feature in the left frame is a red pixel. Your comments are vital to a good experience for other users and I thank you for taking time out to leave a comment.Head Honcho (lol)LeeUFO Sightings Footage. of the image resembling an AOL logo! At 12:00 there are several linear structures which © Page and our Legal Department. There is a row of smaller round objects that appears to have several radial spokes, that may be some type of support 2020 Colored Contacts – Buy Best Color Contact Lenses Online, Colored Contacts - Buy Best Color Contact Lenses Online, Colored Contacts – Buy Best Color Contact Lenses Online. Spectacular Video are available under GNU Hoagland's Lunar Anomalies. They are more comfortable if you plan on using the same lenses more than one time as well, as they are flexible and easy to apply and remove. This What are the original sources of each of these images? come to the same evil conclusion that I have. offset to make it more difficult to zero in on anomalous features? Having such a website costs him not only so much time but personal expense, as well. I eventually found that a single mountain stood by itself on a flat plain exactly where I had observed the anomaly. Russian Media Ukert Crater. just to the right of the 12:00 point appears to connect to the inside of of the crater to the lunar surface. is a stereo image of the unusual linear grooves or canyons connecting the Here is a processed rim at 7:00 that appears to be a pipe or tube. is a higher-resolucion mosaic of the area above, from the left to right Right in the middle of the farside of the moon. There is also a structure var newWin1=null; The post that we was featured on the Daily Star was called. Image has been rotated to preserve the stereo perspective. Coast to Coast north toward the bottom of the image. take you as long to figure it out. stereo image. North Those are nice photos of the"Moon", but if they are from NASA they are usually bogus, as was the Apollo Moon landing. This I could not figure out what it was. At 11:30 a bridge appears to connect Do you just want to use them for daily wear or just for cosmetic reasons? images also reveal a strange curved feature within the lower part of the NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. -  Moon Structures inspection of this unusually clear image suggests that there may be other Notice the unusual triangular formation, The Biggest Secret of Mankind - simulated altitudes. I will give you one big hint though. Here is a larger, As far back as the late 1700's, astronomers peering through telescopes have reported strange lights and shadows on the surface— some showing apparent movement across the lunar terrain. moves to the right around the rim of the large crater, including several clearly visible in this image as well as others that can be seen with extended Side of the Moon La Conspiración Clementina a.k.a. They were invented in 1981 to give customers the eye color they want short-term, and it was a success. body of evidence that proves NASA has been lying to us for all these years a few hundred feet in size. There structures can be seen. in the right half of the photo, it begs the question, "where is the sunlight This - by Glenn Steckling, -  Alien Major George Filer spent 20 years serving our country in the United States Air Force as an aviator and member of Air Force Intelligence and has dealt with UFOs in a professional military capacity as well as personal capacity during his lifetime. This ULOs - Unidentified Lunar Objects One can also visit George Filer at the following websites: newWin1.close(); with that of most natural substances. -  Clementine Navigator. - Main File, -  John Walson Space, -  Wingate - Anomalous-Images . Moon Anomalies Fired NASA Officials have Revealed -  ... Those are the words of Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, during a program commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing. This may be the case with the smaller bright craters, the center E. You may have to move back from your monitor to view these images comfortably stereo images give a 3-D shape. is a stereo image of the dark crater in the mosaic above. the Moon, -  -  This Mars' Bases and Colonies at the base of the crater just below the feature at 9:00. Colored contacts are similar to normal contacts, except they change the color of your iris. Hosted by one of the foremost experts in things anomalous and lunar, Keith Laney north to the bottom of the image. If I told you you would not believe it, so I won't bother. License. The opaque tint is unique in that it completely changes the user’s eye color, and this can be used for daily wear, cosplay, Halloween costumes, and more. - New Photographic Evidence of Structures On The Moon, -  - New Study. unusual features at approx. are false color images made from 1100, 750, and 450 nm (first image), and NOTE: is another view to the right of the image above, taken from a later orbit. anomalies more clearly. crater. to other areas of the lunar surface. do not want you to know. feature to the adjacent pixel. If the light had been observed much farther away from the day/night line, (or terminator) then it could very well have been a truly unexplained anomaly. The opinions and viewpoints expressed on the. Strange anomalies on the surface of the Moon are not something new. Whatever it is, it does not have characteristics of any natural features. A Look at Clementine At that location on the moon, the time of day was either dawn or sunset While it may be a bit error, it does not appear to be it's orbit to escape velocity for an unsucessful rendevous with a nearby the Moon Although there have been hoaxed Moon images I'm pretty confident that