Integrated hand-basin/shower control units control water to the shower, rather than having a separate shower tap. April 2018. Far from it. We now have cupboard trims shrunk and coming away, found little patches in the trim, obviously someone ran out of trim I am now purchasing replacement trim. In 18 months a small crack appeared in rear panel due to over tightened screws. Insurance agreed to pay for repair. " 11 Chat Rooms12 Members connected6 members chatting. The bottles are housed in a slide out tray and secured by straps. And when they don’t line up the pop open at the speed of sound and sharp heavy metal handles cause some serious damage as they land on your feet - a serious health hazard and the cause of many injuries which take the overall experience from 9/10 to 1/10 - imagine going to a 5* hotel and leaving injured due to incredibly badly designed furniture - You would not return. We want to change the caravan for a larger one but you can guess where we won't be buying it from!!!! Use the tools below to refine your search by only displaying reviews with a certain number of star ratings or to only show reviews from a certain time period. Classified Ad. I've made some mistakes in my life this was the biggest buying a Lunar. Lunar Caravan shave been in the business since their inception back in 1969. Lunar vans are modern, light and have features that look great. Lexon, Lunar's mid-priced range, has undergone a lot of detail change for 2018. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Collection in person. When you want to have a meal and relax at the end of the day, the type of layout in the Newstar excels. " This was repaired by Lunar. 3978237. Lunar, known more for it’s lightweight caravan line-up, re-entered the motorhome market a few years ago with the Camper Car, a unique micro motorhome. However, if it’s just one or two people and when you really cut through all the negativity you learn it’s a relatively small issue, is that really enough to complete avoid a caravan? 25 were here. Since it has started to be lifted, I have tried at least 3 times a week, sometimes 3 or more times per day. Caravans are poorly built and shoddy with ill fitting cupboards. Screws just put in anywhere to hold a cupboard in place. Bathroom wall screwed to tight and snapped. I do not have a good word to say about this company as it produces vans that are poorly assembled by a workforce who have no pride in what they do and it is their customers who pay the price which is a shame as the vans are well designed and equipped. Two weak spots are noted: the screwtop cover to the fresh water tank inspection hatch (accessed from inside beneath the floor ) can be a problem if the sealing washer is incorrectly fitted resulting in spillage of fresh water to the void in the double skin floor; and an apparent sloppiness in the fitting of the waste pipes and their joints en route to the waste tank. The dinette beds are fine – a single and a double that are comparable in soze with most rivals – but the overcab bed is let down by having poor headroom. Are they actually all that bad? The Best Selling Lunar Lexon 570 Just Got Better. Good value Nicely finished Well specced Supportive seats, Limited kitchen work area There are no external storage areas It feels basic. Eg click on '1 star' to just display the reviews we have which received a 1 star rating click or 'Within the last month' to display just reviews posted over the last month. pimblo5 (1 review written), If you are commenting on behalf of the company that has been reviewed, A quick scan over the talk about Lunar Caravans in various forums and other places online though, may put you off investing in one of their highly regarded tourers. Since then have had to strengthen bed lockers and refit items that have been assembled with screws that are too short. To calculate the top 5's we take the following factors into account: Latest Reviews in Campervans and Motor Homes, Latest items in Campervans and Motor Homes, “Our Lunar Roadstar 780 is roomy, good mpg, has quality...”, Preston Motorhomes and Caravans -, National Motorhomes -, Motorhome Hire -, Becks Motorhomes -, RV World Showroom -, Devon Conversions - Luna Motorhome Hire. Bad workmanship and abysmal after sales service. The kitchen is across the back of the ’van, between the washroom and side wall. Well i must be one of the lucky ones that purchased a Lunar Solarus 674 in July 2019 from Grantham Caravans firstly the staff at Granthams are the most pleasant people to deal with and i got a cracking deal on my brand new caravan and as far as people say that Lunar has gone bust "THEY HAVEN'T GONE BUST" They went into admin VERY BIG DIFFERANCE FROM GOING BUST so please get your facts right before hitting the keyboard Lunar are here to stay and i can add other caravan makes have as many issue's if not more than Lunar i wont mention the make but one caravan retailer that i know has BIG PROBLEMS the problems with the caravans he sells brand new factory fresh with very high readings of damp in the offside front window area, Purchased a lunar 574 quasar brand new from Robinson’s of chesterfield just before the company (lunar) went into administration last year. Registered in England & Wales No. £32,750.00. In this month’s Caravan Magazine the Lunar Lexon 660 is profiled and Marquis is offering a great deal on a wide range of offers on the Lunar range too! The service I’ve had from the manufacturer and dealer is shameful still waiting for repairs 7 months later. Forums Home Search our Forums Log in to the Forums Register on the Forums Forums-> Motorhomes-> Motorhome Matters. We bought our Lunar Lexon 660 from catterick caravans and got this £25,000 for £18,000 with motor mover on it brand new but was demo at 2019 show's, Build quality is ok, but but i have viewed £35,000 Coachmans and swifts that had more wrong with them in the showroom, comes with all normal extras ie alko chassis/stabiliser & ATC, LED strip lighting all over