I may try a couple more things to see if I can get it to work. There are two use cases for clean HDMI, perhaps the biggest being to record video on an external recorder, rather than internally onto a memory card. You should also turn off the VIERA Link option, since some recorders don't support or play nice with CEC control.

Thanks for taking the time to post. I am guessing because I've not tried it yet but, I think, when the App is controlling the camera, the HDMI and A/V outputs may be switched off as the picture is transmitted to your phone. I have an Aputure VS-2 FineHD Monitor.

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Go to page 3/5, and select the top option (TV Connection). This means that the operator doesn't need to keep their eye pressed to the electronic viewfinder eyepiece while recording, and also allows a larger, clearer image than the camera's own LCD monitor. Thanks in great part to the efforts of Panasonic …

Of course, that answer was correct, but as it turns out, we'd asked slightly the wrong question.

i use a panasonic Lumix G7.

The u/ajaytheceo community on Reddit. [SHORT REVIEW] Feelworld FW760 7" Field Monitor. Here's what Matt shared with us, in his own words: The camera will output a LIVE HDMI signal. Do you know if you can do that from one of those small screens or a laptop? Turns out I was given bad information by a Panasonic representative.

Another important use of an HDMI output is to support a viewfinder display on an external monitor. posted Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 3:33 PM EST. Anyone can confirm - will this camera works with OBS without additionals devices like capture card or something else.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This camera has a mini-HDMI (C-type) output. Many thanks to Matt for taking the time to test this for us. Clean 4K UHD HDMI output (when not recording) and no recording time limit in 1080p make this a stellar deal. This camera has a mini-HDMI (C-type) output. As we'll see, the Panasonic FZ1000's HDMI output supports the use of an external recorder, but not an external monitor while recording video. From my experience on this type of connector on a Pentax K-3 when shooting athletics, the micro-HDMI connector is less reliable in the field. For those just starting out in live streaming and wanting something better than a webcam, a simple and easy to use video camera like the HC-V180 is a great choice. There is still the limitation that the Panasonic FZ1000 can't record to a memory card and simultaneously output any kind of video via HDMI, though; all it displays on the HDMI output is a message indicating that recording is in progress.

AVForums.com is owned and operated by M2N Limited, This signal can be made CLEAN by going to the Setup menu (the wrench menu).

Bottom line, the Panasonic FZ1000 offers capability as either a Full HD or 4K video camera that's unprecedented at its price point. The No. Thanks Dan, that explains why I can't get it to pull upon my laptop!

With that revelation I am still confident that the 4K output will be 4:2:2; it would require more processing to get the signal down to 4:2:0, and you would have latency in the Live View. The camera control is via a SmartPhone App.

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They can record at significantly higher bitrates for better image quality, and in most cases they provide higher capacity than is available on a memory card.

If your laptop will run this app then you will have control over a limited distance.

I have read this elsewhere.

And so we reported what we'd heard, much to the disappointment of many of our readers who'd been hoping to use the FZ1000 as either a primary or secondary camera on-set, with its output recorded on an external device.

Initially, we'd heard that the FZ1000 could output clean HDMI, but later there seemed to be some uncertainty about this, and our own sample would only display a message on its output indicating that video recording was in progress. We asked Panasonic whether there was a way to output HDMI while recording, and the answer was no. This really stressed me out until I got the right answer.

Help connecting Panasonic HC-V770 to field monitor.

The output is 4K or 1080p, depending on what you set as your recording resolution.

Also, many recorders have removable disk drives, making it easy to port the data to a video editing system: Just eject the drive from the recorder, plug it into a drive bay on your editing computer, and you've moved 256 or 512 gigabytes of data -- perhaps as much as a terabyte -- in just a few seconds. Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum.

Samsung NX3000 First Shots posted: Time to see just how well this sub-$500 APS-C camera stacks up.

You may also be aware that the App will also control the Panasonic VW-CTR1 pan/tilt head so you will have zoom and camera direction under remote control. (The Odyssey will not show me bit depth, but it is safe to assume it is at least 8-bit, and I was told no 10-bit out for the FZ1000). In the meantime, I'm inclined to believe that the 4K output is in fact 4:2:2, since 4:2:0 would actually require more processing by the camera as Matt pointed out. If it should just 'show up' - then either I've got settings wrong for the monitor, the micro hdmi port isn't good. JavaScript is disabled. Replying to my own post here.

So I have been trying to find a way to directly link it a tablet or laptop via hdmi in hopes it would take that freeze problem out of it.

JavaScript is disabled.

I found good camera Panasonic HC-V770 and read some forum where some people confirm that HDMI out supported in OBS without any additionals equipment.

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Information on the final point should be forthcoming shortly, when I meet with Panasonic execs in Osaka next Tuesday. I don't see how OBS could capture HDMI output from any camera without a capture device. I have the same exact question, and it is almost two years later. But when I link up the hdmi from camera to laptop I can't get a picture to come up.

Turn off HDMI Info Display (REC).

If you have any other ideas you think might work I a open to try. Tom's Thumbs. Copyright © 2000-2020 M2N Limited E. & O.E.

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External recorders have several important advantages over encoding and storing the video in-camera. Thanks again!! It can shoot 1080p videos at 60fps and has a clean HDMI output. Material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used without the prior written consent of The Imaging Resource.

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Yes, I use the smart phone app to start and stop recording as well as zoom in and out. Panasonic HC-V770. (A 4K video camera for $899, are you kidding me?)

I figured the height was probably what was causing the latency in the Wi-Fi function which is why I wanted to hard wire it. The only camera in this section that also comes with a kit lens. I was hoping that somehow if I used as small monitor that I would be able to still have control to do those things but I am not sure that is possible.

Hi There, Just wanted to throw up an …

Thanks 12Harry and Terfyn.

I've used a Lilliput 7" 5DII monitor with my V750 when recording.

Adorama Price: The Panasonic HC-V770 offers various features and outstanding image quality at a reasonable price. The apparent lack of clean HDMI output was keeping many video enthusiasts from buying it; this good news will almost certainly produce a bump in sales.

I can't even seem to get an image on the monitor when it's plugged into the camera via the micro hdmi port.

First, just a bit of background: So-called "clean" HDMI output means a video signal through a camera's HDMI connector that includes no text or graphic overlays showing camera status, exposure variables, etc. If the camera supports IP Video then OBS could capture it possibly with a VLC object or if the camera does NDI that is also a possibility. I have confirmed that the 1080 signal output is 4:2:2. But as you mention, I may be beyond it's capacity. The V770 has a micro-HDMI (D-type) output.

Did you ever get an answer? Inexpensive Consumer camcorders like yours are marvels of Tech, but there are limits and if as you appear to discover the TV-viewing is OFF when in Smartphone-mode, then I suspect you've reached the limit of the internal processor-power. I should be able to get a definitive answer when I meet with Panasonic execs next Tuesday in Osaka, though.