She is most commonly known for her works on these commercials and her bouffant styled hair and red lipstick. Oh Come on…he’s a motaur.‍♀️, actually, Tom Ayers steals the show as the biker talking to Motaur. One day, when trying to fix a scratch on a V-Twin soft tail, she fell into a vat of radioactive chrome… I’m kidding. How was the Motaur legs hidden in motor cycle. I've also covered autos for,, Automotive News and Advertising Age. His changing focus is hilarious as he tries to picture the ‘legs on bottom with motorcycle on top…yeah I can see that” while not wanting to offend the Motaur. I’ve been riding since 1972 this commercial just doesn’t sit well with me personally… Just saying, He’s handsome … I wouldn’t mind riding him. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Will there be anything about the making of the newer one with the herd of Motaurs? Progressive plans to do more with Motaur and Terrell, a recent Daytime Emmy nominee who will be playing LeBron James in the upcoming movie, All-Star Weekend. If we ever see the Motaur in motion, he must,….he just MUST,…pop a wheelie! Three spots will run on TV as part of Progressive’s national cable buy: He sometimes wishes he wasn’t a Motaur, in that he’d want legs on the bottom, and motorcycle on the top. Our talent Terrence had to stand/kneel in a weird rig wearing a sheet metal cummerbund for the better part of two days. AW: We’ve seen commercials for “Wishes” and “Do you mind?” where the Motaur expresses pride in being a Motaur. In the case of the Motaur, he is truly one with his bike. That looks like a 2014 Triumph Scrambler to me. Motaur is portrayed by Terrence Terrell, ... Terrell takes a serious but tongue-in-cheek tone in the humorous commercials. They’re outsiders, and they relish that role. And Progressive is counting on the motorcycle mavens it is targeting to understand that, like Motaur's observers, most people just don't get the tight connection between them and their machines. So "the mystery is intentional; you can interpret [Motaur] as you wish.". Motaur is half man, half motorcycle, and unapologetically proud to be one with his bike. His timing and delivery are outstanding. Harold Einstein directed, and he and his crew were amazing. Is Halloween canceled? Sean McBride: It was snowing in the LA desert that week, so that wasn’t optimal. The Progressive Insurance campaign has turned its attention to motorcyclists and how riders become one with their bikes. Puffing his chest with pride, the motaur corrects the boy's pronunciation as "MO-taur" and gazes into the dusty distance of the desert.