Mirio is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills and tries to work toward his goals by accumulating different experiences to learn from them. Mirio lost his Quirk after his fight against Overhaul, during which he was struck by a bullet containing the Quirk-Destroying Drug, taking the bullet in Eri's place. Mirio's die-hard heroism heavily influenced Eri, inspiring her to help others, most prominently, aiding Izuku in defeating Overhaul. She was a passionate pageant contestant in her teens, competing in Miss Latina USA and winning Miss Hispanidad USA. July 15 Height Student Uniform One such instance was when he stuck his clothed butt through the bushes as a puppet of sorts when introducing Class 1-A to Eri. Fighting Style [6][9], Lemillion repeatedly displays the values of a true hero. Quirk His mastery over prediction combined with his physical abilities and incredible Quirk makes Mirio truly unrivalled in battle. Having dealt with many dangerous individuals in the past, Mirio has made himself impervious to fear and intimidation, allowing him to overcome overwhelming threats and situations with sheer tenacity. U.A. He was able to defeat 18 out of the 20 students of Class 1-A, including some of its elite students (excluding Shoto Todoroki, who felt unworthy of partaking in the match against Mirio due to not having his Provisional Hero License at the time, and Katsuki Bakugo, who was still under house arrest), who have all fought real villains, with a single punch to each student's gut in only mere seconds. Chiba Prefecture[3] His grandparents are Jerome and Sylvia Manheim. Permeation (Formerly)Quirkless (Currently) Birthplace Miami, FL . While recovering from the balance hindering effects of Deidoro's Quirk, Mirio proceeded to overpower Hari Kurono and Overhaul in a two-on-one fight, all while protecting Eri. This event marked his decision to also become a hero to save others. Blue [6], When he was a small child, Mirio accidentally fell into a river but was saved by a Pro Hero. © FamousBirthdays.com - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Mirio Togata Mirio endured the guerrilla warfare of Shin Nemoto, as well as the balance inhibition of Deidoro Sakaki, and was able to take them by surprise and defeat the duo with great speed. 37 Year Olds. In his school uniform, Mirio dresses like most of the male students, minus the blazer. 1 spot among Pro Heroes and, at one point, a potential successor for All Might as a wielder of One For All. Even then, Mirio was able to use the power of prediction and incredible brute strength to hold his own against the villain for 5 uninterrupted minutes while still protecting Eri.[10]. Gender Indomitable Will: A prominent aspect of Mirio's character is his unwavering will, brave heart, and heroic spirit that makes him a true hero. After defeating Shin and Deidoro, Mirio stated he continues to fight on because Eri is a kind-hearted girl who would rather endure constant pain than see others hurt, inspiring Mirio to push himself even further to save her. Mirio was originally the top candidate to become All Might's successor and the inheritor of One For All before he met Izuku Midoriya. Portrayal During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, Mirio proved his strength on the battlefield against the likes of Overhaul and his followers. Mirio is a tall young man of a very muscular build who possesses a number of noticeable scars around his lower arms. He masked Izuku's face so the yakuza leader won't recognize it later on, and mislead Overhaul into thinking the pair were just interning students, rather than reveal their connection to the Nighteye agency, as per Overhaul's inquiry about the Hero agency to which the students belonged. Movie Actor. During his brief confrontation with Shin Nemoto, Mirio deduced that the con artist wasn't the type of individual who would be on the front lines of battle, to which Shin admitted. She studied theater in high school at the New World School of the Art and followed that up by getting her theater degree from Florida State University. He has blond hair, the top part of which is arranged in a cowlick, while the bottom section is worn swept backward. 61.6k Followers, 95 Following, 154 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from milomiriam ♡ (@milomiriam_) His first acting role was in 2009 in an episode of Ghost Whisperer alongside his mother. Rōmaji Name Mirio has a very optimistic attitude and can almost always be found smiling. Alias Civilian Ricco Fajardo Megan Shipman (Child) It is assumed that he cut it so the support department could use it to manufacture him a hero costume that would work alongside his Quirk. Despite knowing how it would negatively affect his career, Mirio allowed his Quirk to be destroyed in order to inspire Eri and keep his promise to never let her know pain again. This put a large damper on Mirio's normally cheerful personality and burdened him with immense guilt, which drove him to promise to never let Eri come to harm again, a promise he would keep no matter what. Image Gallery ), is a student in Class 3-B[4] at U.A. Son of The Practice actress Camryn Manheim who gained his own fame in 2017 after he was cast in the Disney Channel original movie Zombies. Lemillion even continued fighting after losing his Quirk and protected Eri from Overhaul. Japanese Voice Alive Miriam Weeks is a college student at Duke University His incredible tenacity caused Shin Nemoto to question whether he was even human. Goodbye Two-Digit Chapters, Hello Three Digits. TV Show Hosts. It was Mirio's bravery that allowed Eri to awaken and set the path for the heroes to defeat the Yakuza. Blood Type Mirio clearly believes in his strength and always shouts "POWER!" He was able to talk to Overhaul in his normal, cheerful manner despite knowing about his background as a dangerous Yakuza criminal. [9], Alongside his bravery, Mirio has shown to be confident in his abilities. [13] His abilities garnered the attention of the former sidekick of All Might, Sir Nighteye, who personally trained Mirio to the elite status the young hero now possesses. Chapter 121 Manga Debut Unnamed Father He wears a red cape as well as thick gloves of matching color. Affiliation Afterwards, he faced Overhaul and Hari, and was able to identify the latter from his actions, and knew that it was a hazard to be on the receiving end of the hooded yakuza's Chronostasis Quirk.