In our differences we can think the same thoughts and move together toward a common goal. And vow to respond in turn to those in need In the middle is Ray Pickett and on the left is the chair of the auction committee and past club President, John Calvin. Lord of the Universe, tonight, from two democratic nations which prove that a border can be shared for centuries in peace, we are men and women gathered in the spirit and support of Rotary International, our own Clubs, and Rotary District 5050. There is also this from the humanist writer Nicolas Walter: Let us think thrice while we are gathering here for this meal. Keeping in mind always the enduring values of life, exerting our efforts in those areas and on those things upon which future generations can build with confidence. Please help us to realize that this added value is especially beneficial to us when, without obligation or expectation of payback, it is freely given away to those who are less fortunate. It's remarkable how much you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit. At AmberCurio we have been renewing discarded antique books since 2011. And how would you react if we were to organize a walkout during a Christian invocation? No one’s…. Let us pray silently together, each of us according to our individual beliefs. And our worries behind us,

Marriott Courtyard, GRANITE FALLS College of Education Building Several individuals and Rotary Clubs have offered the following non-denominational invocations. It is good to recognize how different we are.

-- Abraham Lincoln, And then, the Democrat: Rotarians Van Joffrion, Jim Clabough and wife Karen, Ray Pickett and Linda Slade, gathered at the headwaters of the New River and retrieved six bags of debris, including one hammock (the guy must have fallen asleep when the tree crashed and dumped him in the river J) and one large rug (or maybe he slipped on the rug and slid into the river and grabbed the hammock to try and save himself JLJ). OCTOBER - Economic and Community Development Month

for those that made it possible, Open Debate and Transparency are encouraged in this Group. Will it build good will and better friendships? JANUARY - Vocational Service Month let us be truly thankful Joseph D. Coons Bellingham WA. Squash grumbling God of the Universe, since we are not conscious enough to fathom your ebb and flow, help us then to bring our best efforts to what we can know.

Or this may be an opportunity to go around the table and have each person say what they are grateful for. LENOIR Like the sugar for our tea May our motto that includes serving, caring and sharing be for us life service as well as lip service.

We offer you this special prayer this year, dear Lord, because we want it to be everlasting. You were not asked because all religions are welcome in the Rotary family. Adapted from a published prayer by Phil Morris – Furnitureland Rotary Club, High Point, NC, 18. Photo courtesy of Blowing Rock News. . by war, oppression and exploitation Open our hearts, and our accounts, to those in need, while still providing us with appropriate fruits of our own labors.

to those who prepared it and those who served it. Amen. Blessed are you, Lord, God of Creation. I have received numerous apologies from Christians for the behavior of the Christian council members who walked out. The trailhead monument was donated by the club in 2013. Tuesday, 7:30 AM You feed the whole world with your goodness, your grace, your kindness and your mercy.

…to those who gathered the harvest. Freedom from hunger, from oppression, from sickness. We pray that you continue to bless the work that we as Rotarians, from many nations and of many faiths, do to help those less fortunate, for we believe that one manifestation of this Golden Rule is in our Rotary motto, Service Above Self.

Community Club House, LAKE HICKORY And to live by the four way test: Of all the things we think, say or do: See more ideas about Inspirational quotes, Words, Words of wisdom. Thursday, 12:00 Noon Rotary is comprised of members from a wide range of religious faiths, and for that reason Rotary International recommends nondenominational meeting invocations that give no referral to beliefs of specific religions. With a thirst for knowledge, I hope that the many discussions we have heard about the conduct of Charleston City Council members will bring about more religious tolerance in this city. Bless our fellowship today, and bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies, in your service.

On Tuesday, March 25, I gave the invocation to the Charleston City Council. From this meal forward, please guide all of our physical actions so that we can continue to claim worthiness of such a sacrifice.

With wisdom and compassion.

Squash gossip Kenneth Werhmann with members of the App State Rotaract club help cleanup a section of Winkler's Creek in Boone. 9. All present join hands in a circle around the table, and are silent for half a minute or so as they collect their thoughts, meditate or pray. Great job and well done!!! Two of the councilmen who walked out, Wendell Gilliard and Robert George, stated their reasons in a March 27 Charleston Post and Courier article by Jason Hardin. Past President of Blowing Rock Rotary Jim Clabough (second from right) at the dedication of the Kids in Trails trailhead in Price Park near Blowing Rock. When I finished speaking, those council members walked back in, just in time for the Pledge of Allegiance. 10. And may we always test ourselves and our efforts to be sure they are the truth, good for all concerned, of benefit to mankind, and provide peace ands understanding. You can easily cut and paste your choice of invocation into a Word document, print and take it to the meeting with you. TO CONCLUDE OUR GARDEN WE MUST HAVE THYME: 1.

