He is stopped by Sarada, who insists they should respect Lily's desire to protect her family; in the same position, Sarada wouldn't sell out Sasuke. After the kikaichū have their fill, Shino resumes his stroll around Konoha. He tries to convince Kurama to give him some chakra, but Kurama is unwilling, still mad at being called a baby and being confused with Shukaku.
Sasuke recognises Chōchō from the last time he was in Konoha, but it takes him a while to identify Chōji because of how skinny Chōji now is; he starts to point out that Chōji used to be "fat", but Kakashi stops him by shoving potato chips in his mouth. Guessing what Boruto wanted to buy today, Naruto presents him with the special Parent and Child Day kunai. Chōchō tries fending them off, but they're so soft and sticky that her punches get caught in them. As she does so, Boruto notices he is losing control of his body again. Although she knows he'd likely been planning to attack the Land of Fire for years, she's long worried that being subjected to her Lightning Release so often only worsened his extremism. Chōji has no memory of him, so Kūi, deeply offended, vows to defeat him. Although the store hasn't opened yet, there are already hundreds of people gathering outside, all of them seemingly planning to buy a Kurama doll. Lily, speaking through an ear piece from a safe location off-stage, assures him it's nothing to worry about and reminds him to be cute and loving, like a real idol. Using his Byakugan, Hiashi inspects all of the store's packs and buys the ones with rare cards inside, to give to Boruto. As he approaches, it turns out to actually be his father, Chōza. But he doesn't really understand the holiday's purpose.

The instant he regains control of himself, Boruto takes a defensive posture with Sarada, alert to any sign of their attacker. Boruto disagrees with this, believing it's vital that people know Sasuke has only been defending Konoha.
Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2. Boruto finally notices that Konohamaru has once again not been able to eat any daifuku and resolves to go and buy some more, some of which he vows to save for Konohamaru. Hanabi reports that all of the gifts are grey and brown. Sasuke returns to the alley where Kakashi is, trying to ignore Kakashi's attempts to explain why nothing worked. Konohamaru questions her, and she explains that she reserved this entire car for herself but left temporarily to get visit the dining car. Lily again shoots this down, saying that Naruto, the Hokage, would cancel the performance in the interests of safety. Shino realises, in fact, that he hasn't said anything to Sasuke since the Konoha Crush, and even then he only said a couple of words. When the toy store opens its doors, the crowd surges in. The morning after Parent and Child Day, Naruto sits in his office. Sasuke asserts it was a simple matter of compressing the water's molecules together, forcing them to become solid. Hiashi grows tired of listening to Hinata and Hanabi talk about him and calls them into his bedroom. He crushes the growing dumplings beneath his giant feet, compressing them, and begins shovelling them into his mouth. Aaaand: support the official release

Konohamaru leaves to prepare tea for them, claiming that he gets restless when confined to bed, but in actuality he does not want them to see how overjoyed he is that they would do something so nice for him. Sasuke stares at Sarada until she calms down and then asks what's happened to their house. Over the following week, Boruto practices with Lily, learning what he will need to do through all twelve songs of the performance. In the few seconds it takes him to realise this, Sasuke is already headed for the engine; Konohamaru takes this to mean Sasuke is leaving him in charge of finding whoever is responsible. Below deck on the ship, Boruto tries sneaking up on a lone extremist. As they enjoy themselves, they discuss their childhood, when both of them trained constantly and Hiashi seemed burdened by the need to protect the clan and the village. Kūi mocks them both, calling them weak. Naruto Uzumaki, the Hokage, is asked to authorise and then name a "parent and child day". After he leaves with Sarada and Mitsuki, Konohamaru asks Sasuke what it was like training them. I’ll be away for a week or so, so I Same rules as before: don’t copy, don’t repost.

This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. He sets this second extremist alongside the first whose scooter's he's been using and tries to return to the ship, but the scooter is unresponsive. Various stores in Konoha sell a limited edition doll of Kurama, the most popular children's toy. Scorpio God Of Underworld, Craigslist Activity Partners Lafayette La, The individual members don't cause much concern since even the leader was no more talented than a chūnin, but the fact that they would so willingly sacrifice their lives and the lives of their comrades to avoid capture is troubling. As Sarada blocks these, Lily moves close to Boruto with her gun aimed, which he forces away as she fires. Fearing something is wrong, Naruto wakes her, causing her to immediately ask him to buy a doll of Kurama for her. White Cheeked Turaco For Sale, After removing the thief's hood, Naruto recognises him as a genin who's supposed to be on a mission to the Land of Fire's border. After all, eating alone is, at the end of the day, meaningless. the translation online just for a short while, but if you miss some When the Seventh Hokage approves their application, he is also asked to name the holiday, initially described only as a "parent and child day"; the Hokage decides that that description works as a name too. Chapter He decides this is unlikely and stares at the sky, thinking. Chapter 2: Father and daughter, the forms of happiness. Uzumaki Hinata passed though the gate of Uzumaki Hinata … He is forced to pursue her and continue attacking, so he pleads with her to knock him out.