Be careful here, there's a bit of a difficulty spike. Nolan North and Troy Baker’s big collab for 2020 is a ... racing game? Change ), CupHead: Don’t Deal With The Devil Yes or No, FF7 Remake; Stagger System and how to get Stagger Bonus 300%, Shadowrun Hong Kong- Decking; How to learn and where to find A Datajack. Just a couple of tutorial battles. The armor unlocks on 12/11. Joker and Ryuji should spam Rampage to take out the eyes and nose, Ann should keep Tarunda on the mouth, and Morgana should either heal or cast Garu on the nose. Persona 5’s Brutal Cavalryman, known as Berith once you discover his true name, is one of the hardest regular enemies you will face in Kamoshida’s Palace. Concentrate->Megidolaon->Concentrate->Megidolaon etc.). If he has Masukunda, use that first. Make sure you guard. ), Receive Mementos Request from Temperance at Rank 8. Damage increases with user's HP. If you come across a Ruby treasure right after a safe room, reload until you spawn the treasure demon. Note: Recommended persona recipes will be listed often. Keep asking for more until the remaining pixie gets mad and summons another one. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. The most important thing is to make sure The Reaper does not get a turn when only Joker is alive. Cancel out of hold up and hit them again. Drinks obtained elsewhere don't count. I still recommend 300k so you can upgrade your gear in August for the fourth palace. ), Moloch + Narcissus = Yatagarasu (Inherit Absorb Fire. Kill off one with Frei and shoot the other one. Only kill enemies that you can't sneak past so you don't have to waste SP on low XP fights. This means you must fix the laptop on 12/04, buy everything you can on 12/05, and spend at least 100k total on 12/08. No enemies this visit. They will need to alternate healing on those turns. When he charges, equip a Reflect Phys persona and guard. You will need a persona with Null/Repel Phys that is not weak to electric, a persona with Null/Absorb Curse that has some kind of electric or bless skill, and anything with Null/Absorb Electric. Learn Diarahan and Tetraja, replace Nocturnal Flash.). Buy 10+ Takemedic-All Z and 50+ Life Ointments. Make sure there are no red areas on the map before you leave. He also drops one of the best accessories in the game called Divine Pillar which halves all incoming damage, but you can no longer evade. He only has two attacks, Rising Slash and Megidola. Keep in mind that this boost is hidden and will not show extra musical notes. Origin Return to Area 13 and find a treasure demon. If you really want to upgrade your gear AFTER the fourth palace is available, Id farm an extra 100k for a total of 300k. Bring Makoto, Ann, and Morgana. In the room after the Central Tower Safe Room there is a large red enemy that is very predictable to ambush, and always contains the same enemy formation: 2 Pixies and 1 Archangel (Heavenly Punisher). Just collect all the treasure you can find and follow the story. So don't save after you put it in, save before. Since Yusuke is already in the party, you might as well open the fight with Masukukaja to help counter it. If something doesn't work for you, check this site: Watch your map because he's coming for you. Get them on personas with a high magic stat if you can. Important: From now on, you should cycle through every available save slot twice a day. Use Ryuji's Zio to knock down Archangel and ask for money to send him away. Pay attention to how enthusiastic your teammates are about the items they propose throwing and it should be obvious which item will work. At the first Safe Room, make sure you save because one of the fights with the two flowers can get you a Game Over if they choose to focus on Joker and there's not much you can do about it. Keep Tarunda up at all times. (This will happen automatically on a school day.). Feel free to change up your strategy as you learn new skills and your teammates can afford to use more expensive spells. Not the final PoNR in the game, but an important one. Obviously Ann has to sit this one out because of this. Make sure you get them all: Igor: Unfortunately, you don't get one from him. Arahabaki(L35) and Girimehkala(L44) also known as "Awakened God" and "Rebellious Elephant.". There is an abundance of shadows in this palace with no weaknesses. These are good for all stats if you can't do something else. He is susceptible to Mudoon, but it's risky. To sum this up, money is more important than XP. If you can't quite make it to L11 but are close, go ahead and send the calling card and carefully continue grinding Archangel. Find a treasure that yields a Diamond that's also near a Safe Room and save scum it. Saying goodbye to Kasumi on the last day? (SP Adhesives won't be enough anymore. If things are going great, and you have