Remember this: “The mission of Baxter State Park can be expressed in six primary objectives“, the first two of which are these: “To protect the natural resources of the Park for their intrinsic value and for the enjoyment of present and future generations,” and “To provide various appropriate recreational opportunities to Park visitors.”. Bring a mask, hand sanitizer, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, pillows, tent stakes, a tarp and ropes, a small hatchet, a bucket, flashlights, camp chairs, garbage bags, cooking gear, bug spray, a cooler, cash, food, water, maps, water bottles and hiking gear, and ice. Don’t leave your site looking like this when you go hiking for the day: How to leave your site: Pack it in, pack it out. After 7:00am, your space will be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis. Small backpacking tents can fit inside. Park HQ: Open 8AM to 4PM, M-F in the wintah, 7 days a week come summah. Our mid-July hike was a buggy one, so insect repellent is a must-have for warding off mosquitoes and flies! My question is about parking there. The car: Roads inside Baxter are unpaved, narrow, and winding. I also plan to be pulling a trailer with an adventure motorcycle on it. Kids? Sign up for our newsletter! The Park defines the winter camping season as December 1 - March 31. Your cell phone won’t find a signal. Like they say, a fed bear is a dead bear. Because of how BSP’s reservations system works, backpacking trips like this have to be planned in advance with an eye toward worst-case-scenarios. Keep your campfire small. There is a limit of two reservations per person per day. This campfire was left burning after the idiot camper packed up his truck and left: After you cook food: Pack every bit of cooking gear, food, garbage, and coolers back into your car. I have reserved a lean-to site at Roaring Brook campground. If you’re booking May or October dates, be aware weather conditions may alter or even cancel your plans. Home to the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail and Maine’s tallest mountain, Katahdin, this 200,000 acre park is the definition of true wilderness. Most likely you will not be able to ascend Katahdin in the month of May. Though this was one of the most wonderful hikes I’ve been on, most hikers who visit Maine have never heard of the Cutler Coast. The difficulty: almost nobody attempts Tumbledown in winter. Although, any time spent in Baxter is great Thank you so much for reading! The Russell Pond trail and campground are part of Baxter State Park’s backcountry hiking and camping areas. Definitely use them as a resource and don’t hesitate to ask questions! Baxter State Park Backpacking Trip Report and Photos. Baxter State Park - Day use Parking Permits Contrary to the written notices handed out last year that day use parking permits at the base of the mountain would be mandatory this year at Baxter, here is the text of the new policy which indicates that they are not mandatory but will be available for those from out of state. If you are a northbound AT hiker please check out the AT hiker information page from Baxter State Park about getting your thru-hiking permit, thru-hikers camping in the park, and more. Hans had been to Baxter State Park several times, but never as deep into the park as we went on this trip. The Ranger will ask you some questions, cover some of the simple and sensible Park rules, and place a speed limit reminder on the inside of your windshield. Despite long hours of driving, there was plenty of good sightseeing along the road. One thing I wish I had brought, but didn’t, were my trekking poles. A Ranger will probably inspect your site before letting the next camper set up. Both of these can be done online or by phone at 207-723-5140 with Baxter State Park. Do not speed, watch carefully for pedestrians and wildlife. The trail head I want to use at Baxter State Park is full - can you take me to Katahdin? We took our time to enjoy the scenery and the biting wind, and got to the car at Roaring Brook an hour after dark, then took another hour to drive back to Nesowadnehunk Field for the night. Please Note: Friends of Baxter State Park DOES NOT make Park reservations. Note that in addition to the parking fee, those with out of state plates have to pay a fee to enter the park. We car-camped at Katahdin Streams and unfortunately didn’t have time to check out Knife’s Edge (on my list!). For example, the earliest you could make a reservation for a trip beginning on July 15th would be four months earlier on March 15th. Reservation Office 207-723-5140 Winter M-F, 8am-4pm | Summer 7 days/week, 8am-4pm Office hours are subject to change without notice.