As we spoke, I noticed that she was shy, avoiding eye contact and smiling, displaying rows of white teeth. I will not lie to the world and myself because I am a realistic person. Tell us the challenges you have faced building your own sound and coming this far? Furthermore, she was a special guest on The Roots Jam session. Her first US release Concrete Jungle was set for 2 February 2010. Then he was not known but he was a very conscious artiste and that’s why I could identify with his music. Many people are wearing masks, camouflaging their true identity just so they could be accepted by the world. Writing reviews may help others know more about this person. Hip-hop is the basis of my music. I would have to first identify with your personality in the first place and then identify with the content of your music before the issue of a collabo comes up. She has done a remix of her highly rated track, "Heartbeat" with Nas, which was released via iTunes on 5 Oct 2010.[8]. After much acclaim, Nneka was given a green light to record her first album. She participated in the 2010 Lilith Fair Concert where Tegan & Sara, Sarah McLachlan, Kelly Clarkson, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Corinne Bailey Rae, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna and others have performed. Music for me is a platform to access the minds of many people especially those in power. Nneka Egbuna was born on December 24th, 1980 in Warri, Nigeria to a Nigerian Father and a German Mother. Entitled Victim of Truth, it was released not only in Germany but also in England, France, Netherlands, Nigeria and Japan. Her song "Heartbeat" has been remixed and sampled several times - most notably by Chase & Status[11] and Rita Ora respectively. Can any of ur fav. She co-founded the 'Rope' foundation in a bid to encourage youths to express themselves through music and fashion rather than turning to violence. In 2005, she released her first album, 'Victim of Truth' which was  widely celebrated earning her the sucessor of Lauryn Hill title by the British Newpaper, The Sunday Times. These are people who maintain very high standards, people who have longevity in the industry; people who for a life time you could listen to and be inspired. In this interview, Nneka talks about her career and other interesting issues. When you don’t get enough gigs; it could be very challenging. She performed also in Washington, Raleigh and Charlotte (United States). If you ask me certain questions, I won’t be able to answer (laughs). Nneka Egbuna (born 24 December 1980) is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress. Outstanding work . The same goes for Asa. Since 2003, Nneka has been working closely with the hip hop musician DJ Farhot, a producer living in Hamburg. Let’s look at the young girl who came into music eight years ago and the confident woman before me today. The first time I met her was in 2003. In February 2008, she released her second album, 'No Longer at Ease'. Well done Nneka, keep making us (Nigerians) proud. On the show she performed a live acoustic set with one of Nigeria's best Afro classical acoustic guitarist Clef nite and Black Thought the front man and rapper for the popular hip hop band The Roots She also made similar appearance on MTV Iggy with Clef nite on the second acoustic guitar. Beat dat? In November 2009, Nneka staged her first concert tour of the United States where she performed shows in New York City, Vienna (Washington DC), Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Keep it up Nneka. Of course, it is important to earn money to take care of my family but it’s not the major thing. You must be yourself and go out there to a world where there is too much of flashing and superficial life styles; I am talking about that shallow way of life. She sings in English, Igbo and Nigerian Pidgin. Jan 10, 2013 – Nigerian-German Singer Nneka Egbuna: Marriage Is Not My Priority Now. Dressed in clinging denims and an unbuttoned blue top over a white T-shirt, she looked so delicate I was scared she’d snap into two from the weight of the massive guitar her petite frame bore.