And often my expectations have been along the lines of what I would do for them. I usually do the ole duck and run. Are you willing to drop these friends for more ambitious or less boring people? It'd be nice to finally meet someone totally different. But in saying that try not to push away your loved ones and the ones that truly care for you. And as such you bond over those things. Let them share with you what they are interested in. If you go out looking to be a friend, you'll find that there are many" This is true to varying degrees, and I'm sure there are people who don't agree with this quote. And try to have a legitimate interest in what they have to say. Spread your wings and meet new friends. Thank you Tony, that's a massive help. All of my friends from college immediately got married, started having kids, and generally just became boring. in reply to, 3 July 2015 Press J to jump to the feed. Give it a shot yourself if you havent already. I hate turning the corner and boom - there they are, right in your grill... small talk, nervous laughter, forgot about the last lie you told them when you last excused yourself out... as always, thanks for your visit and comment FA. But, life has taught us that we don't burn ANY bridges - ANY! At university you're pretty much dropped out there by yourself and expected to figure out what's what. When you ask them what they did last weekend because the weather was so beautiful, if they say nothing... take caution and back away slowly... excuse yourself, you left your car running, your aunt is sick, oh - phone is ringing, its your boss... Take your time bringing new friends into your circle, and be very protective about who you or anyone else brings into the group... By the way, it's always good to ask yourself what you did last week that was exciting, or what trip you took or will take in a two week span in the past, or future. You can even share this post with your Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. It's uncomfortable at first, but will become the norm. With the friends that you're finding irritating - were you friends in high school just out of necessity? Be as outrageous as you can be, as passionate as you can be. Boring, even. Thanks so much every one, the response to this has been awesome! Everyone has bad habits, even thinking methods can be frustrating, others things like punctuality, smoking, attitudes and how they treat others. As you enter new environments your interests and world changes so it may mean that at this point in time, those people do not fit comfortably into your puzzle picture. Every time I do have a chat with them I feel agitated and angry, almost frustrated. This way you have more forums in which to interact with people and gaining friendships from these. Friends from school do drift. don't wait for the power and then do it.. it doesn't work like that. It seems as if none of them think for themselves and just believe ignorance is bliss. If the client is endangering a population that cannot protect itself, such as in the case of a child or elder abuse. Most, yes. Who do you think is interesting and why? Don't be bothered too much by your feelings and allow yourself that space from them naturally. This is an inspiration as I feel pretty much the same as the poster. Can't talk to them about new films or music because they don't really care and plus, we like different things. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Also you feel "hate" towards some friends. Try drifting. Every now and again, we need to check the dipstick with our relationships to see if it's headed in a direction that we can live with. You're going to suck at most of it, but you're going to start getting experiences and have more interesting skills. Welcome and thanks for sharing. It is when you start to grow as an individual that you start to see things in yourself, and your friends that you do not necessarily connect with. Far different. This leads me to your "I'm pushing them away" action. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. If you're grimacing because you can't think of anything significant... at all... even now... even now... Well, I should inform you that we went clubbing last night without you because I know you never have a good time when we're clubbing... Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 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This way you can find like minded individuals beyond the classroom setting. When you start a new relationship, everything can be exciting.