Mites are treated the same as mange in rabbits, with medications such as ivermectin or selamectin. Are they having trouble sitting normally, hopping in awkward circles? The ears, the vestibular system (inner ear balance mechanism), the nerves in the ear area, and the eyes may all be affected. This gene results in ears that are almost double the size of the usual rabbit. 3 Reasons A Rabbit May Have a Floppy Ear. I wrote poems before this, but the one that I consider the first real poem was about that time too. Change the tape daily, and leave it off for a while to let the skin breathe. if any of these symptoms show it is an inner ear infection take them to a vet to get some antibiotics enro and ear drops. That means your rabbit is listening, but the noise isn’t worth its full attention. Our little baby rabbits are used to our special mix. Once you identify the breed, if not a droopy ear breed take to vet. This Forum and Store have separate secure Sign Ins. We sell rabbit food in 2.7 kg bags. The results suggested that an unknown particle was created in the decay.


Awkward about talking

But the study also found people hold back from speaking to others, choosing email and texts instead, wrongly believing that a conversation could be awkward or that they could be misunderstood.

"People feel significantly more connected through voice-based media, but they have these fears about awkwardness that are pushing them towards text-based media," study co-author Amit Kumar, a McCombs School of Business assistant professor of marketing, told Science Daily.

In the experiment in which researchers asked people to phone an old friend, participants predicted the conversation would be awkward and that they would prefer to email.

In reality, people reported forming a "significantly stronger bond with their old friend on the phone versus email, and they did not feel more awkward," Kumar said.

And the call took no longer than reading and responding to an email.

"We're being asked to maintain physical distance, but we still need these social ties for our well-being - even for our health," added Kumar.

, Before COVID-19, remote workers found communication a struggle, according to a State of Remote report from Buffer.