Related items. NHK World. >> fujisaki says u.s. foreign policy could change dramatically if biden wins. [3] He made his first-class début in 2004 when he played for Nepal against the UAE and Malaysia in the 2004 ICC Intercontinental Cup. The new Rogue, like its predecessor actually, is quite the handsome thing. NHK World's Raja Pradhan has the latest numbers on how the candidates and parties are faring in Japan's Upper House election. It's nicely proportioned with a face that's distinctively bold without... Population outflow from Tokyo exceeds inflow. witith no end to o the crisis i sight, people in the oil industry are beginning to fear for the future of the business they worked so hardrd to build. two days later, he had a fever, chest pains and wasn't able to get out of bed. 14 million, the record number of new coronavirus cases the third day in a row. He is a regular anchor for NHK Newsline. This led to opportunities from third-party companies looking to create accessories for the console, like a company calling themselves CustomizeMyPlates. the move clears the way for former vice president joe biide who's a moderate to become the democratic nominee to take on president trump this fall. Loading... You may also like. Uploaded by i'm happy to have a job in the oil business. >> carlos avillos mutual fund he -- moved here from a neighghboring province. >> some patienents talk aboutut asymptomatic patients, some of them aren'n't even aware that they're c contraccted the virus. 09-may-2015 - The French Canadian Guy descrubrió este Pin. Wait a minute, Amazumo is back? that could happen, i think. Friday September 7th @ 12:30 PM In 2000, the program's name was changed to Newsline. All you need to know about Japan ! it's the first time for a runway to close due to a sharp fall in air travel since the airport opened in 1978. this comes after the number of weekly international flights of the airport plunged by nearly 85% from a year ago. a junior wrestler tested positive on friday. the german economy is expected to shrink by nearly 10% in the second quarter of this year. here's a look at the forecast, tokyo looking at rain. and he has -- everyone would be looking at -- thinking about, that. it had a lot of energy with it, and now it's developing over the low pressure system is developing over the northeastern areas of the united states, and that's bringing some of that wintry weather. 02:00 AM Mountain (US) Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. NHK NEWSLINE 2. >> i would predict amy klobuchar would be someone who could be representing the middle of the road from midwest and also one more element important is that mr. biden is going to be over 80 when this term is over. the announcement comes three days after the central government declared a state of emergency for tokyo and six other prefectures, the governors of kanagowa, and osaka are considering requests to shut, down businesses. Part 2: Matchmaking, NHK World Grand Sumo Review Airs Friday (Japan Time), NHK Grand Sumo Preview Airs Thursday / Friday, Haru Preview and Predictions Audio Podcast, Tachiai Audio Podcast – Haru 2020, the Silent Basho, Hatsu Match Previews & Predictions Audio Podcast, Updated! the march tournament went ahead in a quiet atmosphere without a live audience. News Anchor: RAJA PRADHAN. nhk has agreed to conceal the couple's identity. This program broadcasts on the hour, 24 hours a day. >> if you haveve diffficulty i talkingg a couple of senentencen a roow withthout breathing. Part 1: Name calling, What’s all the commotion? A move to Japan as an international exchange student led to opportunities at NHK, covering news, sports, and business. now, we had a cool pattern as we went through this friday, a low pressure system now spinning across japan is moving toward the east, but broadening northerly flow, and we have a much bigger high pressure system toward the west, upper level cold air coming down into the area which means temperatures are going to be in the mid-teens for the next few days, and even colder than that as we head into the first part of next week. but on the other side, peoplee rememberr that i in the first pllace, hee said, , oh, tit's ne big thing, it willl be overr b easter a and all ofof thaat. i mentioned rain developing back toward the west. Friday November 9th @ 03:30 AM Friday September 7th @ 12:30 AM i wanted to promoted to a higher position. so t that's whyhy you have to wa mask all the time, and if ppeope stop those extreme cautions and the next moununtain can come aagain, so really have to faste our soul and keep on doing this. ththey're vvery high liikelihoo yyou know, toto die. >> translator: by saying what we are thinking it may encourage peoplple to raiaise their hands work togetherer on the things tt we suggest. the hardest hit countries such as italy and spain called for massive aid. of us here in tokyo. i'm raja pradhan. christians around the world are unusualing easter in circumstances. NHK