Take toilet paper and exit into the hallway. Click on them in the following order: bottom, top, left, top, right, right, top. Give book to old man. Fill it with water, then return to the house and put out the fireplace.

Talk to the nurse to find out what kind of romance she has with the doctor. Take away the paint from the rack, inspect the table on the right and pick up the acid. Go to the doctor’s office and examine the cabinet shelves. The first room on the left is the corpse you need. Use spear, Mission 8. Do not click the beeper even once during your new game. If you´re an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Open security box, cut cable with knife.

Nature Lover: Appears to unlock by entering the Northern Forest (see map).

13. The nurse, having received a “gift” from the doctor, will distract him. In mission 8, you have to kill him both ways, not just either/or. Take away body packs and give to pigs. Go back to bar. Lock door 6, close side door, go down and lock door 5. You will find that there is no one here.

Leave the lab and the level is cleared! You will learn its code – 3323.

Apply a screwdriver to the ventilation grate and follow the morgue. Full mission solutions & achievements explained, Addendum: Alternative solution contributed by cayreet.

Pick up the stairs and go down the drain.

Once inside the observation post, pull the videotape out of the tray and turn on the lock on the second chamber of the fourth block. It is necessary to connect the circuit. Close the side door, apply the key to the driver’s cab door and go to the fifth wagon. Take the body, use caveman clothes on it. Go to the second ward and attach the certificate to Sirko’s patient card.

Go forward. Apply money to the bartender to get two bottles of vodka. Say that the air conditioner is clearly not working.

Go back to storage room. Go left to the side wall of the hangar, look at the red door and see the code lock. Leave. Take id badge off body. To get there, you have to unlock the lock on the grate. Apply a knife to the lock to remove the panel cover, then you can crack the lock. Put screwdriver in cabinet in room with 2 beds. Lock door 6, close side door, go down and lock door 5. Look in the compartment, pick up the cap lying on the table. Enter the house, take the wrench and unscrew the battery. Use red syringe on drum, them connect drum to machine. Reverse your steps to roof and pull it up. Go to the second door on the left. This time, get to the same menu but enter 7475 3323. Enter the code of death certificate – 3323. Ask for a towel. Take body, and leave, Use card on left room, then place body on table. All rights reserved. Read checklist on cork board. Press 1. Slide the corpse through the side door. Slide the drawer under the lounger and pick up the suitcase. Go down. Give it to the old man. Use coin on vending machine to get chocolate. Take ladder.

Exit conversation. Use doctored flask first, then water flash second.

Girl at caveman exhibit. Open cabin.

Doors Awakening: Level 16 The Guardian - All Gems And Note , iOS/Android Walkthrough. Сover our tracks. Talk to the man and ask about padlock. Exit the corridor and go through the door to the third wagon. share. Return the tape inside the cabinet and close it. Go back to body. Go back to computer.

Reset the information to X and press “2”. Be the first to rate this post. Open side door. Put a knife and business cards in place. Go to entrance.

He is busy watching TV. Click again to drop it in, Leave room and come back, guard is asleep, While there, use pipette on Desoxy, use on rat, refill pipette, Put body in tank, click again to push all the way, In guard room, use ID card on door to lock it, Guinea Pig: Have guard drink doctored coffee, once each for every compound. Don't Get High On Your Own Supply: Use drugs twice on the coffee mug. Go back to the corridor and return to the front desk. Return the book to the table and head back to the sewer. Open Block 4, Cell 2. Use computer in office. Pour the same paint to see where the body will go. Use tube with open door. You can leave the job. Open women's bathroom. Return to the entrance to the prison and apply the battery to the locked circuit. Use coal on car, then go right two screens. Lay the ladder against the wall, then apply the spanner to the grate. Take office knife away. Take it and open the door on the left. Go back to the third wagon and apply a paper clip to the door leading to the men’s restroom. Go up. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Level 2: Hotel Mission: Get to the hotel and make sure that nobody discovers the murder 1. Choose anything until candy machine option appears. Can anyone help me? The doctor and the nurse are on a bench in the yard. Here is a list of things you can find or craft. You will be in the pantry. The nurse looks out the window (her attention was drawn to the scandal of men). Click on cell control. Return to the sixth wagon and pick up the rope.

You forgot the secret ending. Put the corpse in the seat and turn it to one side. We are talking about a nurse sitting in the registry and a doctor from the operating room. Turn on the light, look at your computer and enter the code 1587. Take the corpse and lower it into the hole. Take tape, wrench, knife, plumb from fishing rod, rotten apple & bottle from trash, plastic bag near door. Examine the control panel of the imprisonment cameras.


Use machete on tarp over logs. But for this the train must stop! Retrieve tape. Talk to woman. Apply the key to the driver’s cab door. Examine the schedule taken from the office space of the conductor.

Go to the right side twice, first for the fence and then to the house. Say 8702, sector 48.

Go out the door into the yard and look at the sign. It is bolted to the bar. This prevents a perfect clear.