30seconds?) All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... As far as I know, self-sustaining bathroom is not possible in this game, because you are loosing sand, and there is no way to return it back. If you check my post history, I do talk about infinite water loops for the bathroom. I was looping my water around for sinks and toilet upgrades and then was creating a overflow that would take the sieved water cool it and drop it back in the tank..... Good think I've been skimming chlorine! There are a lot of option to de-germ the germy water. Your bathroom will now run forever as long as you supply it with Filtration Medium, and it will slowly produce additional water over time in your overflow tank. Each of the items you mentioned output germy polluted water. Do you have any of those ATENs around? Growing plants with it is safe, as is using it in a loop for your bathroom or for an electorlyzer (oxygen with food poisoning is harmless). through the floor) and the output pipes in the other direction (through the ceiling). 1. I use the overflow to satisfy clean water needs and I'm looking at using it for additional O2 from the Electrolyzer. Yeah i was thinking of using a chlorine room and was pondering how to set up. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. You can also feed it to your crops. The extra water is sent to oxygen generation. My order is as follows: Bathroom -> Chlorine room -> Sieve -> split to Bathroom and overflow. That does its job and passes perfectly clean water back to the loop. I've made a closed system consisting of a water sieve, sink, lavatory and shower that doesn't need any additional water once it's up and running. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Regardless of the quantity of contents, the germ removal is percentage based. Deconstruct the pipes leading from the pump to the bathroom. When it detects it, the signal passes through the buffer gate. so I have been adjusting the piping through my coal plant to cool it down some too. The math here indicates that it takes 120 seconds to completely eliminate the germs. Construct the pipe network for the bathroom. The trick to this is using a Liquid Bridge to create a "relief valve". From there, it's piped to my chlorine room. Link 2 explanation: This is just a two room bathroom setup so I can have 4 lavatories and space to crank up the Decor so my Dupes are happy while taking care of business. The bathroom is now technically functional but you will need to siphon off the excess Water or Polluted Water depending on which one you can find a use for. I dump all my waste water into a small tank. You do have options. Use regular pipes made of whatever (low Thermal Conductivity is better) and put some. Notes on water usage: Sink - 1 to 1 (5Kg per use) Shower - 1 to 1 (5Kg per use) Lavatory - 5 to 11.7 (5Kg per use, 11.7 Kg output) Now, I will assume you already have an infinite loop created. The output pf sinks, bathroom and showers will be polluted water with food poisoning. When I create my bathroom loop using clean water, does the sink or toilet make the water output germ polluted water or just polluted water? Cookies help us deliver our Services. So I had a question about a bathroom loop setup. Some help would be appreciated :). This is the basic loop completed; however, the lavatories will produce more Polluted Water than they consume in Water causing the system to eventually back-up and stop so we need an "overflow valve" to release the excess water from the system. I am a bit crazy on keeping the heat down everywhere... poor dupes might freeze in my base if I'm not careful. I ran into some problems though and I can't seem to fix it on my own. This design implicitly relies on the fact that bathrooms are used sporadically rather than continuously. Researched Sanitation (For Lavatories, Sinks and Showers) 3. Also, should any waste bathroom water should come in, the timer gets reset. When liquid in a pipe reaches the input of a bridge, it will try to go through the bridge to the other side, but if it cannot because the other side is blocked then the liquid will flow past the bridge's input and continue onwards to the next input port on the pipe. need to test that with my 4-5 mil polluted water tank, then the other opens up to dump out into fresh water reserve. After the time expires, the door closes, the reservoir then empties to the Water Sieve. I've made a closed system consisting of a water sieve, sink, lavatory and shower that doesn't need any additional water once it's up and running. It's set for polluted water. The logic behind Link 1: the sensor is a pipe element sensor. Oxygen Not Included Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Just stopped using maybe 10 cycles before the algae terrariums. What does the caustic biome look like?