NEWSLINE 4. billboards like this are everywhere. the trial involves 500 adults. things are so bad that the airport opperator iis considder, giving airlines a moratorium on lananding ffees and other costs. we'll be seeing wet weather back over china as well as this system starts to push toward the east. ana holdings says its group firms are willing to venture outside their own industry to fight the coronavirus. on february 1st, he developed a runny nose and a cough. officials reported 189 new infections on friday, and the governor has outlined a list of businesses that will be asked to close from saturday under the central government's state of emergency. governors in other parts of the nation have declared an emergency on their own, and have asked the central government to extend itss declaration to thei prefectures. film festival opens in Toky... Tokyo reports 215 new cases of coronavirus. Kyushu Basho 2020 – Juryo preview, and prediction, Bouts from the lower divisions, Aki 2020, Days 14 and 15, Bouts from the lower divisions – Aki 2020, Day 13, Aki Basho day 11 – Lower Makuuchi results. Kato expresses hopes for Pompeo visit. However, despite his impressive performance with the national team, he was forced to quit cricket in the middle and go to Qatar to earn money and support his family. >> m mr. obaama changed a a l l mr. bush's policy, including iraq war, and mr. trump is, changing everything mr. obamama did including ppe, including paris accord, including cuba. officials reported 189 new infections on friday, and the governor has outlined a list of businesses that will be asked to close from saturday under the central government's state of emergency. both of them tested positive for the new coronavirus. essentially services like supermarkets, public transit and even hotels will remain open. NHK NEWSLINE delivers the latest from Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world. We are working out the logistics of covering two nights of sumo and staying sane. whatat do you recommend people ? among those confirmed to be infected here in japan are professional athletes. iskawawa what cann oth cities learn f from the experiee in new y york? >> we have decided to make arrangements to postpone the ceremonies following the declaration of the state of emergency. and then we should start to dry out after that. >> it was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime, the japanese couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary traveling across asia and for the first two weeks, it was. shouldd i give ann icuu bed wit those elderly people.e. i think with japan, the democratic president will not change the course i i think because as we havve seen fromm obama to trump, bushsh to obama it didn't change totally. ana holdings says it would hold discussions with a textile makers. Originally from Ireland, and a former amateur sumo wrestler, John is content director of Inside Sport: Japan as well as a sumo commentator and reporter on various NHK shows. In 2006, he played in a match against Namibia in Windhoek in the 2006 ICC Intercontinental Cup. With the opening day of the Aki basho just a few days away, NHK World brings us another preview of the tournament, along with highlights and features about sumo and rikishi. the u.s. food and drug administration has approved it for emergency use. and that's going toto protectct healtth care providers. NHK Newsline is a foreign news program aired on NHK's international broadcasting service NHK World-Japan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline," i'm raja pradhan in tokyo, coming up next is "newsline" biz with ramin mellegard. it's now time for a check on the world weather with our meteorologist jonathan oh. >> but the former ambassador says many things will change in the lead up to the election as the two likely opponents prepare for an unprecedented campaign season amid the coronavirus pandemic. Nhk News Anchor Angel Wings Anchors My Love World My Style My Boo The World. >> 50/50, the coronavirus i think would cork both ways for prpresident trump.p. the government has now banned the entry of nonnationals and grounded domestic flights. Details on the NHK web site, though it seems that once again Raja Pradhan gets tortured. >> there was what we call hidden trump voters who said in interviews they all say, no, no, i don't go for trump, but in reality, they voted for trump. much warmer up toward the north. hello and thank you for joining us on this edition of nhk "newsline." we haveve to deciide a v very c and brutal decisision. Friday November 9th @ 11:30 AM NHK NEWSLINE 2. Thursday November 8th @ 11:30 PM japan needs united states, and i think that relations will not change with the president. in terms of that, mr. biden will also think, hey, could she be a president of t president of this country, and amy klobuchar i think has that quality sg campaigningg will tae place in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.