I just saw a post from someone who acknowledged the unrest that is currently going on in the country. I would really appreciate it. I cannot understand why they deserved to die. Ways to Protect Yourself When Attending Protests, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We can speak with our wallets. Stay safe everyone. Here are some of the Black Americans who died at the hands of the police. The officers involved were not charged. Subscribe to MTA headlines The system divests from public colleges and universities, leaving all students — especially black and brown students — carrying crushing debt, cutting essential programs, and exploiting the labor of professors through adjunctification. I Will Say Their Names. Join the fight for justice and donate today. As the scholar and activist Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor recently wrote, the fact of George Floyd’s death “amid a pandemic that has taken the life of one out of every 2,000 African Americans is a chilling affirmation that black lives still do not matter in the United States.”. For the ones lost in 2020 and long ago, #SayTheirNames. Hello, my name is Jacob Eason. We can rid ourselves of the tests that have served to denigrate people of color and their schools and narrow the citizens we hope to raise. ALTON STERLING was selling CDs when he was shot at close range while being arrested. We can build on this collectivity to reimagine what our schools look like when we return so that we finally, finally upend the structural racism that creates racial inequities between one district and another, between one student and another. The right to live. If at all possible, could you send an email to eason.jacobd@gmail.com with a list of any and all names on the #saytheirnames list? KEREM YUCEL/Getty Amidst growing protests over police brutality against Black Americans, two college students create a stirring memorial. To create transformative change and acknowledge that racism and mass violence is prevalent. The number of calls to the police because someone is doing something WHILE BEING BLACK is absolutely ridiculous. To our black educators, students, families and communities: Your pain, exhaustion, fear, rage and outrage are real. imprisoning people of color at disproportionate rates. BOTHAM JEAN was shot in his home by an off-duty police officer who mistook his place as her own. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Your Vote Matters. That is dangerous. But it is becoming acceptable, expected, ignored, and forgotten. While the injustices may not be happening in your backyard, they’re happening in your country. The MTA stands with you — in love and solidarity — to fight for justice and liberation. This list is incomplete as I am sure there are many that we are unaware of because there wasn’t someone around to recorded. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. There is a glimmer there. Say his name. The system allows for police to brutalize and kill black and brown bodies with impunity. TRAYVON MARTIN was walking home with iced tea and Skittles; Shot by George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty. George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was killed, a tragedy that has sparked global outrage, defund and dismantle the city’s police department. The shooter was found guilty of first-degree murder. Choose to understand that a declaration that Black lives matter is not a declaration that ONLY Black lives matter. SEAN BELL was attending his bachelor party; 50 rounds were fired by police officers who were undercover and in plain clothing, killing him and wounding 2 of his friends. I think (and hope) most people know that. OSCAR GRANT was handcuffed and face-down when an officer shot him in the back. Lift Your Voice. Hi I’m using this to make a sign I’m 9 and I care how the world is, Your email address will not be published. And our president calls for doubling down on militarism as his solution. ( Log Out /  Say Their Names Below you will find a list of names of Black Individuals who lost their life FOR BEING BLACK and/or POLICE BRUTALITY. This list is incomplete as I am sure there are many that we are unaware of because there wasn’t someone around to recorded. Back in the Mesozoic Era, quite a number and kinds of dinosaurs existed. FREDDIE GRAY was beaten to death by officers while being transported in police van. You have been brutalized for generations. A list of resources and ways to help will be posted shortly. It’s beyond awful that it needs saying. The police officer was not charged. It is necessary for us to understand that Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee is that of the larger economic system of capitalism that was built with white supremacy and racism at its core. The solution is to educate yourself, your family, and those in your influence. it was a series of scenes depicting the horrors of the statistic that says “a black person is murdered by law enforcement every 28 hours”. ‘Say Their Names’ Memorial Honors Black Lives Lost To Police Violence. Create a website or blog at WordPress.com. You are not in it alone. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. "Say their names": The list of people injured or killed in officer-involved incidents is still growing. become allies, accomplices and co-conspirators for justice and liberation. Many dear friends have and so has so much of our country, my heart aches for the Black community. This is not new. SHARE. And here is another. The system disinvests in public schools, leaving students of color to languish in rodent- and mold-infested buildings; militarizing schools with security systems and police instead of fortifying them with student support services and Education Support Professionals; subjecting students to rigid accountability systems; operating on a curriculum of colonization; measuring “performance” by standardized tests founded in the eugenics movement; constructing a pipeline to prison instead of to college or to dignified employment; and marking districts as failed and turning them over to privatization. We are taking the time to #saytheirnames because it is more than a hashtag. Typically, silence makes people uncomfortable. The Hope+Cents Community is a gathering of women who have, are in the process of, or want to BREAK the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, TAKE CONTROL of their money, and CREATE and LIVE a better financial future. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We can also withdraw our support from businesses and organizations that stand for and support racism. Our vote is powerful. Know these names. I shouldn’t have to fear the police. The officer cleared of all charges. But silence is damaging. And that makes it your concern. ( Log Out /  If you feel that way, than that is your issue. Their lives mattered and they still do. We say NO. To create transformative change and acknowledge that racism and mass violence is prevalent. It’s horrific that you have to spell it out like this. Some of their murderers were charged or convicted, but the number is fewer than the one’s that were found not guilty, which is unacceptable. Dijon Kizzee. Thank you for allowing me to go “off-topic” on this very real and very urgent issue. ( Log Out /  This list is a work in progress and includes the names of Black people killed in the U.S. by police and by civilians. <3 Racism is very integral to money concerns. Full - Photos Full - Text Only Say Her Name. I shouldn’t have to fear visiting friends because their neighbors are “suspicious”. Say her name. These are 100 names of victims that have lost their lives due to systematic racism and police brutality. TERENCE CRUTCHER his car was disabled in the street when he was shot by a police officer, who was found not guilty of manslaughter. Change ). Say Their Names. There is something we can and should all do, regardless of our race. This list is a work in progress and includes the names of Black people killed in the U.S. by police and by civilians. Read MTA Today, list of state violence perpetrated against black and brown lives. Every name, whether they are on this list or not, deserves justice. I’m making a video project on the black lives matter movement and a large part is going to be on the people who have been injured or killed by police in the past few years. We can be nearly certain that this is not the last time we will say the name of another black person who died at the hands of the police. JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED. Both men charged with murder and aggravated assault. Here is a list of several organizations in addition to ones included at links above. I cannot fathom how they must’ve felt in their last moments or how their families feel now that their loved one is gone. It is a system that devalues and dehumanizes black and brown lives.