I wish they have used a simpler menchanical detector like the old days. Either for the same reason or one of the MANY other reasons this ice maker fails to function as it should. I think different button combination. The "technician" came out on October 14, and stated that the compressor load was hot. Information for those who have a Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AAYou must simultaneously hold the FREEZER and the LIGHTING buttons on the control panel to get this model into Test Mode. It IS a defective design, period. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. Samsung recommends first trying to reset your ice maker, as this might propel the appliance into action to defrost itself. I also extended upward the walls of the filling reservoir (funnel to the ice making mechanism) by about a 1/8 to 1/4". Not that it's any consolation at all, but I've found a temporary "Work Around" because I got tired of "blow drying" every week or so to get rid of frozen ice buildup in the ice maker compartment just so we could get ice from our $2300 piece of crap! I assume ronb's comment is directed at the comment above his. We continue to litigate our class action lawsuit against Samsung. What portion of this system is clogging up during that first year to give us the 2-3 week buildup range. It continues to build up ice in the back and can not remove the tray. Now I have "OF" in both places on the front panel. We paid over $3,000 USD for this. Does the fact that the unit will defrost suggest that the coil and the fans are fine but the control board isn't working right?Samsung customer service told me over the phone to make sure the seals are okay. Only recently has it been loud, which sounds like it's the water pump. Technician stated that I needed to request Samsung to change "process ID to warranty" so he could order parts and stated he would return on October 27 to preform the repair. I am so over Samsung appliances. Electrolux is great too (on certain items), but you definitely pay a premium. Obviously Samsung knows they made some bad equipment and have since "fixed" it, but only if you demand it (the squeaky wheel gets the oil). He also told me, since there is no warranty, I'd be better off buying a new unit as the repairs would probably cost me more and I'd still be stuck with the Samsung.We had a local sale at Lowe's and we traded up to a similar Stainless Frigidaire unit and I couldn't be happier. Please do as i have and file a consumer complaint with the federal trade commission at FTC.GOV if enough people file complaints they may file a class action lawsuit against Samsung in our behalf.