Some places are more abundant in these life-sustaining resources than other, with Military Bases being one. For exact locations on of these spots on the map, you can check out the illustration, thanks to our friend WillerZ44. Favorited. So you’ll want some easy loot to get you somewhat stocked, and there’s more than enough of that going around. …
The first on our list is the most obvious; the Airfield.

Daneben bekommt ihr es mit Zombies und Mechs zu tun, findet aber stets interessante Beute. A small handful of zombies are lurching around as well. Most of the areas that should have food and water, among other resources, can be seen on the map above as a yellow dot. Die Spieler nehmen als Gefängnisinsassen an einer fiktiven Reality-TV-Show teil und müssen von einer In... Also wir waren gestern mal auf einem etwas längeren Trip unterwegs zum Airfield und wir waren sehr enttäuscht was den loot im Vergleich zum Risiko anging.
Let’s say that you’ve just logged into SCUM and you’re looking for adventure, the same three questions pass through your head. Darüber hinaus lauern hier noch Zombies. Visit underground bunkers, police … Die grünen Punkte stellen die bereits oben genannten Bunker dar. Bunkers are also pretty heavily populated by soldier zombies, some of whom wear military gear, including helmets, who might be a little harder to take down than your average village zombie. In der Regel müsst ihr versuchen, an zwei Mechs vorbeizukommen.

On the brighter side, the rewards are definitely worth it. Wichtige Orte in der Spielwelt: Das Spielgebiet in SCUM ist 144 km² groß. Pokémon GO: Leak zeigt wichtige Änderung bei Mega-Pokémon – Bald permanent. Early Access des neuen Online-Shooters SCUM, Die 23 besten Survival-Games 2020 für PS4, Xbox und PC, Watch Dogs Legion: Die coolsten und verrücktesten Masken – So bekommt ihr sie, Destiny 2: Weekly Reset am 03.11.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The Witcher's wrinkly testicle armor is being smoothed out for season two, Cyberpunk 2077 is now delaying other games, too. By Christopher Livingston 02 September 2018. Der Online-Shooter SCUM lebt nicht nur von den Gefechten, sondern auch davon, Loot zu finden. There are also a few underground bunkers that can be discovered at the ends of some roads which have no major structures. There are naturally tons of other spots on the map to find gear—your in-game map marks clusters of buildings in orange, and there are even smaller pockets of one or two buildings you can find while running around. Where do I go? Even better, there’s a bunker hidden in every single sector of the map, so there’s never one too far away. Share. If you manage to slip past them and into the buildings you might just make it out of there with some sweet loot. .hide-if-no-js { What am I doing?

Copy. Just south of the Airfield, you’ll find the Gun Range, a handily loot-able zone with no mech patrols.

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