Id like to see more rod brands tested. The TCR is one of, if not the fastest rod made, and the Trout Bum is WAY at the other end of the spectrum.

One caster commented that he picked up the TFO BVK and “thought it was a Winston”, another picked up the XF2 and commented that it was “…stereotypically Loomis”.

The Echo Carbon was the oldest rod in our test, and it showed. Required fields are marked *. Bottom Line: Every bit a Sage, the ONE is perfect for the faster caster, but the Method doesn’t give up much in terms of feel and close in accuracy and gives you a lot of extra power. or as high as 9 wt. Finally, the Helios 2 is finished with the highest quality of workmanship and materials in Vermont, USA. Casters liked: Amazing close-in dry fly performance. There are several rods in that price point that are American made and most...if not all are better rods anyways.

Its known as the rod that made Sage the industry power they are today, and was more recently sold in a slightly more cheaply trimmed rod called the VPS.

Sometimes you dont have the American option, but when you do, i always prefer to buy American. Fenwick, with their AETOS line of fly rods, Headwaters Bamboo fly rod has a two-piece construction, comes with an extra tip, and has six different sizes you can choose, The 10 Best Casting Rods for Any Situation, More efficient for covering large amounts of water, Can use same swinging techniques as spey rods. The B3x is ‘fast for a Winston’, but most casters felt that it was firmly in the medium fast category overall. My friend now hates David Blane. You can disassemble the rod into four pieces for easy storage and packing and assemble the parts quickly, whether you have prior knowledge or not. This is going to seem like a commercial for Sage, but I can’t help but go back to the fly rod masters again for this one.

The reel is made of cast aluminum, which is durable and provides a lightweight feel when casting. Bottom Line: Classic Winston looks and dry fly performance.

I would recommend going to a shop that sells them and casting both and just go with what feels the best to you. Sage’s flagship rod, the ONE was the first rod to utilize Konnetic technology. These current discount prices are a solid value. 75 points.

Not so much: If you like to throw around some weight, look elsewhere. It was over an ounce heavier than the Helios 2, and had the heaviest swing weight in the test. But, loaded that way, it's a great rod to cast, has a tip that's sensitive enough to let you know when you've got a fish on at a good distance, has gobs of backbone - and it netted a bunch of nice fish for me; which is always a plus. It’s a four-piece, 9’ rod and you can get it in a 4 weight for under $40 or a 5 weight for just under $44.

5. Orvis is known for producing lightweight and affordable fly fishing rods, and the Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod is no exception. Better yet, get it in a 4-weight. You will also be impressed by the 5x tapered leader and the high sensitivity of this graphite composite rod, which allows the angler to detect fish strikes much easier. Not so much: Not the greatest with a nymph or streamer.

Bottom Line: A great option for faster and/or better casters looking for looks that match performance. The are many major players in the fly rod game, some recognized fishing companies that make a variety of equipment, and others that specialize mainly in fly fishing. One caster even commented that it was the “best nymphing rod at 40’.”. Beginners may find it difficult to cast when using them. If you can get a T3 in a tip flex 9.5 or something, yes that would be a fast rod.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit | 9’0″ 5WT, Hey, I'm Ben, a fly fisherman for over 20 years and also an aspiring blogger.

I've fished the Pulse before and am not a fan of it, a bit heavy and clunky. 96 points. Do I really need to say anymore than that.

Not so much: Casted like a telephone pole and had performance to match. You must log in or register to reply here. 95 points. The rods come in 2 pieces and are ideal for casting in small water bodies.

It’s more of a tenkara cast than a fly cast.

Well, if you truly want the best, you could buy an 8 wt.
It’s no surprise then, that fly rods are unique in their construction, in the reels they’re paired with and in the line they use. I have been extremely disappointed in orvis for quite sometime. They are, however, slightly heavier than graphite rods by 0.1 ounces. 0-weight rods are incredibly light rods designed for small streams and fish. The first problem with testing fly rods is that guides, fly shop owners, and other ‘professional’ casters have great opinions on what makes a great rod. Choose a 4-weight if you are planning on mostly fishing smaller rivers and a 6-weight for large rivers. Before revealing the best switch fly rods, let’s first define what a switch fly rod is in the first place.

Bottom line: New schoolers might like the grip, but the performance didn’t match. Assholes. 80 points. I always thought of them as over-priced tweedy crap, but their rods in the last 10 years are damned fine sticks. So, we gave it a mere 10 points. While the Jet is a great dry fly rod, it suffered a bit at both nymphing and chucking streamers.

The rod is fitted with aluminum oxide stripping guides, an anodized aluminum reel seat, chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides, and a highly durable composite cork handle. The Sage Foundation Outfit gives you a high-end rod, reel and line ready to hit the water for $550. First choice would have been to try it obviously but that's not happening. Bottom Line: If you’re looking to reach farther there’s no better rod out there.

