Airboat Engine 700HP $ 15,995.00 Supercharged 416CI by Olf Art » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:50 pm, Post Are you using EFI? Info@proformanceunlimited.com, Shop Hours: LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LSX, Ecotec, Alloytec, Direct injection, LS engine building, LS Racing engines, Turbo charged LS engine, Supercharged LS engine All CBM engines are built in house by professional CBM engine builders. Were gonna dyno motors, thrust test them and compare props and gear ratios all while giving readers all the info they need to build their own motor and prevent them from being ripped off with motors. Whether your Airboat is used for racing, pleasure, fishing or hunting, we can design the right engine to fit your needs. STEVE MORRIS ENGINES has been steadily offering more and more engine packages based on this platform for many different types of applications - such as street/strip, dedicated drag race, airboat, and off-shore applications. by dbeamon » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:04 pm, Post That have been tested time and time again to ensure there durability will stand up to the job. Fishing and Pleasure Boats, Go-devils, Jet-Skis, etc.