When it comes to durability and portability, this utility bench offers comfort under any load. Being a simple flat bench, it’s also quite economical. 12″ is supposed to be the norm but too many other mid-range (and even commercial) benches are going with narrower 10″ pads; presumably to lower manufacturing costs. But, the most important aspect of an adjustable bench is just how many options it gives you. It has the typical seat/pad gap, the seat only comes up to about 20º, and there is only one decline setting.

Also, contrary to the above image, this bench now has rubber feet that help with overall stability on uneven floors. This ensures your tailbone doesn't rest on a high rising hinge like other competitor's benches. IronMaster has deviated from standard bench specs with the Super Bench,  and serious bench pressers may want to steer clear because of this. I think they’re all fine benches for the commercial world, but I certainly don’t see any reason to spend that much money on a bench for a garage gym. Vulcan’s Flat to Incline Adjustable Bench is a fully commercial incline bench. Where to even start! The back pad adjusts to seven different positions from flat to 90º (including 85º), and the seat adjusts to five different positions. It’s uniquely designed to allow vertical storage, shrinking its footprint to 2.8 square feet when stowed away. That said, the FB-5000 Competition Bench is still a better bench for the money; again, in my opinion. You can spend a lot more and still have at least some of these issues.

Even a young child that may benefit from the small pad would find the height bothersome. And what’s even better – use the pop-pin and bearing system adjustment for zero gap between seat and back pad. We’re going to skip non-adjustable incline benches. I was looking at starting my home Gym, but allot of the benches aren’t availabe here in Australia. The American Barbell Utility Bench is decent. When it comes to durability and portability, this utility bench offers comfort under any load. Thank you for the great reviews and from saving me from the GETRXD bench. The pad is mounted on an 11-gauge 3″ steel frame, and that pad is nearly 3″ thick and extremely firm and comfortable. Let’s get started. Safety and durability is not the only reason to buy a quality utility bench; comfort is definitely worth considering as well.

See my thoughts on the 14″ pad upgrade here. [Read more …], In this review we’re going to look at the multi-grip swiss bar – also commonly called the football bar or the swiss bar. Hello, what do you think of this one: https://primefitnessusa.com/product/bench/ REP's first-ever utility bench with optional spotter deck!

Please do not spend so little money on any piece of gym equipment unless you buy used. Tagged as: $399.

Total pad length is 55", width at base is 20.5".

The Vulcan 3×3 Bench has a wide, 21″ stance and rubber feet for stability. There’s even an optional spotter platform for the AB-5200 ($89). I do own this bench and think it’s a great product, but I am 6’4″ and I’d be lying to say I don’t prefer a full-length, ~48″ pad. I think it’s the thickness of the pads that make the difference, as it’s no doubt the same material inside all of these pads. Or do you need both (an adjustable bench)? The Thompson Fat Pad is wider and thicker than your average bench pad. For simplicity a flat bench will provide the minimum you need. Heck I’d take either the AB-3 or the AB-5000 any day of the week over anything else in this incline section, but even the AB-5000 isn’t cheap. It has been five years since the publication of my original weight bench shopping guide, and although I’ve managed to keep that article updated and current I thought it was time to start over. Why do incline benches not make great flat benches? The Rep AB-5200 Adjustable Bench is a great incline and flat bench (it does not do decline.) The best choice today if you can afford it is the AB-3, but I really think overall the Rep AB-5000 and AB-5200 are going to smoke all the others. Why Do Olympic Weight Plates Have Colors? It’s strong, stable, durable, and has all of the features that it should.

Built form 11 gauge steel, it supports 1,000 lbs. Extra long, 12″ wide back pad with grippy vinyl, a handle & wheels for easily moving this beast around, and even a minimal pad gap when the bench is used for flat pressing. These benches usually serve as a flat bench when needed but are adjustable to various degrees of inclination. Various height and width combinations of the Monster Utility Bench, Regardless of which pad you choose for your Monster this is one beefy bench, and the last flat bench you’ll ever buy.

Made with 11 & 7 gauge steel, this bench weighs in at 125lbs, but is still maneuverable in any space with 2” wheels and an intelligently positioned stainless steel horizontal pull handle for easy mobility. And to order one from Rogue USA charges $350 just for shipping.

The Rep AB-5000 is incredibly strong; sporting a massive 11-gauge steel frame (with even thicker steel being used at joints). REP AB-5200 FI Adjustable Bench. The Prime Adjustable Bench is a relatively new addition to Vulcan’s line-up.

The frame is warranted for 10-years, but sadly the pad is only warranted for 30 days. Having a stable, comfortable weight bench is an essential for a variety of exercises including the mighty bench press.

Three post (or tripod) bench designs are common – because they ensure you can put your feet where it suits you best – with no support legs in the way. If budget is a serious concern of yours I’d recommend looking at the FB-3000 for $94 over this bench. Even just over $200 doesn’t really get you a good incline bench. best bench, It’s by far the most popular and versatile bench available right now and at only $149 it is extremely affordable. Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password. Bench press, incline press, rows, overhead press, curls, triceps extension – you can do all these with the versatile football bar. The single decline position is at least a good one (-20º), the flat setting is tolerable despite the gap, and it has the proper incline angles. Rep Fitness AB-5200 Adjustable Incline Bench Rep is just beating the competition into submission with their ever-growing bench line up. San Gabriel, CA. Maximum inclination is 85 degrees – which is perfect for overhead exercises. The pricing is okay at $189 since the build is nearly-commercial, but there are better deals out there for sure. Both benches have a 12″ wide pad and the textured vinyl, both are tripod benches with wheels and a handle, and both have rubberized feet for extra stability. Also, the pad itself is only 10″ wide, which doesn’t provide enough surface area to dig in the lats and support the shoulders. You’re paying two or three times the money for a welded frame (sometimes) and pad/frame color schemes to match the rest of your gym. At a glance it appears to be more or less identical to the FB-5000,  but it’s actually different in a number of ways. Well it’s because this bench should be about as much as the FB-3000. Also, the main part of the bench was not level – the steel that supports the bench was warped. The Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench is a $935 monstrosity with no less than 6 seat positions and 9 back pad angles ranging from 0 to 85 degrees. It’s also made in the USA. The Rogue Utility Bench 2.0 now ships with rubber feet. It is a solid bench. Oversize stainless-steel handle and wheels with a low lift-off point for easy maneuverability. Both of these Rogue beasts are expensive as hell, and it is precisely this bench that Rep is trying to compete with with their AB-5000. Pad Width – 12″, Pad Thickness – 2-1/4″, 12″ with standard pad – other options available, 15.25″ (Short option) or 17.5 (Standard option)”, Optimizes Back and Upper body Positioning. I would not think it is related to the exercises performed. The AB-5200 is an adjustable flat and incline bench. The pad is 47″ long and it has an ideal width of 12″. Skip it.

#garagegymowner, It’s a bolt-together bench like the economical FB-3000, but it has a wider, more stable stance and beefier steel. There are a couple adjustable incline benches that minimize this gap though and you’ll see them below. We are a Rogue Fitness affiliate - they make the best fitness gear money can buy. It’s also affordable. Truth be told I think this bench is a good value, and I don’t question its durability (maybe the pads, but not the frame.)

Now I say “a second bench” because the overwhelming majority of incline benches do not make great flat benches, so they are usually purchased in addition to a flat utility bench. (For referencing purposes, view the current IPF equipment specs here.). Those are great for a commercial facility – but don’t make much sense for a home gym or garage gym. Sadly this is not American-made as you might be inclined to think. The Rep FB-4000 Comp Lite Bench is 17″ tall and 12″ wide. Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench – $935.