The model number consists out of letters followed by numbers (e.g. Garbage. Wish I had stuck with Samsung. You need to bind the remote control to the TV. The TV can store information about the pairing of 5 remote controls. How do I add channels not picked up by auto-programming my Philips TV if I am on an antenna? What should I do if my Philips TV does not turn on? Why can not operate the remote control and how to set up the normal operation of the TV. HX9903/01, SP9820/87). There are a few different ways you can locate your model number: Please check if you filled in the correct model number. A model number usually starts with letters followed by series of numbers, e.g. GC6440, 37PFL7403D or SA1300. My Philips TV is not responding to the remote control 1) Observe the emitter on the front of the remote control through a digital camera (or the camera of a mobile phone). 1) Switch off all bright light such as florescent light, overhead light or lighting device, which can interfere with the remote control signal. (. It is not difficult, but nevertheless, if it is not completed, then it is precisely such disruptions in the work of the television that arise. Make sure you have the model number and the product number at hand when you call us. If the POWER button is pressed and then the LED on the bezel is red, the TV is in STANDBY mode and will need to be turned on using the remote control. You can find the contact details on the Consumer Support page. GC6440, 37PFL7403D or SA1300. “Turn on” the remote, tap on the device button (TV, DVD, CBL and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. If the TV is still not responding, use a mobile phone with camera function or a digital camera to confirm the remote control is working. The remote control will not operate the TV when the TV is in the OFF mode (No LED lit on front bezel). The LED light indicates the device is ready to program. Many problems with remote controls can be solved precisely by binding the remote to the TV. To set the pairing, place the remote control a short distance from the Philips logo on the TV (about 10 cm) and simultaneously press the (red) and (blue) buttons. 3) If you see a red light flashing indicate that the remote control is working. Each remote control has its own identifier, the TV remembers with which remote control it should work. To change the mode from OFF to STANDBY or ON, press the POWER button on the side of the TV. 4) If not, the remote control may be defective and needs replacement. Please contact the Philips Consumer Care center for further assistance or to find more information related to this issue. Why can I only see the Instant Queue in the Netflix app on my Philips TV, Blu Ray player or Home Theater system? To set the pairing, place the remote control a short distance from the Philips logo (about 10 cm) and press OK. A message about the successful completion of the pairing. In case the model number does not offer any results, we would like to advise you to reach out to our contact center. My other apps are working but I cannot connect to MediaConnect. Please read the, Selected products Philips TV Remote app lets you switch channels and adjust the volume — just like a remote control. If the remote receiver (LED) on the TV does not blink when you press the buttons on the remote control; Ensure that you remove all possible sources of interference. Change the batteries in the remote. By pressing the POWER button on the side of the TV, the mode will toggle from OFF to either STANDBY or ON. The question can be very simple, if you are the owner of a console with a keyboard, then in such a console you can control the radio signals. Vudu, Netflix, Facebook, etc…. When you first turned on the TV, you were asked to press the OK button on the remote control. In this place is a radio signal receiver and pairing can occur only with a sufficient signal level. 2) Some electronic devices are known to cause interference, it is recommended to switch off any external devices operating near the TV. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, Philips TV remote not working, solution to the problem, Pairing the remote control (new TV Philips), Re-pairing the remote control and the Philips TV. Be sure to place the remote control is necessary near the logo. 3) After replacing the battery, randomly test some functions of the remote control. This should be done near the Philips logo, Thanks a lot for your topic., Keep track of your product warranty coverage, Qualify for cash-back, gifts and special offers. Sorry, your subscription to our newsletter failed. The information on this page applies to the following models: 40PFL5705DV/F7 , 55PFL7705DV/F7 , 55PFL5705DV/F7 , 46PFL7705DV/F7 , 46PFL5705DV/F7 , 40PFL7705DV/F7 , 40PFL3505D/F7 , 55PFL7505D/F7 , 55PFL7705D/F7 , 46PFL7705D/F7 , 55PFL5705D/F7 , 46PFL5705D/F7 , 40PFL5705D/F7 , 55PFL5505D/F7 , 40PFL7705D/F7 , 46PFL7505D/F7 , 46PFL3705D/F7 , 40PFL3705D/F7 , 46PFL5505D/F7 , 40PFL5505D/F7 , 40PFL7505D/F7 , 52PFL7704D/F7 , 47PFL7704D/F7 , 42PFL7704D/F7 , 47PFL6704D/F7 , 42PFL6704D/F7 , 32PFL6704D/F7 , 52PFL5704D/F7 , 47PFL5704D/F7 , 42PFL5704D/F7 , 47PFL3603D/F7 , 32PFL5403D/F7 , 42PFL3603D/F7 , 42PFL5603D/F7 , 42PFL7403D/F7 , 42TA648BX/F7 , 47PFL5603D/F7 , 47PFL7403D/F7 , 52PFL3603D/F7 , 52PFL5603D/F7 . 2) Now press any button on the remote control. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aweful crappy TV. if the set turns on using the power button on the side/top of the set, there is a problem with your remote. If the TV does not respond, the remote control may be low in battery power and you need to replace the battery. © Koninklijke Philips N.V., 2004 - 2020. Why do I get the error “Status: Fail. It’s really helped me. The joystick comment is wrong. Just the red & blue buttons on the remote seems to be needed. Vudu, Netflix, Facebook, etc…. The remote control will not operate the TV when the TV is in the OFFmode (No LED lit on front bezel). In the remote control with radio control there is no difference where the remote is sent. Such management makes it possible to simplify interaction with the TV. It is an issue with Google Play Services update and Philips bluetooth hardware. For stores: To pair a new, not yet paired TV with a remote control that has already been paired with another TV, simultaneously press the red  and blue buttons while holding the remote control next to it. Worst 800 euros I ever spent. Once the POWER button is pressed, the LED will change to either red to indicate STANDBY or green to indicate ON, whichever mode the TV was in prior to being turned off with the TV POWER button. Please be aware that your product may differ in color from this picture, but the support information is same, Search results for {words} ({number} products), Philips values and respects your privacy. What to do if Philips TV is not turning on, it is dead as there no power? TV can be connected with another remote control. Sorry, your subscription to our newsletter failed. HX9903/01, SP9820/87). Verify after each device is connected if the remote control is still functional. (. Switch the TV back ON with the remote control. Binding the remote allows you to bind the remote to a specific TV. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Where can I find my IP address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, and DNS Servers? My Philips TV is tilted horizontally when it is mounted on the table stand. Try turning the power on using both the remote and the power button on the side/top of the set. We found {number} products that are available outside your country, so local promotions may not apply. You have entered an incorrect email address! There are currently no items in your shopping cart. In this case, the pairing of the remote control with the TV was established. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Agree that typing on the remote control is constantly controlling its position, it is very difficult. Please read the, Selected products If the pairing is successful, a message appears on the TV screen about the successful completion of the pairing of the remote control and the TV.