some good buffs/debuffs up that are relatively fresh, you can attempt a full blown assault to kill her before the next turn. You will have to solve a little laser puzzle before you can access the treasure, but unfortunately you can't save between the puzzle and the fight. He was tricky to conjure, however, and had to be summoned with magic rings bearing his seal. Follow the previous strategy against the other guys. If you still have Girimehkala, and you should, use it to lower the boss' defense. There are a few things to take note of for upcoming mini-bosses and you should take care of these preparations before leaving the palace for the first time because you won't get a chance to later. When you see The Reaper, make sure you hit him before he hits you. He has wind attacks so you may want to keep Ryuji out of this fight. Guide for the Angel, a Justice Arcana persona in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. In order to speak with him the conjurer must wear a silver ring and hold it before his face. Keep the same party and make sure everyone has near max SP. Here is a list of the most efficient activities: Knowledge: Aside from correctly answering questions, you should visit the Diner on rainy days. The first Safe Room is pretty far so be careful. Open the "System" menu, go to "Config" and set "Persona Memory" to OFF. Makoto and Ann are on defense with the usual spells. If you don't have it, you'll have to inherit it through fusion and sacrifice one of the other five mentioned. Take the safe bet when prompted, color won't matter. You don't want Morgana to full heal the boss or Joker to get a tech hit from the psy attack. His insta-kill and almighty spells are very useful against enemies with no weakness. Ann should lower his attack and heal when necessary. Inflicts Shock. This will require Joker to be at least level 51. It won't do much damage, but it's better than nothing. I guess I'm doing a playthrough of the new royal content *spoilers. Ann should use Dormina to put him to sleep, Joker should lower his defense, Ryuji should increase Joker's attack, and Yusuke should increase Joker's accuracy. Get Temperance to Rank 10 before summer vacation. This is a list that is going to be listing the enemies in the first Palace dungeon of Persona 5 and what their weaknesses are. Anubis will come with Resist Bless if you fuse him with the Judgement XP bonus. If Joker has Magarula then you should baton pass to him for the second Magarula for extra damage. Included are Angel's stats, skills, and more. Feel free to revisit some areas and collect the treasures again. Make sure you send the calling card the day of or after you place an order so you don't miss one of them. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Moderately raise chance of causing Binds. He can turn any metal into gold, give dignities and confirm them. Also, make sure you only negotiate when one enemy remains if you're going to repeatedly ask for money or they could potentially tear Joker apart when they've had enough of your begging. No chance to heal, but your buffs will remain. If you've been following my recommended skill progression, you should still have Ann's Dekaja and Makoto's Dekunda. He will come with Snap which absolutely wrecks everything weak to Gun and there are a ton of things in the first and second palaces that are weak to Gun, especially those Pixies you will be grinding again on another day. Reach the treasure this visit. Persona User(s) Due to the severely reduced XP, you'll probably only be around level 54 unless you did some serious grinding. Note: Emerald treasures have a chance to spawn this palace's Treasure Demon. Hopefully you have a +Str accessory for this. Once you fully unlock the Fortune confidant, your Rank 1 ability will be Luck Reading. Use Down Shot from the Tower confidant to knock them down. He doesn't do any real damage so just hammer away before he revives the paintings. Send Ryuji when prompted. This maze is fun in my opinion, just be careful not to engage shadows while in mouse mode. If you have Girimehkala I suggest using Marakunda to lower their defense. You will need to spend at least ¥100,000 at Shady Commodities to unlock the final washable armors. It comes with 2 important spells, Makouha and Mafrei. Only mandatory fights will be listed. ), Kikuri-Hime + Koh-i-Noor = Sarasvati (Same as above. Ignore AoA, it won't do nearly as much damage as a second Nuke attack. Make sure Joker has a high magic persona with Agi and you should make it out alive. Buy it again on 12/14 and lastly on 12/17. He can be recruited after his defeat. First up is making a Matador(L19) with Magaru for the Strength confidant. The latter are on defense with Marakukaja, Matarunda, and healing. Morgana will be healing, Ryuji and Makoto will be buffing.