And don't forget to ask questions and leave comments at the end of the page. 98 points. Medium action rods are suitable for beginners as the line speeds are quite forgiving. Performance is important, but there are other reasons we buy fly rods. Casters also felt that fit and finish should have been better. Orvis Clearwater . The Frequent Flyer Traveler is the only Orvis rod made over seas. We wanted our test to remain truly OBJECTIVE.

Fly fishing rods are made of carbon fiber, outfitted with resin with the carbon cloth wrapped around a mandrel, and reinforced again with resin to form a long slim cone called a blank. A step down, the Orvis Clearwater Outfit still gives you a high-quality 5 wt.

Tune in as Jared provides step-by-step instructions to tie this productive wet fly.

It features a high-performance setup that helps shorten any beginner’s learning curve while letting them develop exceptional fly fishing skills. These rods are fun once you learn to cast them, but in my opinion not all that practical unless you are fishing 8wts and larger in saltwater. Bottom Line: Ross makes fly rods?? If we only tested one distance, this would be it. Polarizing. Streamers – We didn’t stop at nymphing. Yes, it’s made overseas, and no, you won’t get that classic Winston look, but it’s all green when it comes to performance. Not so much: The color was off-putting to some. But, in typical Trident fashion, we’re going to take a different twist on the traditional fly rod review. Bottom Line: Get it if you’re a Scott fan on a budget.

The Helios 2 really epitomizes the perfect 5-weight.

That said, while I still roll my eyes when somebody shows up in head-to-toe Orvis apparel and accessories, my opinions of their rods and reels have changed dramatically in recent years. The lower grade Sintrix is unfortunately a bit heavier than the Zenith and reduced feel just a tad. Casters liked: Classic Winston fit and finish. Winner of the 2014 5-weight Shootout and the prestigious Poseidon Award is the Orvis Helios 2, Tip Flex. Line Recommendation: Scientific Anglers GPX. In my line of work i see alot of electrical and machine parts that are made in places like korea, china, india, indonesia, etc...almost always complete junk.

A rod that casts beautifully for Tim Rajeff, might give you tailing loops all the time. We’re really interested in checking out the 4-weight! As a company that is foremost a fly fishing company, I inherently trust Orvis when it comes to their products.

Bottom Line: Certainly a rod that makes you go “wow”. Not so much: Suffered at distance. It's a great entry level rod for sure. When I decided to purchase an outfit for my nephew, I ended up getting a Clearwater II for him b/c it reminded me of my Helios. A 3 weight is perfect for small streams, or simply for the most stealth approaches with the smallest flies. More importantly, nothing is more motivating than having your own equipment — who doesn’t want s shiny new fly rod?

Not surprisingly, a rod designed by a world fly fishing champion (Howard Croston) is great at nymphing, but what was surprising is how well the XF2 cast a streamer. The action on the rods will depend on the type of presentation you’re looking for. It’s got near B3x performance (just one point behind!)

thrown them a little but never to an extent to buy because I like a very fast rod which these are not. I would go with the Approach solely for that reason honestly. The outfit has everything you need for … I Had a Sage RPL and a Sage SLT at one time.............I did like the RPL alot it was a great rod or is a great rod. Building on the legendary G Series, Scott’s G2 is a medium action dry fly rod that was a favorite amongst casters of all abilities. We added even more weight to each caster’s rod and tested how each rod casted heavier flies. Two of our gold medal rods were less than half the price of our winner. The flagship Sage X took home multiple awards at ICAST 2017, including Best of Show, Best Saltwater Fly Rod, and Best Freshwater Fly Rod.

The standard length system is represented in 6” increments, ranging from 7-10.

Slower action fly rods are intended for the angler that has a slow casting style. It uses Jerry Siem’s Konnetic technology to create a rod that casts well “for the rest of us.”. With that in mind, we’ve also provided you with our recommended lines for each rod.

This action hits the sweet spot between feel and high performance. I'd agree that a Sage RPL would be a good option for a Trout Bum fan seeking out a fast rod.
We know this, and we have dedicated this review to helping you find the best fly rod for both your ability and your budget. I have handeled the Launch and the Clearwater 1 before. Sure did. A great value for a decent quality rod from a respected manufacturer. The kit comes in a Custom Cordura case to include the backing and the leader, a light floating line, and a rod.

This fly is relatively easy to tie and is tied on a strong hook. Orvis reminds me of an LL Bean catalog. Bottom line: Best of the best.

Following the success of our 8-weight reel challenge, we wanted to take on a different aspect of the industry – this time one that has had a lot written about it – fly rods. that I fish with regularly and it is a great rod.

The rod is also made from the same Helios material as the flagship Helios 3 rod which sells for more than twice the cost of the Clearwater Outfit. The Orvis Clearwater is our best inexpensive Power rod.