Now, let’s take a look at the most popular Saint Bernard dog mixes!

An average life expectancy of a Pitbull is twelve to sixteen years. This dog – despite his large size – makes an excellent family pet and is quite gentle with children.

He looks like a saint, has medium length coat, is 105 lbs, and very sweet. The bite force applied, as well as the increased presence of repeated bites, may make anecdotal evidence seem far worse than it is. Any special care she needs is only what we/I owe her. Everyone wants her kisses. Although it’s not known when the first Saint Bernard Pit Mix was bred, this crossbreed is fairly new. There’s definitely potential for this mix to last until 10 years of age or more if they follow a proper exercise and nutrition regimen. All of it is worth it for me and my family. Pitbulls are very high energy levels where as Saint Bernards love to idle around. They are often called gentle giants, and they are indeed both gentle and giant. Swiss Monks did so in an attempt to give their famous rescue dogs more protection from the elements. Siberian Huskies are friendly dogs, that enjoy their owners and don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time.

That said, St Bernard Pitbull Mixes are gentle dogs. Next, use a slicker brush to remove small mats, followed by a grooming rake to remove dead and loose hair from his undercoat. Thus they don’t do well as guard dogs. For St. Bernard Pitbull Mixes with medium long coats, brushing them once a week should be enough to reduce the shedding.

Saint Bernard Pitbull mix can grow to a size of 20 to 27 inches in height and weigh approximately 50 to 120 pounds.

First, run your finger through his fur to remove any large mats.

The best-known modern St Bernard, of course, is from the hit movie “Beethoven” who really brought this large and lovable dog breed to the public’s attention! She’s almost 60 lbs at just over a year old. She has trained us too. This puppy should be well socialized at an early age, exposed to being handled by humans. The Saint Bernard Husky mix’s nutritional needs will depend on their life stage. So you can expect your Pitbull And St. Bernard Mix to be quite vocal and a poor choice for apartment living. Pits do well as companion dogs if properly trained and socialized since beginning.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'yourdogsworld_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',120,'0','0'])); St Bernard are called the gentle giants of the canine world for their calm disposition and huge size. Also, make sure to supplement your dog’s diet with Alaskan salmon oil, which provides them with omega 3 fatty acids, essential for keeping your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Owing to their giant Mastiff influence, the Saint Bermastiff may be the largest pup on this list, weighing anywhere from 120 to 230 pounds and up!

She loves everyone, wants attention from everyone that comes to our home, or that she encounters when we walk her. A post shared by Tabitha Salas (@tabi.salas.29) on Sep 30, 2019 at 2:32pm PDT. I think I have a Saint Red Heeler mix. The St Bernard Pitbull Mix inherits the peaceful nature of their St Bernard parent as well as the playful and protective personality of the Pitbull. This is probably not the best choice for a family pet. Both Pitbulls and St Bernards have a fairly similar physique, apart from height. This is a rare hybrid breed and breeders have recently started to breed as the craze for designer dogs increase. Because of this, they are classified as a working dog breed. HIGHEST RATED: Embark’s Breed + Health DNA test is the highest rated dog DNA test on She allows us to live with her and at 12 1/2 she has arthritis, a thyroid issue and now has a front leg fatty tissue that is impacting her walking. In addition, severity of their bites may add to this dangerous reputation.

However, creating a strong relationship with your dog is something that you do over time.... Have you ever gotten that feeling that you are being watched? The Husky Saint Bernard mix will enjoy retrieving, running and other social activities that keep his mind entertained. Here, the fiery Terrier temperament and the placid Saint Bernard nature come together, which can make for an interesting mix. Last Updated: July 29, 2020 | 10 min read. Because they are double-coated, they will shed their coats or “blow them” twice per year. The Saint Bernard Husky mix may appear intimidating to some due to their size, but their temperament is usually the opposite. Last update on 2020-11-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Saint Bernard accepts other dogs in the home while Pitbull is aggressive to them and is suggested to be only dog.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'yourdogsworld_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',119,'0','0'])); 4. 30 minutes per day is still recommended though, even as adults. The Border Bernard will be a smaller dog compared to many you will meet here, weighing between 30 and 180 pounds. These dogs generally live just 8 to 10 years, which is typical of such large breeds.

They love humans and that goes to strangers as well and they will love them as well. Is it worth having such a big dog - you betcha.

This dog will definitely be playful and loyal.

It’s also likely that you’ll get the benefit of positive traits from both parent breeds. The Pitbull St. Bernard Mix will usually be a large dog since they usually take after the Saint Bernard parent.

While Saint Bernard is very calm, Pitbull isn’t. I have one that I had genetically tested. It’s a unique breed, with a heart that matches its size.

And all dogs ears should be checked regularly for infection, If you spot a problem, call your vet. Saint Bernard mix puppies for sale! Moreover, St Bernard Pitbull Mixes are excellent guard dogs due to their protective nature. Berhuskies can get into mischief without adequate mental stimulation, and this will oftentimes result in them chewing things they shouldn’t or engaging in other destructive behavior. You’ll likely be the talk of the dog park anytime you visit when people ask “what breed is that?” Whether you adopt a puppy or rescue a dog, you should know that you’ll be getting an awesome mix that will be a great family companion, watchdog, and best buddy for your kiddos (if you have them).