Which is why it can be upsetting for some. These are the people one would think would be least likely to have this experience, and yet they do. Sometimes, quite unexpectedly, the person may appear well and even look as if he/she is going to recover. [1] Nahm, M. (2009). You may feel as if they are getting better as their symptoms seem to be improving. But she knew who we were and were there and we got 3 hours with her. “There’s great mystery around this,” said John Mastrojohn, the executive vice president of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. My husband is thrilled he's better, but it terrifies me. As a recent New York Times article stated: Physiologically, experts believe that the mind becomes more responsive when a hospice patient is taken off the extensive fluids and medications such as chemotherapy that have toxic effects. Spiritually, some suggest that the dying loved one is simply readying for transition — making sure that earthly concerns will be attended to in her absence and that final goodbyes may be uttered. She’s 84, with advanced cancer that is no longer treatable. Definitely. Today, most people have heard of deathbed visions in which the dying see deceased relatives, religious figures, pets, or friends, and near-death experiences in which someone is close to death or has died, leaves their body, experiences the afterlife, and returns to life. I was caught underneath a small diving inflatable in rough weather and could not extract myself from the outboard propeller that was slowly running me over In a matter of seconds I went from extreme panic horror and superhuman strength to avoid certain death to a realization that I could not avoid the propeller from hitting my head. This evolutionary trait helps people learn, grow, and better predict future events which can provide some semblance of comfort. Until then, if you are with your loved one at the end of their life, and you are lucky enough to be around them when they are having such an experience, consider it a final gift and savor those moments. My parents were with her most of the time, but I still went to see her as often as possible. However these did not result in great after- shock or the same out of life experience or continued trauma. The night before she died at the age of 54 (after a long battle with ovarian cancer), I was sleeping in my mother’s bedroom alongside her. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Healing from her illness? Susan Linnee had not eaten for weeks by the time she entered a Minneapolis hospice on Oct. 5. My dad's last words were "good God, woman, will you shut up?" Then she slowly went back to sleep and never woke again,,,it took 2 more days till she passed. I think many rallies are part of the spiritual process of death for some people, but, for others, it may be purely physical. Comments are moderated before they are published. A rally can be confusing and even heartbreaking at times, but if you witness one, try to cherish it.