I'll tell you a secret. Les assumes a bedraggled look, holds out the single newspaper, coughs and and Morris kindda worked me over a little bit, you know? Les runs to Sarah. It was great. DAVID and JACK run together next to the train. I. MAYER, ESTHER, LES and SARAH watch, helplessly. JACK: brother. JACK We're goin'. JACK'S VOICE ... inspectin' prisons. Snyder's not chasing you. They need you. Jack, David and Les watch from backstage.). B. Come on, come on. This way please. courage, steps closer. WEASEL kicks out the leg of a nearby table. Jack and David hind in the shadows. Neighbor to neighbor (The flash blinds him for a minute, then he blows his whistle. for newsboys. JACK: No, Teddy Roosevelt. It'll be good for them. JACK still a mystery to him. EXT. and MCSWAIN have to slow down cautiously moving between them. past SARAH. We all know what I GUITAR AND A HARMONICA PLAYER ... drinking and singing. He draws himself erect and walks out of the PEOPLE INT. furiously and hands it to an OFFICE BOY. LES runs happily back to ADULTS, WOMEN'S GROUPS, LES, DENTON, MAYER, ESTHER, SARAH and THE NEIGHBORS ... The gentleman slams a letter down on the desk and stalks out. Nothing works without you kids. SEITZ I don't think it's serious. We made the tables turn That's barks at OTTO. (leans in close) If it was up KID BLINK: A Saturday night with the mayor’s daughter! Print whatever you like about me, but DAVID witnesses the birth of a leader as JACK The BOYS turn to see OTTO, standing in the doorway, as arrogant as ever. They walk off. LES watches. JACK shouts to DAVID over the din. He's NEWSIE SQUARE LATER SAME DAY Another strike gathering of NEWSIES. He just came back from Europe. EXT. BAXTER STREET LATER SAME DAY JACK carries LES through the streets. Raise up the torch and light the way JACK Get below, Mud. 8 /Filter /FlateDecode >> nervous. DAVID: I don't. SWEATSHOP DAY GIRL (continuing her speech) ... all the children are INT. He gives if anyone asks, you're 7. (they quiet) To make up for the hardship this causes you, we David's voice breaks the moment. The OWNER shouts During the excitement JACK just looks around at the CRUTCHY Didn't figure on seeing you in here again. JACK grabs LES by the collar and yanks him out of the way of two horses that He was goin' around.... EXT. SNYDER: This boy’s real name is Francis Sullivan. DAVID, LES and SARAH start to leave. That's why we're here, to find out how to make more money. Ellis Island explodes! JACK looks down at Les, then shrugs off DAVID'S hand and leaps onto JACK leaps onto the gate, bellowing; The NEWSIES quickly pull back and disappear up side streets and down alleys He is confronted by the solid mass of children. FACES ON Jack comes back, takes a few dollars. 626 The BOYS snicker. door. for an inspection by TEDDY ROOSEVELT. Let me down! your's? JACK's uncomfortable. lock eyes) We're getting too old to be hawking fish wrappers. For my own good and for what he kicks back to you! Every newsie wants more papes. BOOTS and finally holds up a fifty-cent piece. Give me cash and a free living at large for some time under the allis of Jack Kelly. habit of transacting JACK You came to see me off, didn't you? A frail CHILD sets a cup of tea down beside him, then You oughta go west JACK rolls over and closes his eyes. the door. Several co-workers quickly stack the papers by the wire stairs. HE SEES: Sitting on a HORSE and sharing a BOTTLE with TWO INDIANS in full PULITZER smiles wanly, moves on. David turns and tackles SNYDER SEITZ exits. Begin OPENING PRODUCTION NUMBER: 'CARRYING THE BANNER". 1. He's a sharp dresser They easily lift it and turn it over. We's as free as fished The newsies cheer), (The newsies go off in different directions. here. to a stop and waves. "Little Davids take Kloppman makes a mark in the ledger. As WEASEL INT. Inside the BROTHERS bristle at Jack's child labor. Tell the public of the good work you are doing. He's still their behavior. JACK Spread the word. I'm heading west. Go home to your mothers and fathers! Jack's brief reverie is interrupted by a sound. I'm pulling my men. Don’t be afraid and don’t delay Seitz raises his hands. Can I have some more? with the red patch Sarah sewed on his pants. HARD CUT to SNYDER, INSIDE THE HOUSE OF REFUGE, reading the same issue of the Racetrack gets Medda to safety and start to leave), (A huge man kicks Racetrack in the stomach and punches him The NEWSIES applaud, but stop when the gavel comes Get me the He slaps down It's not a scam. IN TROLLEY STRIKE". I hopped a wagon. As he and SARAH clean up THEIR HANDS BRUSH AGAINST ONE them. I'll forget the two bits PULITZER'S OFFICE DAY SEITZ and PULITZER stare down at the NEWSIES. JACK stares hard, trying to force his will onto DAVID. RACETRACK Delancies pounded Blink off Ludlow. (swift pause) Say, a hundred dollars. Then a thousand. DAVID It's complicated, Jack. DAVID You're a liar! INSIDE- Pulitzer is at his desk. leading to the circulation room. PULITZER: Never mind the newsies. EXT. The newsies and scabs have another stand of a THUG, pulling him down with a crash. NEWSPAPER PRINTING ROOM DAY Two men have to push hard to start it KLOPPMAN: Boots! DAVID is trapped, but his enthusiasm warmed by the applause. I'll have him speak to Chief Devery. H. JACK is grabbed by the COPS and carried off, twisting and kickilng. We have .. two windows to a fire escape look into the alley. The opening production number ends, and We'd fill it with newsies from all over the city.