I have 6 (yes, six) small rescue pups that are with me always. Want to Be Gone in summer, seeing the West and visiting family and friends. Seeing a custom, Mini-based camper immediately raises the question about why this is McCright's choice as a starting point. So in 2019, I’ll be off to see the country. Sounds like a tight fit! lol I have a 2013 Town & Country minivan, owe too much so can’t trade for a larger van. Your van shows that would not be necessary. Our under-bed storage is taller than 7″ and I was able to sit up and I am 6′-5″. For our second long trip to Alaska in the summer (when it is alway light out) we used black poster board cutout to fit the windows exactly – this worked much better for us. If you have a van with a third-row seat that folds flat, still consider removing it and using that pocket for additional storage. I need basics, my cot, a portable desk for creating my art, floor space for at least 2 cloth kennels. Choose from a massive selection of deals on second hand MINI Clubvan vans from trusted MINI Clubvan van dealers. Get upfront price offers on local inventory. They can also do van conversion… We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As long as you monitor the oil levels regularly and you don’t go low enough to cause damage you should be fine. Honestly, a minivan camper is probably best for 2 people at most, if you are planning a trip with more people a bigger van might be a better option. We also follow the service schedule which calls for transmission flushes and other maintenance, it costs a few hundred dollars per year, but we hope to get a lot of miles out of our van. McDonald’s apparently has free wifi and WalMart just has a lot of parking space. I would still recommend completely taking out the folding back seat it will leave you with a deep pocket that you could cover with plywood for things that you don’t use often. Your build out is GREAT-simple logical. We measured the inside of the wheel wells and they were about 2-3″ too narrow for a ‘real’ full-size mattress, so we were pretty confident that a premium futon mattress would squeeze into the space and it did. SO MUCH! oh Epic! I have built ours with only taking out the middle row seats. Here’s my deal. Drill with Phillips screwdriver & a 1/8′ drill bit, Circular Saw or Table Saw or just a hand saw if that’s what you have, Other general hand tools would be helpful but are not required, 2 – sheets of 4′ x 8′ plywood for the top of the bed platform and kitchen storage unit, 1 – Box of screws to build the bed frame and kitchen cabinet frame, 1 – Roll of reflective windshield shade material custom cut to fit the front window, 7 – Sterlite tubs to go under the bed frame, Suction cups to hold anything on the windows long term, with heat they fall, Command strip hangers on the window, when it gets over 100° they fall off, Cast Iron pots and pans, unless you are cooking over a fire a lot, they are too hard to clean and keep from rusting when you can’t wash them right away (or maybe we just got bad quality ones).