I don’t care about pedigree. Prior to this, he worked as Director at Plastiq. He served as Board member in various companies as TIM Group (Global), Savored, Inc., Nexage, I Love Rewards, SendMe, Inc., Vela Systems, Vivox and GlassHouse Technologies.
KC: What was the last concert that you went to? Formerly known as Atlas Venture, the firm announced in October 2014 that it was splitting its technology and life sciences franchises. KC: What is the current fund that you are investing from? I wanted to study business, and given that Princeton was a liberal arts school, I chose economics because it was the closest proxy to a business curriculum. Founding Partner, Accomplice Management LLC, General Partner/Co-Founder, Grandbanks Capital. They raised a total of $1.4 million to help get DraftKings on its feet so it could become more firmly established within the industry. He was an important mentor for me in my career. KC: You have been a very active investor in the Boston tech community since 1999. He is the founder of Accomplice VC, a venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage investments in technology companies. He raised three kids all by himself.

RM: Early on as a young partner, my thesis was pretty simple: invest in people 10 times smarter than myself. Similarly, Ryan Moore and his firm Accomplice, a Boston-based tech seed investor then known as Atlas, gave Robins $1.4 million shortly after he formed the company in 2012. I wanted to have an adventure and felt San Francisco was for me. I moved here in 1999 to work in that smaller office so I could get more exposure. KC: Which companies outside of your portfolio in the Boston area do you find interesting? Prior to this, he worked as Director at Plastiq. I was out there in what would come to be called the first internet bubble, and I was a big believer in learning by doing. No joke. KC: How did you get into venture capital and join SOFTBANK Capital Partners? KC: Are you involved in any charitable organizations? RM: I grew up north of Philadelphia in Bucks County. The last concert I went to was Sesame Street Live. KC: Do you have any interesting or fun stories to share from the web 1.0 bubble years? KC: Outside of being a VC, what are your personal interests or activities? They have to have some story of adversity, because they’re in for it. I felt that I could either go to business school or learn by investing. KC: What did you do for work right out of college? RM: I admire any founder. He also works as board member at Crew. Charlie offered me a partnership spot in the new fund. RM: Three years into investment banking, I realized I didn’t like it. Ryan R Moore is Founding Partner at Accomplice Management LLC. I loved the idea of challenging the status quo and felt Boston was ripe for some innovation in venture. Accomplice (FKA Atlas Venture) is a tech VC firm with a crowdsourced approach to venture. Copyright © 2015-2020 VentureFizz. I went to public school and was the youngest of three. KC: Why did you decide to leave GrandBanks and join the team at Atlas, now Accomplice? www.vbprofiles.com is now www.topionetworks.com. RM: I moved to San Francisco and joined an investment bank named Robertson Stephens, one of the original emerging growth investment banking boutiques. We were raised by a single parent, my father.

RM: Given that I’m a founder of Accomplice, I’m involved with TUGG. Why did I want to go into business? He was also a co-founder and general partner at Grandbanks Capital, where he invested in several successful companies like Enpocket, WHERE, Vela Systems, and Nexage. KC: What are the top traits you look for in terms of investing into a company or founder? He was the General Partner and Co-Founder of GrandBanks Capital.

RM: I love being a father and husband, even more than I thought I would. Before that, he was the Associate at SOFTBANK Capital Partners from August 1999 to July 2000. The founders were very happy when Ryan Moore at Accomplice in Cambridge led the first round of outside funding along with other investors. Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.
If I’m sitting across from someone, I’ll get into their background a little bit to find something that galvanizes them to me as a person. Ryan Moore has been an active investor in the Boston tech scene since 1999. What companies have you passed on that you wish you hadn’t? Cambridge, MA 02141