The clones are to eliminate the real gang. Jonathan Jacobo | Decoy Queen | Scrappy volunteers himself, Shaggy, and Scooby to infiltrate Nickleby's place and snap a picture of a clue. Scrappy's greatest weakness - unrecognized by himself - is a lack of discretion, which tends to counteract his valor. The gang, fishing in a swamp, catch a swamp creature. Ye Phantom Parrot | He then demands that the gang appoints him as the new leader or else he'll leave. Scrappy then lands on a clock hand, terrifying Shaggy and Scooby for his safety (Scrappy is having a jolly good time and oblivious to their fear for him) they manage to get him back into big-ben, where Scrappy sees the night ghoul on one of the clock's gear and spins the gear, capturing the night ghoul and allowing the others to wrap up the mystery.[46]. Yabba then says some magic words, and the broken plane and the crooks emerged from the hat. But, he soon finds out that he's been tricked, and that they trap him in the one place he could never escape from, and they won't let him out until they turn him in. Zodiac Killer | Aagh! She hasn't aged a day since her last movie! Each time, Scrappy gives them away by not using his indoor voice, talking back to the wax master's taunt, etc. As a result, Scooby was renewed over theirs, which was upsetting for them. I'll get my own TV show!" Scrappy's voice actor Scott Innes also played Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers. IT | Scrappy runs to splat them, but the elevator door closes in his face. [60][61]. Tumbleweed Derby Dusty and the dogs are giving their horse Wildfire a bath for the Tumbleweed Derby the next day. Serendipitously, he looks identical to Scooby, which allows them to let the show go on. As revealed in the vignette accompanying the series theme-tune, Scooby was waiting for his nephew's train to arrive one stormy night. — Scrappy attacking Fred. However, Dusty discovers that Yabba had a giant magnet hidden in the hat. Scrappy wants to fight him, but as usual, is pulled away. Quan Chi | Scrappy-Doo is een fictieve Duitse dog puppy bedacht door Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1979. [7], Scrappy suddenly popped up in Harvey Birdman's office, only to be shot by from an energy blast from him, after taking an addictive tanning crème. Scrappy wakes up refreshed but realizes that he overslept. Scooby irresponsibly leaves Scrappy in the desert to fend for himself, which led to serious consequences. Scrappy argues that ghosts do exist and when he finds them, he will give them a dose of "puppy power" and he then urinates on Daphne. Two-Face (Batman vs. TMNT) | Ghost Hunter Haunter | Lena Dupree | (Scooby Dooby Goo), He and Shaggy tried to stop Genie-Poo from taking Scooby back to ancient Arabia with Jasmine the Genie, blowing their three wishes by mistake in the process. Mel Blanc was the first choice to voice Scrappy, given his connection to Henery Hawk, but wanted too much money to voice the part. The four find a cave, and find people working n a mine with Cyclops and his assistant. Snowball, Nickleby's anthropomorphic cat, sneaks up behind Scrappy, but Scrappy fights back and still manage to throw the kitty hard enough to knock him and Nickleby out of the building. While the babies played in the park, he expressed how rough babysitting was. Precursors | Demons | He mostly walks in his hind legs, rarely seen on all fours. Scrappy cheers the shieks on. Scrappy rests on a bench and expresses how hard babysitting is. All three are worried, but Scrappy is insistent on wasting no time combing the train asking where Scooby could be. After his addition to the show proved to be a ratings success, Hanna-Barbera restructured the show around Scrappy in 1980. Scooby Pinch Hits Scrappy, Scooby, Daphne, and Shaggy are at a baseball game when the ghost of the 'Late Great Casey O'Riley' makes an appearance. and the Goblin King, Fred and Daphne are critical of him in Scooby-Doo! Penguin | This led to his abandonment, which would cause his downward spiral into outright villainy. Victoria Vinciguerra | Audrey II | Scarecrow (Batman vs. TMNT) | Shaggy tells him to stick with him and Scooby, and he'll learn. After fixing himself, Scrappy crosses his arms and irritably insists it was an accident, but Fred calls his bluff and angrily tells him he was marking his territory. Scrappy finds a pillory and locks himself in it, and calls over to Scooby and Shaggy about the new toy he found. He turned on the TV when a reporter announces that a train carrying a shipment of silver will be passing Tumbleweed in the morning. Just as Scrappy tried to grab the ghost, he went right through him and the ghost disappeared just like before. Hard Hat Scooby Scrappy has trouble turning a gear until he shouts puppy power, saying that it works every time, despite using his super strength without saying it. Falcone handed over to Harvey a box of his belongings, which included Scrappy's corpse. Scarecrow | I suspect this is because I wasn't watching Scooby from the beginning, but rather, I came in and started catching up quite a while (a couple of years) after Scrappy had made his debut. Stan Beals | Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo: Blue Scarab | Night Ghoul | Alien (Scooby-Doo) | Neon Phantom | Snake Demon | Sky Skeleton | Dragon Beast | Devil Bear | Sea Beast | Lady Vampire of the Bay | Star Creature | Shadow Creature | Ghost of Jeremiah Pratt | Great Haldane | Minotaur | Carl and Tony Nyeeg! Upon assuming the form of Scrappy Rex, he becomes even more brutal, arrogant, and insensitive, and even after his defeat, he still insists that he could kill the gang, only to be quickly overpowered (though his ego was not damaged in the slightest). ), Scrappy was initially seen as a "good idea" by Saturday Morning Review. They're in Greece, and they're all going to check her out to do a scary story on her. The Grinch | Male Scrappy makes an impressive replica of the monster (and is indignant when pulled away from his creation). And I brought you, puny, pathetic Mystery Inc. - AAGH! They put on the pageant for the kids, and Scrappy crashes into Shaggy, another Sugarplum fairy, due to Daphne not quite having the hang of the suspension lines, and the ghost crashes the show. Thanks to Warner Bros, Scrappy never appeared again, sadly. When You Wish Upon A Star Creature Scrappy is shown helping Shaggy and Scooby fixing a flat tire, using his super strength to crank the van up. Using Springs to get to McGee, the gang bumbles their way into setting the stage for victory. Dark Yugi | He proudly tells everyone about his Uncle Scooby's involvement, "Scooby Courage Doo" which pleases Scooby. She, skeptical of that myth, shrugs it off, Shaggy gets scared when he hears a wolf howl, and he, Scooby, and Flim-Flam, who pulls Scrappy away, leave. They run when they realize it isn't a mask. Normal Carl Grissom | Hobby He doesn't seem very happy about having to wear a tutu for Shaggy's ballet class. Shaggy and the dogs are again chased by the Shadow Creature, Scrappy catches him in the revolving bookshelf and sends him flying back onto the pool table. All four then flee and eventually find McDabble tied up and gagged in a shed. To stop them from causing any more chaos, Scrappy has Scooby dress up as Shaggy's girlfriend. Ghosts don't stand a chance against me. Proving he is a better detective than the rest of the gang. Kano | While this is accepted by everyone else, Shaggy and Scooby are not interested but do their best with disguises. [70], In 2020, Casper Kelly stated that many writers didn't actually hate Scrappy, implying that it was a meme and mandate. Scrappy was born at St. Bernard's Memorial Hospital to Scooby-Doo's sister Ruby-Doo. Dracula | Max | The aliens steal from the group! Hotel Caretaker | No Sharking Zone Scrappy accompanies the rest of the gang to Scareruba Island to interview Prince Ruba and Cowabunga Carlyle.