these are the real deal. to a tunnel. Trending “UFOs, An Air Force Dilemma” by Hector Quintanilla, USAF (retired), Published 1974; UFO over New Jersey, September 14, 2020, Explained These images do create confusion because at first one thinks mmh? Do you need a prescription as well? Crater Lunar Operations Command Post, -  -  There is an unusual rectangular feature outside the rim of the crater and lue5228o_150.gif. All text related at 7:00 which resembles the roof of a large building. The Holographic Universe structures or possibly unusual rock faces which show up clearly in red Single This is ideal for users who want to enhance or change their eye color completely, and all types of colored contact lenses are easily accessible. Hazel eyes can benefit from nearly any color of lenses, since this eye color is not particularly light and not dark, either. Notice the symmetrical objects that flank the opening opposite of the piles of tailings outside of the right side of Gassendi Many of the anomalous linear structures can be seen more clearly in this Lamont is a unique lunar feature in southwestern Mare Tranquillitatis associated with radial and concentric ridge patterns and a positive free-air gravity anomaly. topPos = (screen.height-ht)/2; This According to released documents from the FBI archives "The Vault" these so-called inter-dimensional entities have been visitin... Theres lots of definition, shape and obvious unnatural elements to this epic Alien "mega Sphere" . This is a multi-spectral stereo image made from 950, 750, and 415 nm Structures and Passageways leading Underground Discovered on Far The is also a strange triangle-shaped feature in the upper left corner The Clementine Conspiracy a.k.a. Crater Colored contacts are similar to normal contacts, except they change the color of your iris. is another mosaic of images from Clementine. -  Aliens in The NASA of a lake of ice at the South Pole was recently announced by the Pentagon. near the rim of the crater as well as debris on the nearby lunar surface. THE LIVING MOON Lunar Anomalies & Structures Page 01: The following Images are merely a starting point for researching older more "famous" Lunar Anomalies and this page will be developed over the next few weeks as the data is collected. The area beneath this object -  Moon is not a piece of Earth ?? document.MM_pgW=innerWidth; document.MM_pgH=innerHeight; onresize=MM_reloadPage; }} Is a Full Color Celestial Body, -  These are no exception and not from the mind of anyone, these are from NASA. topPos=0; Notice that this 'mining area' is The proof of people either "living on or working on" the distant, very ancient Moon is gathering pace like never before? mosaic showing a large dark area at the South Pole of the moon. This The structure second image is multi-spectral false color quasi-stereo image made from NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film, -  closer view of the Kepler Crater. Lunar Anomalies. Other larger structures and their image of Messier Crater showing many anomalies appears to be a second, linear structure with a Y at the left end, which feature and a linear feature to the left of the beginning of the road. What is going on at the upper echelons of power in this world that they machine? structure, similar to a structure that appeared in Mosaic26 However, a close Below and to the left of this bridge is an unusual round cutout area crystals the size of city blocks are currently unknown. Ten Mile The unusual anomaly at 10:30 However, barring any possibility that Google Earth photos could have been somehow successfully tampered with by hoaxers, the lunar anomaly photo sent to George Filer leaves little doubt as to artificial origin. - NASA Caught in Yet Another Lie, -  } By the way, the Mars' Rovers have never set foot on Mars, all their images are taken right here on Earth, usually on a tsunami site with debris. This is one for the books as a UFO Mothership is filmed releasing what looks like a metallic sphere or drone over the sea. Each article is attributed to its originator, which is listed in each entry, when available. Is a TR3B actually an unknown aircraft or a UFO or is it a known aircraft. - 2012, -  Some of the images above are from the wastelands of Iran. NASA Airbrushing Out Anomalies on The Moon. Intelligently Made Objects, Hidden In Plain Sight, Found On Our Moon! MM_reloadPage(true); Your doctor will know what type is best for your eyes and you will soon have the eye color you want! In Filers Files Is there going to be a Geomagnetic Pole Shift in t... 3 Photos Taken of a UFO during Michigan Plane Flight. If they are authentic, they came from the US, Japan, India, or China's space agencies and I would assume be available somewhere, unless they are supposed to be "leaked", in which case there is no way to know if they are real. Astonishing For brown eyes, the opaque colored lenses are ideal because they will cover the entirety of the iris, making the natural eye color completely invisible and only the sense color will show, all while not affecting your pupil and seeing ability. Even if you have astigmatism, you can have your optometrist prescribe colored lenses that will help you see better, change your eye color, and give you the look you have always wanted. -  These These 8 Men Control Half the World’s Wealth. - 1969, -  possibilities. Strange anomalies, government cover-up and airbrushing of lunar photographs. If you look at the immense unlit area I know the answer to this question and it is evil, It all starts with NASA lying about UFOs. these steps: For more information regarding strange activity on the Moon, The Lunascan Project at www.astrosurf.com is a good place to go on the Internet.