I don't believe the polls" -- Trump on polls showing him trailing Biden by a dozen or more points pic.twitter.com/Y072VS7VKq. Not every country music star spends millions on the home of their dreams. Acting. The actor has a reputation for his love of the finer things in life, so it might be no surprise that he paid $5.9 million for his mansion in Santa Barbara. We wish we were rich enough to no longer have to deal with stairs. However, we do know that they have supposedly spent millions redecorating and completely overhauled the design to include a £4,000 (approx. Apart from that, Maria has received numbers of awards which also includes the Union League of Philadelphia’s Lincoln Statue Award in 2004, Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Award in 1997 which was presented by Coalition of Italo-American Associations, Gracie Award in 2008 for Outstanding Documentary, Emmy Award in the same year for Outstanding Coverage of A Breaking News Story, Emmy Award the following year for Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting, financial Times’ 50People Who Shaped the Decade in the year 2009 as well as the Cable Hall of Fame, first journalist to be inducted in the year 2011. Cher certainly loves to live in a place that allows her to splay out as much as she wants. The pair dated and wed in secret before purchasing their $21 million mansion in Bel Air. Jennifer Anniston’s love life has been a hot topic of conversation over the years. Wolf bought the home just before he was hired by CNN for $710,000. This is mostly for the stunning view as this home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. As one of the most famous and beloved basketball players in history, Shaq earned enough to make the eight million dollars spent on his home in Windermere, Florida, just a drop in the bucket. That helped to boost the resale price up to $9.45 million after two years. The world is simply stuffed full of so much natural beauty these days, and there’s so much you need ... Full disclosure: We are a participant in affiliate programs, and Worldation may receive a portion ... Our goal is to faithfully supply our readers with engaging, entertaining, and informative stories that are related to the exploration and discovery of all things travel oriented. Now, the land is becoming the perfect home for his family. It was a set-up question disguised behind Biden after she admits that Biden nor Harris will come on her show to answer her questions. Shepard then put it back on the market once again in 2017 for the even higher price of $4.9 million. Instead of bringing in decorators, she likes to do it herself because she enjoys that kind of thing. A lot of famous athletes have extravagant houses, but Lionel Messi’s takes the cake – although it isn’t quite finished yet. That sounds perfectly reasonable to us. The interior is said to be open and informal, while the outside is chic thanks to the infinity pool out the back. She built her career with country music before expanding her sound to include some pop-sounding tracks, too. Yes. To delve even further into bliss, the mansion is surrounded by woods. Two aneurysms in the 1980s and a 2014 brain imaging giving him an all-clear.”, The outspoken CNN anchor wrapped up the segment by snarking that like all Trump sycophants at Fox, Bartiromo has also made sure to hawk her latest Trump-based book during her friendly chats with the president while also ending her interviews by “greasing the hinges of the Oval Office door.”.