in van and light weight van, been caravaning for over 30 years and best £18,000 i have spent, P.S Lunar are still in Business. Since then Lunar have gone Bust and I have been told by the agent that the warranty that is so important to us caravanners is useless and not worth the paper it is written on. Lunar Roadstar 786 6 berth rear fixed bed coachbuilt motorhome***DEPOSIT TAKEN** £26,999.00 . The corner has been re-assessed and shows no sign of further problem "Thank God", and has passed its test. Read 1 more review about Lunar Caravans Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore robin boulton 2 reviews. Have been waiting for parts for Lunar clubman se for 9 months, was ringing every week before lockdown, kept making promises they did not keep.We are in our 70s and the van is our only pleasure, paid seasonal site fees last February, but looks like we won’t be there anytime this year, Lunar not answering phone now. Picked up our new Luna clubman in March 2017 , feeling good having a brand new caravan and only used it 6 times, we took it for its second service and was very shocked to find whats wrong with it, 4 creasies above the door and the floor has 30 mm movement and all the handles are peeling off the crome inside so we contacted the company we bought it from and they said they cant do nothing with it because Luna has gone into administration so now we have a 2 year old caravan which we cannot use, no Holiday this year , we are not happy bunnies. Problems with the 2006 and 2007 models where sometimes rainwater leaks to the engine compartment and so onto the injectors have been recognised by Fiat (October 2007) who will retrofit a suitable solution and additional sealing where appropriate. Whether that spells the end for this beloved brand of caravans and motorhomes, remains to be seen (as it appears a buyer has been found). We have had Lunars for 10 years, our latest a Venus for 2 years now. Having spoken to other van owners who have purchased other manufacturers, I have come to the conclusion that Bailey caravans have as many if not more issues with the build quality and leaking. Open Article. Three passenger seatbelts: one alongside the driver and two in the dinette. Find Lunar used motorhomes for sale on Auto Trader, today. The part was re-ordered and paid for again. Read More, by And for 2018, Lexon gets stunning new styling.... We will not pass your details on to third parties without your consent and you may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. Next thing came the lockdown. Don’t go near them.Like most new British Caravans you have a one in four chance of a serious problem.However Lunar’s customer service is appalling.Their 6 year warranty is not worth the paper it’s written on.I have spent 9 months trying to get my money back on water ingress damage and repair.Was due to take them to court, when they went bust.Sadly however if only their quality control and customer service was better; the Lunar Quattro is a very nice,well designed caravan.Will maybe look at an Adria next time.The NCC has let this situation develop with British Caravans,but have not been able to do anything about it. The Practical Motorhome review concludes that the Lunar Newstar 58E is a no-frills family ’van. The double skin flooring whilst problematical in some circumstances ( see above ) is great insulation in cold conditions. With the best range of second hand Lunar motorhomes across the UK, find the right motorhome for you. We have reviewed our purchase several times against our "tick list" of requirements for layout, performance, comfort ,usability, and value for money, and have no reservations. Simply tell us what you’re looking for, and our selected vendors will be in touch with some great suggestions for your next ‘van! The waste tank can be heated by throwing the switch on the control panel. I've spoken to Lunar agents who tell me that they are in exactly the same position, ie not getting through by phone and no response to emails.This customer service has been indescribably poor. If everyone is saying the same thing, then, yes, your alarm bells should be signalling there might be an actual, genuine problem with a particular tourer you’re interested in. Just had to pay out on new skylight as was leaking all over bed. Written on: 07/09/2006 The Lunar has a wide seat base with a short, vertical, backrest. A blessing I have a brilliant son who can fix anything. Fiat Lunar Roadstar motorhome Island bed large garage. Caravan Magazine reviews the Lunar Lexon 660 . The Lunar does little wrong, but gets outshone by more polished-looking rivals. Would recommend it due to its spaciousness. Company bought out of administration by Lunar automotive which (not surprisingly) declined to accept responsibility for the earlier payment and non delivery. You get a bench cassette toilet fitted along the back wall, which makes it feel less like a domestic toilet but makes good use of the limited space available. to phone the company only to get the message "Unable to connect your call. " As might be expected with this chasis the motorhome drives very well powered by the 130 multijet engine and driven through the six speed gearbox. Look forward to seeing the name back at the shows..PS friends with a new caravan from someone else have had nothing but problems shows it can happen to any caravan, I am sorry for the caravaners that have purchased a Luna but so glad they have gone bust as no more people will get badly made caravans I bought one in 2017 nothing but problems roof replaced cooker glass smashed heating, the list is endless I bought for retirement but after fighting though court and even went on rip of Britain but didn't show as made BBC look good as told me wouldn't win in court got this useless caravan from Wandahome south cave not much better than Lunalet's hope they get there day as spoilt my retirement and made profit twice as only way would get decent money as still had defects that you could see.