The freedom to choose our own destinies. As we enjoy our fellowship, help us to remember how fortunate we are to be able to serve our brothers and sisters around the world through our great organization, and its astonishing Foundation. No one is exactly like anyone else. Non-religious people may still want to give thanks before a big meal, such as a Thanksgiving Dinner, or may be asked to do so at a formal event. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” — Augustine of Hippo. May we appreciate and use each day that comes to us.
Amen. However, when governments and other groups refuse to stop all religious commencements and invocations, they may sometimes agree to a humanist benediction as an alternative. To become truly happy you must have a sense of humor. If your point is to show us your authority, we acknowledge it; if you desire to demonstrate your inscrutability, we are convinced, and if your goal is to help us wash away all our misdeeds, we are almost down the drain ourselves!

If you would like the exact wording of special graces [ although I believe that my words wouldn’t fit your particularities] I would be happy to recollect some for you. SEPTEMBER - Basic Education and Literacy Month a moment of reflection and thanks with these words: With our friends beside us, and no person beneath us, With the bonds of Rotary between us, and our worries behind us, With our goals before us, and no task beyond us, With a thirst for knowledge, and a dream for a polio-free world, 2. May our lives be stirred by Thee, Tom Telfer Rotary Club of London West District 6330 London, Ontario.

A secular version of the famous “Serenity Prayer” can also work before a meal: Grant me the serenity Let us enjoy good companionship, Then share 'em on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more! Amen. Lettuce be faithful NON-DENOMINATIONAL INVOCATIONS FOR ROTARY CLUB MEETINGS. We hope that they are safe and well. We continue in this new millennium with optimism, renewed energy, and a commitment to service to you and our fellow men and women. Guide us in our service. 24. I have two questions for the council members who could not even bear to be in the same room with an atheist giving the invocation, and who are now surprised that so many of us feel deeply offended by their organized walkout.

Let the feelings of love, kindness, and a well-directed, yet gentle spirit always be reflected in our actions.” THEN FOLLOWS A 30 SECOND PAUSE AND THE ANNOUNCEMENT “Amen” Jim Gray. As you work together on behalf of all who live in this city, may you gain strength and sustenance from one another through reason and compassion. Let all my dreams come true when wishing upon a star. 22. Secularists argue that government should not hold religious events because they have the effect of endorsing religion and relegating the non-religious to second-class status. Sweet Reason, the humanist advice columnist, responds to a father's request for a "secular grace" for his daughter's wedding reception. We must pledge our best efforts to help one another, and to defend the rights of all of our citizens and residents.
Amen. Squash selfishness, 1. Photo courtesy of Rotary International. those whose lives are more affected than our own To help those in need.

I feel very grateful for their public support. For the meal we are about to eat, Friday, 12:15 PM In those many years during which I was the ” designated Prayer” [ I am an episcopal Priest, now retired] I generally began “Baruch attai Adonai” “Blessed are you O God” and then followed with any specifics I felt needed at that particular meeting [ such as illness, etc] then blessed God for allowing us to meet together in ” fellowship, in peace and in service” Thanked God for our blessings at His hand, gave thanks for the food and the chance to serve all His creatures and asked God to continuously remind us of the needs of those people who depend upon us ” I never used the name of Jesus, Our club had many good Jewish members. As Rotarians, we are generally blessed with lives of relative luxury, and opportunities unknown to many. I don't ask you to close your eyes, but to keep your eyes constantly open to the serious issues that city government can and should solve or improve.

And finally there are these words of wisdom from William Shakespeare: "…good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people" Joseph D. Coons Bellingham WA. Turnip for meetings Amen.

For some of us this comes naturally and for others we might have to work a little to unlock it. Let us enjoy ourselves, without guilt, Blowing Rock Rotary Club thanks you and the New River Conservancy thanks you. 1. Here is the invocation I gave, as several council members fled: Thank you for this opportunity to "invoke" a minority point of view. and contentment for those who are lonely. We stay focused on the objectives we have for the world: Peace. Love and Tolerance is our Code. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Help us, as Rotarians and humans, to serve others. Blowing Rock Rotary club Director Mike Capristo hands out dictionaries to Blowing Rock School 3rd Graders. To treat our employees and fellow workers fairly. Betty Opheim, Fargo West Rotary, Fargo, North Dakota District 5580, 16. We are thankful for our Rotary friends and the meal we are about to share.

The organized walkout vividly showed that we are engaged in one of the last civil rights struggles in which blatant discrimination is viewed as acceptable behavior.

Here are a few quick details about us & our, Life can be fun and entertaining if you know how to let it. We are gathered today, both religious and secular members of our community, with the shared belief that we must treat our fellow human beings with respect and dignity.